February 8, 2010

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig!

I have a confession to make.  I suffer from a chronic condition called "I-return-everything-I-purchase-itis".  Clothes, shoes, jewelry, beauty products, an aquarium -- you name it, I've returned it.  Yep, I said aquarium.  I purchased one on a whim, only to return it the same day.  Ha!

Every time I waltz into my local Ulta, orange and white bag in hand, the staff cringes.  (The last time I did an exchange, I actually used a Safeway bag.  That's not ghetto or anything!)  For some strange reason, they prefer I walk out with bags of merchandise, not carry them in.  I can't comprehend why...  It's not like my returns hurt their bottom line or anything.  ;)

Maybelline's Pink Please and Revlon's Nude Attitude have been all over what the Interweb, and I was lucky enough to snag them both the last time I was at there.  Both these lippies have been on my pout ever since.  These products will definitely not be going back to the store!  (You're welcome, Ulta.)

[Pink Please, Nude Attitude]

[Pink Please over Chapstick]

This lipstick has a smooth consistency that reminds me of NYX's Round Lipsticks.  It looks a little lighter in the photograph than it does IRL, but I love it.  The only con?  It smells like Play-Doh.  However, the scent doesn't linger, so I don't mind.

[Nude Attitude over Chapstick]

This shade looks similar to MAC's Myth in the tube, but is more peachy and orange.  Some complain that this lipstick is drying, but I haven't had any issues with it.  [EDIT:  I should mention that I always wear a lip balm underneath it and some sort of gloss on top.  Otherwise, it's much too dry!]  The only thing I dislike is that it settles into the lines of my lips, but what matte lipstick doesn't?

[Pink Please, Nude Attitude, & Buxom Lip Polish in Katie]

This is the combination I have been wearing every day and I love it!  Each of these products are long lasting; when combined, they create a pretty light pink shade.

Have any of you tried these lipsticks?



J-Ezzy said...

Errr, I return EVERYTHING! Seriously, target now has this ridiculous return policy, the item can't even be opened!!! I used to return everything there, at least CVS still has their awesome return policy (and Ulta and Sephora). So I don't buy anything at Target unless I know it's for me...except for when I bought Revlon's photoready foundation...I bought it two shades too light and I hated the setting powder. I gave them to my pale sister in law who doesn't have any makeup b/c her 2 lil sisters steal it all from her. I gave her brushes and blush to go along with it :)
Point is, I return everything, I never knew you could return stuff until I worked at a retail store and noticed people return everything! I have had people return stuff 5 years old! Sadly I couldn't give them a dime :(

Anyways, I own both of these shades and I do love them. Nude attitude cannot be worn alone, it's way too dry, but it's a great base for other colors.

You look great with the combo of all 3!!! <3 Your lips are oh so pretty!!!

J-Ezzy said...

btw - did I mention I LOVE your background, can you make mines like yours *pouty face* hahahaha


makeupbykatie said...

hey! great and funny post!

too bad i never wear lipsticks. haha!(=

PetiteAsianGirl said...

I'm really liking the pink please! Thanks for sharing this ... I'm always wary of buying drugstore lippies since there are no testers, and I'm not brave enough to return beauty products that I don't like : )

amynaree said...

I have Nude Attitude and Pink Please but missing the Buxom Lip Polish! I haven't combined them before but definitely going to experiment now :)

Miss P said...

Oh my gosh! You and my mom have the same issue! She returns and exchanges everything! Lol. It's like walking into a different house everytime I come to the house. She's always got some new stuff up from her returns or exchanges.

All the lippies look great on you! I've got Revlon's Pink Pout which is also a matte like the Nude Attitude, and it's so drying on me. I can not wear it alone without gloss or lip balm. I'm glad it works well for you though!

MEVISH said...

kate gene lippy looks stunning on you!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love pink please...even the playdoh smell, lol. I've been unsure about purchasing the Revlon Matte, but I just might try it out in this shade- thanks!

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

i love the lip colors!!!!

Bombchell said...

LOL i dont know how to return anything. I have a bunhc of new jeans that dont fit, makeup thats not my shade etc

Sarah said...

love those colors!

ting RN said...

lol im like u and my sister gets so mad at me!! i am like the biggest impulse buyer and then i feel bad! one time i bought these shoes n walked out the store then when we got to the parking lot i turned around and walked back in to return them... then bought them again the next day! wtf... i know lol! the lippies look nice on u.. my revlon dries out my lips.. :( -tingy

Pop Champagne said...

Sometimes for social events I'd buy a dress or a purse, use it for one night and then return it. LOL.whatever. they make enough money as is!

Beautygirl24 said...

I also have pink please and love it as well. But yeah, the play-doh scent kinda sucks! As for the buxom katie lipgloss, is that only available at Ulta? Because I can't find it anywhere and it looks so pretty!

Fintia said...

The lippies look great on you! I've done the return thing myself hehehe.. Nude Attitude is a staple to have!

Fifi said...

In where I live, all sales are final so we're not able to return things we've already bought. I'm so jealous of you guys!

Nude Attitude looks great!

Dani M said...

Hi Kate.
I'm lovin your blog! :)

I tagged you in this:


Dani M

Marce said...

Love these lip colours! And the combination you came up with is stunning! XO

Irene said...

I've been looking for a good nude lippie -- thanks for the post! You have such seeexxxxy lips! *steals*

Jo' said...

Before I use to feel embarrased returning things. But, now I feel like i shouldnt have to keep what I dont like. So I'm with you,I return everything.

btw I love both of those lipsticks :). Do you own pink pout from the revlon matte collection too? it's another favorite of mine :)

Stephanie said...

haha, i love returning stuff I don't like. especially when it's free shipping back to them. i don't even have to get off my ass! lol

DSK Steph said...

I have both of those lovely lippies too! Do you go to the Ulta near South Center? That's the only one I know of. I was laughing out loud reading your "safeway bag" line. hahahahhaa

Everyone knows they've done that at least once!

Anonymous said...

LMFAO!! omg you and me both...i regret everything i buy! it has to be worth my hard earned money for me to keep it, & even if it is worth it...sometimes it still goes back! yikes!

Kym said...

the staff cringes. hahaha! oh kate! i've wanted to return many things but sometimes its just not worth the effort to return it. My thing is, i will just spend more money on gas having to take it back. hahaa! ;P

Liana said...

i have the maybelline in 3 colors, plaza pink, pink of me, and totally toffee, and i love them! i also have the revlon in really red, it is a little drying, but like you i wear lip balm underneath

Kate Gene said...

@J-ezzy - Whoa! When did Target put this new rule in place? I just returned a pair of Spanx-type thangs, which were opened. Is it just with cosmetics? Ulta is usually awesome about returns, although, the last time, the cashier was like, you know you can use testers, right? The products I was returning were drugstore brands, so... No. Maybe he was just tired of seeing my face. Ha ha ha! You are so sweet to give your sister-in-law your products and brushes! My sisters use nicer stuff than I do; they should donate to their big sis! ;) I cannot believe people would try to return something that was five years old! I know people who have returned worn year old shoes to Nordstrom; I wouldn't feel comfortable with that. But otherwise, I'm a returning maniac! LOL!

Yeah, I totally agree that Nude Attitude needs to be layered with something! You're right! I went back and edited my post to say that I always wear it with a balm and gloss. (I was tired when I was writing this morning. LOL!) I'll send you the link to where I got my background. It cost $5.00, but most sites want like, $15.00 to $60.00+! :O


@makeupbykatie - Aw, thanks! Yeah, I just got back into lipstick last year. I took a temporary hiatus and only wore gloss!

@PetiteAsianGirl - That's the only downside to purchasing drug store brands. :( I had to dig through the stack of Pink Pleases to find one that hadn't been "tested". Gross! I am embarrassed to do returns, but that's only because I do so many! Ha ha!

@amynaree - Nude Attitude is fun to layer underneath other lippies. Adding the Buxom gloss is my favorite part! Heh heh!

Miss P - Your mom sounds like my kind of lady! LOL! I don't know what it is, but for some reason I just can't seem to buy something and keep hold of it. Our bank account has many debits and credits because of yours truly! LOL! Pink Pout is so pretty! I completely forgot about it; I was so focused on the Nude Attitude. I'm gonna get it next time! Nude Attitude dries my lips up something fierce on its own, too. I just went back and edited my post. LOL!

@MEVISH - Aw, thanks! I am loving both of these shades! Pink Please looks a little darker in real life; I really wish it matched the picture!

@Ashley Elaine - The scent does take me back... LOL! I wonder what it is that makes it smell that way? Nude Attitude is a great shade. Make sure you have a good balm underneath though, otherwise it is horribly drying. Blech!

@Cristina BarbieLuvsMac - Thanks, girlie! I do, too! I think both of them would look great on you! I always think pink looks especially cute on girls with light hair! I'm an Asian who wishes she could be blonde! LOL!

@Bombchell - I've got you covered! Just send me a round trip ticket to the ATL. I will go to the store and pose as you. "Excuse me, my name is Ms. Bombchell in the ATL. I'd like to return these jeans, please." We look SO much alike, I'm sure it'd be no problem! ;)

@Sarah - Thanks! I love them! I am now on the hunt for a good bright pink and blue red lipstick. :)

@ting RN - LOL! That's TOTALLY something I would do! My sisters would both be horrifed if they saw me do that. Ha ha ha! That's awesome! Ugh... Why do mattes have to be so drying? Can't they make one that's at least a little hydrating?

@Pop - LOL! Do you watch 'King of Queens'? There's an episode where Carrie does the same thing! She has a whole room full of stuff she wears and returns, including shoes. I would think shoes would be really hard to take back!

Kate Gene said...

@Beautygirl24 - It's weird that it has that scent, isn't it? It's not a very lipstick-y smell. :S Katie is available at Sephora, I think! Nordstroms, too!

@Fintia - It's so nice to hear I'm not alone! LOL! Nude Attitude is definitely one of my favorites. I was in dire need of something peach or orange toned. I still want to get NYX's Orange Soda though... That looks very pretty!

@Fifi - OMG. REALLY?! I'd never be able to buy anything again! LOL! I am horribly indecisive. I will always have to live somewhere returns are always accepted. Ha ha!

@Dani M - Thank you so much! :) :) :) How sweet of you! I am going to check it out after I finish responding here! :)

@Marce - Thank you! I think Nude Attitude is an awesome base color! It makes Pink Please look really nice. I wish my camera hadn't washed out the photo with the gloss though! You can tell by looking at my skin that it lightened everything up too much!

@Irene - LOL! You're so funny! "*steals*" Ha ha ha! I love this shade and MAC's Myth! NYX's Circe is supposed to be a nice color too, but I have yet to try it.

@Jo' - I totally agree! You sound like my type of shopper! :D As long as people aren't ridiculous with it, it's fine. (I'm borderline. LOL! But I'm not one of those people who, for example, eats a whole plate of food and then complains that it's no good. Ha!) Pink Pout is on my wish list!

@Stephanie - HA HA HA! AMEN TO THAT! I am SO lazy; going to the mall seems like such a hassle these days. I don't know what happened; I used to be a mall rat!

@DSK Steph - Sweet! You know, it was your buddy, Holly, that made me want to get Pink Please! I'm glad my ghetto shopping bag made you LOL! Seriously, I felt so ghetto. Ha ha ha! What do you do when you don't have the bag anymore? I thought it'd look better than pulling it out of my purse. LOL!!!! I always go to the Northgate Mall Ulta! It's by Nordstroms and Chipotle. There's only an outside entrance though, so if you go, watch out for that!

@Crystal - Ugh... Buyer's remorse is such a crappy feeling! Unless it's a gift for someone else, I feel it! Amen to only keeping the things that you love! One time, when I was in high school, my mom made me think about how much a shirt REALLY cost. (Which, at the time, was like, four hours of work. I made $5.15 an hour when I was 16!) It totally changed my perspective!

ting RN said...

I love how u get back to each person. it's very nice n sweet lol :p and yes I wish mattes were hydrating because I love my lips matte!

Kate Gene said...

@ting RN - Aw, thanks! I figure if someone takes the time to read my posts and comment, the least I can do is write back!

I think we need to create a matte lipstick that's non-drying. Any ideas? LOL!

bowsnhearts said...

Very pretty colours!!!

I haven't tried them before. I need to go to my local Maybelline counters to have a look. I am not sure if Australia stocks these colours.

Arezu said...

I love reading your posts! (I'm sure I mentioned that before). But I know exactly what you mean, I'm an impulse shopper, so I'll buy something, take it home and figure out if I want it or not, and most of the time I can't return it so I'm stuck with it :(

I work in retail also, so I hate people like me!

kimber doll said...

Thanks for following!! Your blog is awesome, love all the beauty reviews =) I'm following you, too now.

DiWiMakeup said...

Haha I just discovered your blog, loving your funny posts. Nice title for this post, btw :] The combo with nude attitude looks great! I usually pair my pink please with that to make it look more like "Way to Love" by mac.

Tiff said...

I have both...I love Nude Attitude. I like Pink Please too, but I think I'll start wearing it with Chapstick underneath because it looks way better in your picture than it does on me. Both would be absolutely breathtaking with a curly mullet ;).

Anonymous said...

this post is so funny to me b/c im sooo opposite...i return NOTHING! and there are so many times i should, but im too lazy to do so! you need to rub off on me b/c i would waste so much less money if i returned!

love the lipsticks btw!

Kate Gene said...

bowsnhearts - I hope they do! I really like their lipstick. I want to try some of their more neutral colors next.

Arezu - Aw, thank you! Hurray for another impulse shopper! ;) I usually shop at places I know will take my returns. Is that bad? I once heard "they" keep track of people who do multiple returns. I'm probably #1 on their list. LOL!

kimber doll - You're welcome! Thanks for following me back! :D

DiWiMakeup - Thank you! I actually found a picture of a pig with lipstick on, but decided the title was enough. Ha ha! Ooh, I didn't even really realize that the combo looked like Way to Love! Good point!

Tiff a.k.a. A. C. Slater Curly Mullet Twin - This is the first time I used Chapstick with it, and I think it did make it look better! My flash washed the color out a bit; I wish it looked this light IRL. My lips are so red naturally! Grr... It's okay though. Who cares about my lipstick when I have a luscious mullet and a wrestling unitard on?

Megan - Really? LOL! Oh man... I have no shame at all! Well, the last time I was at Ulta, I was a bit embarrassed. It seems like every time I go in, I have a return to make. They probably seriously hate me! Ha ha! Just give me your stuff and I'll return it for you. ;)

DSK Steph said...

PUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. When see if they include that they're currently nude I might actually consider it! AHHAHAHA

POST YOUR VIDEO What's your channel?!

Kate Gene said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! I'm going to send you nude photos right now. I hope you like front butts. LMAO!

My channel is kategene. I don't have any videos up because I suck at making them! LOL!

Jen said...

i reallly like revlon matte lipsticks!! :) they have amazing pigmentation.

you have such pouty, full lips!!

Kate Gene said...

Jen - They do, don't they? I want to get that pink one next that everyone is talking about. Which colors do you have?

I wish my lips always looked this pouty! Sometimes they don't? I guess I was having a good lip day? LOL!

J. said...

Ooh, I love the pink please shade!

Kate Gene said...

J. - It's definitely a fun color! I hear "Born With It" is another good pink one to try. It's a little frosty.

J-Ezzy said...

I think they're stricter with cosmetics, unless it's perfect, it can't be returned.
Ulta's testers aren't always the cleanest...I know they hate me when I walk in with a bag (I so use safeway/shoppers food bags sometimes...) and you're right, they don't have testers for drugstore brands, lol.

Yes, even older than 5 years old sometimes!! I don't feel comfortable after 6 months, lol.

Tell your sisters I can take em down if they don't donate to you regularly!


nee said...

HAHAH I used to have that chronic condition!. not anymore though because I haven't gone shopping since christmas... REAL shopping that is.

The combo looks great on you girl! wish you'd do a fotd so i can see your pretty face :D ttyl love!

have a great weekend and happy vday!


Anonymous said...



Kate Gene said...

J - I'm gonna stick with the stores that let me do returns no matter what. I am too indecisive not to! LOL! I don't think I've ever returned anything past 30 days. Once, I had a hard time returning a jacket at Nordstroms (!); they tried to say I had torn my jacket on purpose so that I could return it. Um, no. LMAO @ the message for my sisters! I'll get right on it!

nee - Will you be my Returnaholics Anonymous sponsor? Bahahaha! I did an EOTD just the other day. You can combine this LOTD and the EOTD for a partial FOTD. LMAO! Actually, now that our laptop charger is here, I have no excuses... FOTDs will be happening! :D

MW - Isn't it a fun color? I wish my natural lip color wasn't so red! Blech!


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