February 21, 2010

Stila Giveaway Winner & Other Awesome Giveaways!


To select a winner, I hand wrote and cut out slips of paper with everyone's names on them.  There were 126 entries total!  Shh...  Do you hear that?  The "Clearly Kate Gene Has Too Much Time On Her Hands Alarm" is going off like crazy!  Bahahaha!

After mixing the bowl up multiple times, I closed my eyes and randomly drew out a name...

Congratulations, SARA!  

Please contact me via e-mail with your full name and mailing address.  My e-mail address is: KateGeneBlog (at) gmail (dot) com.  I will then forward your information on to BeautyTicket.com as they will be mailing out your Stila "On the Glow" set.  You have until February 28th, 2010 to claim your prize, otherwise, I will select another winner.

Thank you to all who participated - and to BeautyTicket.com for sponsoring this giveaway!  If you did not win, I highly recommend checking out their website.  They are still offering 10% off to all my readers.  Just use the code "KATIEGENE" at checkout.  (Code is valid until 3/15/2010.)  I don't receive any sort of commission for referring anyone over there; I just truly think it's a great site for discounted make-up!

Check out these other awesome giveaways, going on now!  Be sure to look in my sidebar for others!

 And, if you haven't already, please feel free to enter my Philosophy and Korres Giveaway here: 

Have a great week, everyone!



Sharlene Kay said...

what? i didnt win,n r u serious?!? haha *obviously joking, cough* congrats Sara!
wow i cant believe u wrote that many names out! now thatss dedication!

<33 Sharlene

DSK Steph said...

Congrats to Sara! :D I love your handwriting so cute! lol, having too much time is a good thing!

.riahlistic. said...

woo-hoo Congratz Sara!!

oh Kate, meticulously cutting gazzilion pieces of paper and handwriting the names down (instead of typing them down) is waYYy more fun!! hahahaha As a subby, I feel loved that you're not such a lazy ass juz doing some ramdom.org thing.. hahahaha

BTW, one of my boytoys Wink winks u! har har.

Tina-Bobeena said...

congrats to sara and thanks for the other bloggers giveaways!!! there always fun!

Hollywood said...

Today I wish my name was Sara... lol

congrats to the winner !!
muah muah !!!

J-ezzy said...

I looooove your handwriting!!!! I can't believe you wrote them all out, I'd type it out and print them (just so NO ONE knows I wrote it...remember? okay maybe not...lol).

Gooooo Sara!

Kata Wagner Berg said...

Cool how you choose the winner :)

Kate Gene said...

Sharlene - Ha ha ha! If by dedication, you mean, a dork who has too much time on her hands... Yes!

Steph - LOL! I should have really embraced the free time I had over the weekend. Next weekend will be hectic! I hope you're enjoying your vaca!

.ria. - For my 100 Followers Giveaway, I'm using randomizer.org. Ha ha ha! But I'll use it with luv. I send your friend a *married wink wink* back. LOL!

Tina-Bobeena - You're welcome! I can't believe how many are going on right now. They're all amazing! MAC, Lush, etc. WOW!

Chloe - LOL!!!! I wish my name were Sara, too! I just watched a review on the convertible lip and cheek color she'll be getting. Sounds awesome!

J - YOU MADE ME FALL OVER LAUGHING! HA HA HA! I actually wore leather gloves and typed them up on my typewriter because I'm a coward. (Wow... This will make no sense to anyone besides us. Ha!)

Kata - Aw, thanks! I thought about using a randomizer website, but had originally stated that I would draw a name out of a hat; I felt obligated to do it that way! Cutting them out reminded me of being in grade school. LOL!

bananas. said...


congrats to sara!!! winning giveaways on a monday...talk about a good way to start the week.

Pop Champagne said...

congrats to sara for winning the giveaway! You have very nice handwriting btw!

Kate Gene said...

bananas. - Shoot! You're telling me! I wish I could have entered my own contest. Bahahaha! I actually don't own any Stila; I really want to try out their lip glazes!

Pop Champagne - Aw, thanks! It's funny because I get told my handwriting is too bubbly sometimes... My E's look like O's! LOL!

Sara said...

Hey doll! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I have never had an opportunity to buy and have any Stila, I'm SO excited! Thank you ladies for the congrats too! Literally jumping out of my chair right now :] I am emailing you right now pretty* I really appreciate this great opportunity to try out the products! I dont have extra spending money nor do I have access to products without ordering online, so I am VERY grateful!
Best wishes, thanks agin beautiful* ♥

Kate Gene said...

Sara - You are so sweet! I am so happy for you! :) It made me smile when I read your response. I am also not able to spend lots of money on make-up right now; I feel your pain. I just got your e-mail, which I will respond to today! Congratulations again! Whoo hoo for getting to try Stila! (I actually haven't tried Stila yet either! LOL!) You'll have to do a post about it! :D



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