February 12, 2010

Stila Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Did you know that Sephora doesn't accept hugs as a method of payment?  I was low on funds one day and really wanted some new beauty products.  It wasn't until I was escorted out by mall security that I learned enveloping sales associates in my arms was not okay.  Ha ha ha!  I am kidding, of course.  But, with so many of us facing tough financial situations, purchasing high end products is not always feasible.  And really, bargain hunting - regardless of your income - just makes sense!

BeautyTicket.com is a website that sells department store brands at deeply discounted prices.  They have been featured on NBC News and in magazines such as In StyleTeen Vogue, and People Style Watch.  While they, like Sephora, don't view hugs as currency, they do offer great deals.  For example, they currently have Smashbox Eye Shadow Trios available for $14.99 (down from $28.00).  Not bad!

BeautyTicket.com was kind enough to offer one of my readers a Stila "4-Piece On The Glow Set".

[photo courtesy of: www.beautyticket.com]

Included is: 

♥ Stila Sun Bronzing Powder SPF 15 (Bronzuh yuh can use to get yuh Jersey Shore on!)
♥ Stila Mini Lip Glaze Brown Sugar
♥ Stila Mini Convertible Color Peony
♥ Stila Major Mascara Black


1. You must be a follower of my blog, or you will be disqualified.

 Leave me a comment below saying "Enter Me".

 For those of you with a blog, you can earn an extra entry by writing about my giveaway.  Your post should include a link back to my page, as well as the photograph above.  (You may copy and paste what I've written here if that's easier!)  Please leave me a comment with a link back to your post as proof.  If you do not have a blog, add me on Twitter (click here) and tweet about my contest.  Make sure to include a link back to my page.  Once you have posted your tweet, please leave me a comment on this post letting me know you've done so.

 This giveaway is open to U. S. and Canadian participants only.  (If you haven't already, please enter my 100 Follower Giveaway!  This is open to everyone!)

 If you are under the age of 18, please obtain permission from your parent or guardian before you enter.

 The deadline is February 19, 2010 at 12:00 A.M. (PST).  

One winner will be randomly selected using the "names written on pieces of paper and dumped in a bag" trick.


For those of you who wish to purchase items from BeautyTicket.com, they are offering a discount code to all my readers.  Take an extra 10% off your entire order by using the code: "KATIEGENE" at checkout.  This offer expires 3/15/2010.
    Thanks again to BeautyTicket.com for sponsoring such an awesome giveaway!  

    Good luck, everyone!  :)


    Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with BeautyTicket.com, nor was I paid to promote their website and/or products.


    siwing38 said...

    yay yay ! I tweeted about this ! http://twitter.com/siwing38/status/9030337950


    Thank you!

    Eleanor Brigitte Byrne said...

    I'd enter only I live in Ireland, here's to hoping I win your other competition!

    Gaby said...

    Yey, I've never tried anything from Stila!

    Please enter me =D

    I blogged about your giveaway here: http://gabysbeautyblog.blogspot.com/2010/02/some-giveaways.html


    mandy said...

    Enter me please!
    Great giveaway ^__^

    I posted about your giveaway in my sidebar, I hope that's okay.


    Miss P said...

    You lucky son of a *bleep*! What a great giveaway!

    Ha! What a great world it would be if we could buy products with hugs! Anyways, enter me! I'll be posting this giveaway on my sidebar on my blog.

    glitteryeyesxx said...

    Enter me! Thanks for doing this giveaway, hun. Hahaha, and you liked my Formspring question to you. I need some of ya water, missy! :p

    TKOmulatta said...

    enter me please!

    Gigi said...

    Enter me! What an amazing giveaway! :D

    email: sharemyaddiction@live.com
    following you as: GiGi

    Irene said...


    These deals are freaking-too-good-to-pass-up-amazing! *sigh*

    I'll try my luck with this giveaway :)


    Jen said...

    enter me pleeease!


    Courtney said...

    enter me :)

    CosmoFreakaLeak said...

    enter me!!!!

    Laura Rae-Lynn said...

    Enter me, please! :)

    I <3 your blog by the way! :)

    Dani M said...

    Oh yay!!
    enter me!

    EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

    enter me!!

    Hey kate, thanks for the csweet comment. My bangs are growing so fast and I need to get them trimmed again ugh!

    I've always loved neutral colors. You can play them up in many different ways :)

    Lulu said...

    Enter me please :)

    Thank you so much! and also for the discount code <3

    Blog said...

    Enter me please!

    Tina said...

    Enter me pleeeease !

    Loren said...

    Enter me please :D

    Anonymous said...

    Enter me please +^~^`!


    Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...


    D's Beauty Corner said...

    For some reason, I used to stay away from Stila. It was never that appealing to me. Then I tried their eyeshadows and fell in love! I think they're some of the best.

    Enter me please!

    May said...

    Enter me please!!


    Bombchell said...

    wohooo enter!!!

    dear paper trick, please pick me, choose me!!!

    Kim| Tres Jolie said...

    Enter me

    I posted your contest in the sidebar on my blog


    I am hosting a giveaway starting on Monday, Feb 15, 2010. May you post it on your page?

    Thank you,


    Nikki said...

    ENTER ME <33

    man, you have the best giveaways!! i loveeee it ;)

    xoxo Nikki

    i'll blog about it soon <3

    Anonymous said...

    Enter me!

    Staci said...

    enter me <3

    CherryBlossomRain said...

    Enter me please & thank you :)

    bettyb0o said...

    Enter me please!

    ndoodles said...

    AWESOME contest!!! Enter me please!


    Nicky said...

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    Fintia said...

    yay! enter me please!

    Angela said...

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    J-Ezzy said...

    Enter meeeeeeeeeeeee

    Here's my link for your giveaway, hun!


    NV Beauty said...

    Enter me please & thank you!

    I have never tried Stila yet and this would be the perfect chance to! Gotta love Beauty Ticket! I just got some Too Faced from them a while back--super fast shipping!!

    I posted your give-a-way in my sidebar, hope that's ok!

    Have a beautiful weekend!

    April said...

    hi sweetie!
    i would like to enter your giveaway :) please enter me
    i posted your giveaway on my "bloggers giveaway" gadget. check it out hun thanks!

    Naazia said...

    enter me please =)

    Irresistible♥Icing said...

    Enter Me, Please!

    I have put your contest on my blog. Here is the link:


    Saimese said...

    Enter me

    I'm following you on Twitter & tweeted: http://twitter.com/Saimese/status/9086168773

    I also posted about this on my blog but didn't include a picture, so not sure if that will count, but here: http://saimese.blogspot.com/2010/02/this-valentines-day-eve-i-bring-to-you.html (#12)

    Aysha said...

    Enter me! my email is : asaid770@gmail.com

    Jamie said...

    Enter me!!

    I will have a link back from my blog at theofficialmakeupblog.blogspot.com

    Thanks :)

    Michal said...

    Hi there! Gr8 giveaway... Here's my email first: michalkessel@gmail.com

    Also I blogged about you and there's a link and picture on the sidebar here: http://nailenamel.blogspot.com/
    I don't live in the US but I have family there so anything could be shipped over there...

    good luck :)

    Anonymous said...

    Enter Me Please! Thanks!

    following under Judyman715


    Anonymous said...




    ladys0ul said...

    Enter me please! ♥

    Nina said...

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    I tweeted too:

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    Stephanie said...

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    Please Enter Me!

    Stephanie said...

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    MAKEUPMAMA. said...

    oooh I LOVE beautyticket.com!

    Please ENTER ME!

    I posted your giveaway on my site.

    it's on my sidebar. :)


    Angela said...

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    i blogged here


    Ashwini said...

    Please enter me!

    I've posted about your giveaway here:

    My email addy is arya.at84@gmail.com

    Sharlene Kay said...

    ooh this is awesome! my pale face needs some bronzing!!

    enter me, pls!

    makeupbykatie said...

    please enter me!(=

    jemscout425 said...

    enter me

    Iris said...

    Enter me :) I am following your blog and blogged about your giveaway http://surfchickity.blogspot.com/2010/02/kate-gene-stila-giveaway.html

    Thanks! :)

    cdziuba said...

    I follow, enter me please cdziuba@aol.com

    Sara said...

    Happy follower :] Thanks for the great opportunity! Good luck to everyone and best wishes doll!*

    (Please enter me!)

    Aero said...

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    aerolantern at gmail dot com

    Ladyfykes2 said...

    Please enter me!

    I posted a link on my blog!

    My email is ladyfykes2@yahoo.com

    Anonymous said...

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    I twittered about it-http://twitter.com/mellysparkles
    I posted a link on my blog

    Grace Wong said...

    enter me please!
    I blogged!


    Toya T said...

    Oohhh please Enter Me Katie!! Okay, does that sound bad to anybody else! Geez!!!

    BTW - Bri and I are thinking Slumber party when Jess is back from vaca...you down?!?!

    Jessica said...

    Great Contest hunn :)

    Please Enter Me.

    Lucia said...

    i really love your blog... i just find him.. :D you are so cute too...
    enter me plz!
    i'll be posting soon I PROMESS!



    Tatjana said...

    Enter Me!!
    Im a new follower, just found your blog today.


    ~Lisa said...

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    wasabii.cee said...

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    And thanks for the discount code, definitely checking that out.

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    Rai said...


    My Post: http://www.glam-morena.com/2010/02/giveaways-giveaways-giveaways.html

    Superficialgirl said...

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    Hollywood said...

    How did I miss this? SHAME ON ME

    "Enter me"

    I put this giveaway on my sidebar =)

    I know I am in France but moving soon lol I am so international that's awesome !

    MUA said...

    Enter me please !

    Caro xxx

    anonimous beauty said...

    enter me =)

    iibarrrawa said...

    I love stila bronzing powder
    enter me

    MissyLC said...

    Enter me please!

    Niki said...

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I posted in the sidebar of my blog http://www.nikiinwonderland.blogspot.com/
    Take care!

    eternalmi said...

    enter me please!

    I have also posted it on my blog:



    meepocow said...

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    Kayvona B said...

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    ginnn7 said...

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    Anonymous said...

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    bowensma said...

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    DG said...

    I am a follower

    Enter me! :)


    DG said...




    Starnostar7 said...

    Please enter me.

    slim_fdmcva said...

    Great giveaway, I would love to win

    STYLEEZTA said...

    I love Stila!
    Enter me :)

    Anonymous said...

    enter me!!!!

    Serena said...

    OooOooo.. Nice Stila set!

    Enter me please!!

    Thanks for the heads up about BeautyTicket. I'll be sure to check out the site.

    throuthehaze said...

    enter me please!

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

    kakihara said...

    enter me please!
    I'm a follower

    Anonymous said...

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    wendy said...

    I follow your blog as wendy wallach and enter me.

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    libbeh said...

    is it too late?? :-{

    i've been a follower.

    hope it's not too late! :)


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    The Fashion Connection said...

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