February 10, 2010

Glamour Doll Eyes Review & Special Offer

As some of you already know, I ran a 5K with my best friend, Sarah.  The morning of the event, I teased and curled my hair.  My face was fully done up in my signature smokey eye and nude lip look.  So what if the other runners thought I was a drag queen?  This Korean version of RuPaul was going to cross that finish line in style!

Vee, the creator of Glamour Doll Eyes, was kind enough to send me six eye shadows to try out.  (She is awesome, by the way!)  I was thrilled!  Clearly, smokey eyes aren't something I reserve for special occasions; they are part of my every day routine.  High quality shadows are a must for me, since I wear so much of it.

Below are photos of what I received.  I encourage you to click on the photographs to enlarge them.  You have got to see these shadows up close to truly appreciate them!

[The packaging is so fun!]

[top to bottom: Chocolate, Stellar, Slumber Party]

[top to bottom: Just Dance, Dusk, Aqua Foil]

[L - R: Dusk, Just Dance, Stellar, Slumber Party, Aqua Foil, Chocolate  These were applied with no base.]

As you can see, these shadows are nicely pigmented and come in a variety of colors.  My favorite is "Just Dance".  It is the sparkliest shade I have ever seen.

For all you Twilight fanpires, Glamour Doll Eyes even offers a line called "Twi-Shadows".  How fun is that?  Another bonus?  They do not test on animals.  (Sit down and simmer down, PETA.)

 I really don't have any complaints about these shadows other than they are a bit messy to use and store.  Obviously, that is an issue that plagues all loose shadows; there's not much you can do about it.  I typically don't like loose shadows or pigments, but I love these!


Vee was kind enough to offer my readers 10% off any orders of $20.00 or more.  Please note the discount does not apply towards collections, Goody Balms, or discontinued products.  Use the code  "katiegene" at checkout.  This offer expires May 31, 2010.

Click here to be directed to the Glamour Doll Eyes website!


P. S.  I finally got my laptop charger in the mail!  Whoo hoo!  I will be doing a Glamour Doll Eyes FOTD some time the future.  :)

Disclaimer: The eye shadows were sent to me by Glamour Doll Eyes to review, free of charge.  I am not affiliated with the organization, nor am I being paid to endorse their product.  My views are not influenced by anything other than my personal experience.  Please use these products at your own discretion.


Beautygirl24 said...

The colors look amazingly pigmented!

Fintia said...

The colors looks so pretty!

Lisa said...

I LOVE Glamour Doll! I got some of their pigments via myprettypinkbox.com and am still using em. Will definitely be restocking. Thanks for the coupon!

Random London Girl said...

They all look so pretty! I want!

Rai said...

They look really nice!

I'm still waiting for my laptop charger. :(

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Lol! Props to you for running the 5k while looking fabulous.

Jen said...

looks amazing!! pigment-licious!

is it bad that i still wanna try non-MAC makeup brands even though my room is about to explode with MAC stuff? haha

Irene said...

Ooooh Just Dance does look awesome! I can't wait to see your FOTD! Gorgeous! :D

alee*! said...

such gorgeous colors!

new and ur blog is cute! followin u! follow back?


Dani M said...

Ohhh...these are very pretty. I may have to try them soon :)

bananas. said...

OMG i wish i saw pics of you running all ru paul-ish. that's awesome! i bet you looked fabulous...wayyy better than any of the other plane janes.

DSK Steph said...

I'm excited for your FOTD!!!!!!!!

GirlAboutTown said...

they look so pretty i love the aqua foil...how do they look wet?

Kate Gene said...

Beautygirl24 - I was shocked at how pigmented they were! With a base they look even more amazing!

Fintia - They do, don't they? :D They look even cooler when they're on my eyes! (Not because they're MY eyes... LOL! That sounded conceited! Ha ha!)

Lisa - Ooh, I've been wanting to order from that site for awhile! I'm glad you like the shadows! You're welcome for the coupon code. Err, Vee is welcome. Ha!

Random London Girl - I LOLd at your saying "I want!" That sounded cute! LOL!

Rai - Oh no! That sucks! What are you using to post?

Petite Asian Girl - LOL! Thanks! I'm sure the other runners were like, WTH? My friend wore make-up, too. Not a smokey eye though!

Jen - Pigment-licious is such a cute word!!!! I love it! Feel free to donate any MAC overflow to the Kate Gene Loves MAC Organization. ;)

Irene - I love "Just Dance"! The purple and navy colors are gorgeous, too. Actually, they're all gorgeous! Hopefully I can put together a decent FOTD. My loose shadow looks are a bit messy as I am not an expert when it comes to applying loose shadows or pigments. Yikes!

alee* - Aren't those colors cool? She has a wide variety to choose from, including natural shades. I chose the crazy colors because I thought they were fun! :D Thank you for following me! I will definitely check out your blog!

Dani M - I definitely think they're worth checking out! Her samples are SO inexpensive (I think they're $1.50 each) and you get quite a bit of shadow! If you order a full size shadow, you get a free sample of another shadow thrown in.

bananas. - Why, thank you! All I was missing were fake nails, a wig, and a dress. Oh, and I didn't run in heels. Other than that, I totally got my Ru Paul on! I always have my Ru Paul make-up on, even if I am just going to the gas station. LOL!

DSK Steph - I hope it turns out okay! BTW, I wanted to take a picture of myself with your bracelet on, but I didn't have a way to until now. It's on like Donkey Kong!!!!

GirlAboutTown - Aqua Foil is super pretty! It was the one that first caught my eye. I applied two of them wet, and they looked fantastic! The navy was super deep and sparkly!

J-Ezzy said...

Girl, I wish you had a pic of you running!! Them girls had NUTHIN on you!!!!! I need you to inspire me to run! When you moving to DC? LOL
The colors look awesome!!!!! I am def bookmarking them to my wishlist folder :) Lucky you to review them!


J-Ezzy said...

Bahhh, thank goodness you got your charger!!!!! I was getting really worried!

Toya T said...

Twi-Shadows! OMG - Katie, were these made for just me and youuuuu or what? xoxo

Monica said...

Omg the pigments on these are AMAZING!! I have never heard of this company, will defiantely try them out! Love your blog!!

Ps. Our kitties can totally have playdates!! =)


ting RN said...

these colors do look good. I should check them out

meliza said...

lloove i also love the blush... from nars.

Meya said...

pretty colors!

Kate Gene said...

J - Aw, shucks! You are too kind! I actually do have pictures of me running. The photo where we crossed the finish line is funny because we both look like we were about to throw up. (Which was true.) Whoo hoo for finally getting our charger! I on my old laptop right now. It feels so much better!

Toya - I know! I was so surprised to see those! Surprisingly, I didn't ask to try any of them. They look pretty though! Did you get any of the Twi-Shadows?

Monica - Thank you! I love your blog! Yes, these shadows are quite pigmented. They look awesome when you apply them wet, too! LOL @ our cats having a play date! I'll have our cat call your cat to get the details sorted out. ;)

tingRN - I think it's worth a shot! She sells samples for like, $1.50! I got the sample size products, and there is plenty of shadow in them! She also has a cool return policy. If you don't like a shadow, you're allowed to send it back.

meliza - Isn't NARS amazing? They are one of my favorite brands right now! I still can't get over how pigmented their blushes are. I've been applying WAY too much blush; I need to practice using a lighter hand!

Meya - Aren't they? They're so shimmery and sparkley! What I like is that they aren't loaded up with big chunks of glitter. They shine on their own! I have to say, I like the shimmery colors best; the matte shadow I got was my least favorite.

J-Ezzy said...

hahaha, that would be me too, looking like I'm about to vomit, that was me last Thursday at the Boot Camp workout...I was huffin and puffin!! I thought I would choke on the water I was trying to drink! I couldn't use my legs for 4 days! Maybe I need to go back...haha

My captcha is "cholinga", is it calling me a chola??? lol

Rai said...

Kate - I was using my mom's laptop! lol :) My charger finally came in today.

Toya T said...

I am patiently awaiting my twi shadows and the other awesome shadows I purchased! I'll report back Katie...actually I may just bring them to you to apply, then you can report back! XoXo

April said...

Congrats Kate on all your sponsorships! One day, you will be able to do this for a living! I love your sense of humour!I haven't done an official blog only contest--I am not the best blogger like you, I only made a blog to add pictures for youtube. I ADORE your makeup in your newest post! KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK! Get the AMAZON stuff like we talked about...hehe! It works, but lately it has been so slow for me for like 3 days. I plan to donate most of the funds to my fav cat shelter.

Kate Gene said...

J, Rai, Toya, and April - I am so sorry! For some reason, I thought I had responded to this! (In fact, I know I did! Stupid Blogger!) Anyway, thanks for your comments... How is the boot camp going, Chola J? LMAO! Rai, I feel your charger pain. It makes blogging impossible! Toya, did you ever get your shadows? Ha ha @ me applying them. I'm no bueno at make-up application! LOL! April, you are so sweet! Thank you for your kind words! I need to fix up my Amazon stuff already. I <3 that you are donating to your favorite cat shelter! Whatta heart!

J-ezzy said...

I always blame blogger!!! I hope I'm not banned for saying that, lol.

Boot camp...errr...I been a bad girl and haven't gone back, today is the last free session, I doubt I'll go...maybe I'll do my own pathetic workout in the bedroom with Verizon on demand :)



okay...lol...can I have chola back?!


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