February 1, 2010

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion Giveaway & My DSK Prize

The winner of the Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion is: ~Lisa!


Please send me your full name and mailing address.  My e-mail address is KateGeneBlog@gmail.com.

In addition to announcing the winner, I also wanted to share with y'all a prize I received from the awesome Ms. DSK Steph.  She makes the cutest jewelry and could not be any sweeter if she tried!  She and I have become fast friends, and I am grateful to have her in my life.  (She's also a fellow Washington girl!  Woop woop!)  Please go check out her page and subscribe.  Every month she generously gives away a beautiful piece from her collection to one of her followers.  You're automatically entered into her lottery just for being a subscriber, so get your behind over to her page already!  :)

[Steph not only sent me me this super cute DSK Orca Bracelet, but also some treats and a note!  The candy isn't shown because my husband and I hoovered every piece as soon as the package arrived.  Ha!]

[Every time I come around your city, bling, bling!  LOL!  My camera phone truly doesn't do her jewelry any justice!]

It reminds me of my Tiffany bracelet, but dressier.  I love it!  Thank you so much, Steph!

Have a good night, everyone!


P. S.  Did you guys hear that 'Jersey Shore' might be filmed in another city?  I hope they come to the Pacific Northwest; I'd love to hang out with the cast!  I already layer on the friggin' bronzuh, pouf my hair, and dance like a fool.  My right hook needs some work, but other than that, I am extremely confident I would fit in!  Ha ha ha!

P. P. S.  Don't forget to enter my giveaway!  The link is in the sidebar.


Miss Caitlin S. said...

Jealous!! Congrats Lisa!

DSK Steph said...

LOL I READ THAT JUST NOW ABOUT JERSEY SHORE! I think they're thinking the Hamptons. LOL it would be so sweet if they were all up in our city. I'd so bronze myself & hang out with you & the cast of Jersey Shore. That would be an ideal evening. :P

Thanks for reminding me about my Giveaway! haha time FLIES. I have to select a winner for January's Prize! I'll post that tomorrow ^_^



NV Beauty said...

What a pretty bracelet! Lucky you! I'm going to have to check out her blog for sure!

Melissa said...

I love that the links are hearts.....tooooo cute!!!!!

Miss P said...

The bracelet is super cute!!! Lucky you!! Steph is awesome and I <3 her too!

Kate Gene said...

Miss Caitlin - Darn that Lisa! ;) You can still enter to win my giveaway if you haven't already! :) Also, I think Skin MD is doing a giveaway on their website that's even bigger and better than the one I was hosting on their behalf. You might want to take a peek there! www.skinmdnatural.com

DSK Steph - OMG. We're always online at the same time; now we're even looking at the same things at the same time! LOL! As much as I want the crew to come to our state, I think seeing them in the Hamptons would be HILARIOUS! It's so upscale and they're so... Upscale... Yeah... LOL! I friggin' love those guys! Oh, and you're welcome for the giveaway reminder. That'll be $100.00! Ha ha! Just kidding! (I told Chloe she owed me $100.00 earlier, too. I'm expensive! LOL!)

NV Beauty - Steph's page is definitely worth checking out! She's always adding new things to it. I like to check it daily just for the eye candy. :D

Melissa - Aren't the hearts a nice touch? It's those little details that sets her stuff apart from others! :)

Miss P - I know! I was so lucky to win it! I like that it's silver and clear; both go with everything! Steph really is a doll. I've been getting to know her and she's a kick in the pants! (OMG... "Kick in the pants"? Who says that? Old people? LOL!)


Karen said...

Congratulations to Lisa for winning the giveaway :)
Such a pretty bracelet! I didn't even realize the links were heart shaped - that's really neat!

Sharlene Kay said...

GORGEOUS bracelet damn it even sparkles through ur camera phone!

can i move to washington and hang w u & jersey shore tooo? we gotta come up nicknames tho, and unfortunately glamorous names like "snooki" and "the situation" are taken lol

<33 Sharlene

Pop Champagne said...

jersey shore in another city? are they going to change the name of the show? Have you heard that Snooki have some nakkid photos done, eeeek!

April said...

Aww Steph is soo sweet! You're an awesome blogger Kate, you are getting soo many followers! Congrats on all your success! Uh oh Sean gets pizza? That's good sometimes! Justin and I are kinda health freaks. Weekends I eat bad stuff though hahaha! Also dessert doesn't count...hahaha!

April said...

KAte please make youtube videos! You are sooo wonderful!

lindah said...

I love the heart chaining :D (if that's the proper term LOL) but you're so generous to give out philosophy products! I have to go buy the full size microdelivery face wash thing :D it's greattt... LOL!

And swatch posts are tedious... only to round up the products! LOL, since I already had all my products put away since I bought them at different times ^_^

Sarah said...

Ohhh this is so pretty!!!!!!!
Congrats to Lisa :)

Kate Gene said...

Karen - Aren't those little links cute?! I think that's what sets Steph's stuff apart from other jewelry makers. It's so girly and pretty!

Sharlene - I was surprised my camera picked up the sparkles! I actually took that picture when it was getting dark outside, and my Blackberry doesn't have a flash on it! (Weird, I know!) LMBO @ hanging out in WA! Yeah, visit! We'll be Pookie and The Circumstance. LMAO!

Pop - Ooh, I didn't even think about that! The Jersey Shore goes to the Hamptons? That's a long title! LOL! I'm not sure what they're gonna do. I had NO idea that Snooks had nude photos out! OMG! ROFL!!!!

April - Steph is so sweet, huh? I saw you are a DSK model. You go, Miss Modelin' Thang! :) Thank you so much for your support. Yes, Sean gets pizza. Ha ha ha! I am a terrible cook, so when it's my turn to handle dinner, we don't eat well. It's great that you and Justin eat healthy food. It's almost impossible to eat right if your partner isn't doing it with you! I went through a health nut phase, and really want to get back into it! And OMG... I tried to make a video for my giveaway... I should post all of my outtakes. Bahahaha!

lindah - Everyone is loving the heart chain! It's too cute for words! Aw, I am really excited to give someone the Philosophy set. I almost kept the Korres Lip Butter for myself, but decided not to be a bum and included it. LOL! I haven't tried the microdelivery face wash! It sounds fancy! I appreciate your doing the swatches; it's been awhile since I've done any! I really AM a bum! LOL!

Sarah - It's so girly and sparkly, isn't it? I don't know any girls who don't like girly and sparkly things! LOL! It's very delicate, but you can tell it's well built. Steph does a great job with her pieces! BTW, if you still want a chance to win Skin MD Products, you can go to their website to enter their Valentine's Day giveaway. www.skinmdnatural.com



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