February 18, 2010

Honeycat Cosmetics Review

In 2003, I worked in the corporate office of a salon and spa chain.  The following is a real conversation I had with one of our patrons via the telephone:

Customer:  "I take baths with one of my cats.  She swims around my legs.  I use the same products on her hair that I do on mine!"  [insert cackle]

Me (masking my horror):  "Oh, that's too funny!"

Customer Crazy Cat Lady:  "Your office is close to my house...  When are you free?  I can bring her by and you can meet her!"

Me, thinking to myself:  "I am available three weeks from never.  I'll pencil you in."

Don't get me wrong; I am a huge feline fan.  I strongly believe I Can Haz Cheeseburger is one of the best sites ever created.  My adorable husband and I are proud parents to the cutest fur kid around and spoil him rotten.  However, we prefer to reserve our
TREsemmé and Crew products for our 'dos, not his.  P. S.  Our idea of a bath differs greatly from his.  Ha!

I shower in the morning, but love to take baths in the evening to unwind.  Needless to say, I was incredibly excited when Terry at Honeycat Cosmetics generously sent me a box full of delicious smelling goodness to review.  (Terry has a super fun personality, by the way!  Love her!)  Honeycat Cosmetics has been featured in multiple publications, such as OK! Magazine and Elle.  The infamous Pinkiecharm (a.k.a. Irene) on YouTube has raved about their products.  She is notorious for her brutally honest reviews, so I knew Honeycat had to be good.  I couldn't wait to test these products out!

[L - R:  Sweet Potato Pie Grooming Day Bubble Stuff, Calypso Kitty Moisturizing Tropical Scrub, Honeycat Shower Gel, & Rub My Tummy, Milk and Honey Hand and Body Cream]

[Hiss Goodnight Pink Peppermint Lipgloss in Pink Kisses]


Sweet Potato Pie Grooming Day Bubble Stuff

Pros:  Smells great, is moisturizing, affordable.
Cons:  Scent is mild and doesn't linger.

Calypso Kitty Moisturizing Tropical Scrub
Pros:  Smells AMAZING, is moisturizing, the best exfoliating body product I have ever used!

Cons:  $20.00 for one jar.  (It's worth every cent, though!  I am in love with this stuff!)

Honeycat Shower Gel

Pros:  Lathers well, a little bit goes a long way, smells like peach brandy and brown sugar, is moisturizing.
Cons:  If you're not a fan of peach brandy, you're not going to like this scent.  However, please note that the scent is mild and doesn't linger.

Milk and Honey Hand and Body Cream

Pros:  Very moisturizing, leaves your skin buttery smooth, not greasy.  Has a unique scent that smells like almond oil (and something else I can't quite put my finger on).
Cons:  Is more of a runny lotion than a cream, but who cares?  The cream - especially when combined with the scrub - leaves your skin feeling lush. [Edit: They are working on the consistency of the product!]

Hiss Goodnight Pink Peppermint Lipgloss in Pink Kisses
Pros: Extremely lightweight, not sticky, the craziest gloss I have ever seen.  (In person it looks like I have foiled my lips!)
Cons:  Glitter is difficult to remove, but that comes with any glittery product.  A bit pricey at $16.00.

I was extremely impressed by this line, especially the scrub.  The packaging is durable, girly, and cute. 
(Even their packing tape has their logo on it!)  Another bonus?  They "never test on animals -- especially sexy felines".  LOL!  Honeycat Cosmetics are sold online and at select stores and spas.  They offer a variety of items to pamper yourself with, including candles and bath bombs...  I recommend that you check 'em out!


P. S.  Just a friendly reminder:  You only have until midnight (PST) tonight to enter my BeautyTicket.com Stila Giveaway!  Link is in the side bar!
Disclaimer: The products were sent to me by Honeycat Cosmetics to review, free of charge.  I am not affiliated with the organization, nor am I being paid to endorse their products.  My views are not influenced by anything other than my personal experience.  Please use these products at your own discretion.


Hollywood said...

The only question that I have is....Did you and the CAT met? lol
Omg I love when customers are on crack lol <3

The HoneyCAt Cosmetics packaging is SO pretty I love it !!!
Muah <3

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Great reviews...I like the pros/cons format. And that cat lady convo is hilarious!

Kate Gene said...

Chloe - LOL! I mumbled something about not having any more breaks for the day. I was so relieved that she didn't offer to drop by after my shift was over! XD The packaging is so fun! Honeycat's entire website is girly, pink, and fun! They have been one of my favorite companies to work with thus far. :)

PetiteAsianGirl - Thank you! I tried to keep my pros/cons short and to the point since I rambled on for so long in the beginning. LOL! That cat lady was very sweet, but definitely kooky! I felt a bit bad for her, as she was clearly lonely; I think she just wanted someone to talk to. But bathing with your cat? Eek! LOL!!!!

Irene said...

I love how you preface the review with a crazy story that needless to say, made me LOL. :D

Welcome back, I hope the move went smoothly!!! :D Also, man, I really need to try out that Honeycat Calypso Kitty scrub...what does AMAZING smell like? :)

TKOmulatta said...

Haha. That had to be a prank call... everyone knows cat's hate water.

That packaging is too cute! I would love to try out that scrub and maybe the hand&body cream. Great review.

Kate Gene said...

Irene - Thank you! :) The move went very smoothly! We're still getting settled, but have unpacked quite a bit! Isn't that cat lady story funny? I was so glad that the conversation took place on the phone and not in person. I was making all kinds of faces! LOL! She was very sweet, but definitely strange! P. S. Amazing = pineapple and coconut. Mmm!!!!

TKOmulatta - LOL! You know what's funny? Our cat likes to play in water! He's a little weirdo, though. ;) However, he would flip out if we dunked him in the tub and tried to use Pantene on his hair! Bahahaha! Isn't that packaging super duper cute? If you're going to try one thing, I'd recommend the scrub. It's excellent! :)

J-Ezzy said...

I want a scent that DOES linger...*pouty face*

I want the scrub NOW

Errr, no thanks to the glitter =/

I hope to one day see them in Marshalls or TJ Maxx!

What an awesome review, hun!!!

I miss my kitty kat, my mom has him :( But he TOO has a different perspective than we do on bathing, LOL!! I grew up with cats and dogs, so I'm a sucker for em!

And that cat lady story is CRAZY!!!

Kate Gene said...

J - LOL! I like scents that linger, too. I have a serious obsession with smelling good. It sucks because I can't wear anything scented while at work. I'm living it up big time perfume-wise right now!

That scrub is tah die for. I would eat it if I could. Ha ha ha! Even Sean likes it!

The glitter is pretty, but yeah, a pain to remove!

Let me know if you ever see these products at Marshalls or TJ's! I am kicking myself for not checking my local TJ Maxx when everyone said Deep Throat was being sold there!

I'm so bummed that you had to give your cat to your mom. :( That was really sweet of George to get him for you! And at least you can see him when you visit! :)

That cat lady scared me, but I felt bad for her at the same time. She sounded so lonely! Still... Who bathes with their cats?!

Sharlene Kay said...

wow everything looks aaa-mazing.. i love the packaging!
haha@ crazy cat lady i think she defeated the whole purpose of taking a bath lol

<33 Sharlene

bananas. said...

uhhh the crazy cat lady...WTF?!? that's so effin weird. i think i would've died of laughter and not even hid it. LOL!

Kate Gene said...

Sharlene Kay - EXCELLENT POINT! I forget sometimes how dirty pets really are. One day, I was kissing our cat's feet and my husband was like, "EW! You know he steps in his own toilet, right?" LMBO!

bananas. C/O 2000 Represent! - LMAO! I was laughing (on the inside) and making all kinds of faces at the phone. I'm starting to think I shouldn't be allowed to deal with the public face to face... I can't even handle them on the phone! Ha ha ha!

Jen said...

omg the stuff looks so amazing!! i'm getting into bath stuff. i never really cared for it but it's my new obsession. =)

thanks for the aweseme review. i loved the story about the crazy cat lady. omg people are just so...crazy?? haha whatever. as long as they're happy, right?


kimber doll said...

awww, thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog babe! You're too kind!
haha, that cat woman sounds crazy!

bowsnhearts said...

What a funny lady! I would have freaked out upon hearing that because I am such a clean freak!

But I do love the lipgloss on your lips!

Kate Gene said...

Jen - I am just now getting into bath stuff, too! It's so relaxing... I just never made time for it until recently. Yeah, that cat lady definitely seemed happily in love with her cat! Bahahaha!

kimber doll - You're very welcome! Yeah, the Crazy Cat lady was definitely crazy. LOL! I was so worried that she was going to stop by... Thank goodness she dropped it after I told her I didn't have any breaks left!

bowsnhearts - I know! I'm the biggest germaphobe in the world! Although, I guess her cat IS clean. It does, after all, get regular baths and uses high end shampoo and conditioner. LOL! Thanks for the compliment! That gloss is cuh-razy!

Marie said...

that's a funny story! kinda gross too.

thanks for posting about these products. i am interested in the tropical scrub. will definitely check this company out. cute packaging too, btw.

haha, i agree, pinkiecharm really is brutally honest... gotta love that about her!

will be following your blog from now on, follow mine too?:D

...and everything under the sun!

April said...

Kate don't feel bad if you don't want to review or company or you're not interested--you don't have to say yes to all of them. You are seriously the nicest most sincere person every which is why we love you soo much and keep coming back for more of your post. You also tease us by not putting too many pictures of yourself. LOL! You tease you! Hahha! Work is getting better, but some teachers are MEAN, but I am happy with the children and had my meetings with the managers and they really like me! Justin proposed like 2 weeks ago and my job threw me a surprise engagement lunch--soo sweet! I still need to make that announcement. LOL! YAh about Kaitlyn Clothing, I model part time (even with crooked teeth) so I think I get email reveiws from some companies through that, usually the hair companies and hair products. I hope you are having a FANTASTIC weekend! Justin is well and he says hello friend!

BabyGirlRina said...

That gloss looks soo cute on you.. is it a purple? I love the purple lips trend :)

Diya said...

LOL at the crazy cat lady story... hahaha.

PS. I would love it if your could check out my new blog: http://diyainherstilettos.blogspot.com/

Kate Gene said...

Marie - It's definitely gross! LOL! I am also a big Pinkiecharm fan. I watch all of her videos, even if I don't plan on buying the item she's reviewing. XD I'll definitely take a peek at your blog!

April - OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How did he do it?! Where?! Inquiring minds want to know! LOL! Have you guys talked about a date?! Thanks for the advice, girlie! That's what my husband said, too. I e-mailed them Saturday and let them know I was declining their offer, but thanked them... And pff, I have never ever noticed that your teeth were crooked! (In fact, even after you pointed it out, I still didn't see it. LOL!) I understand why you want to get braces, though. I was really excited to get mine! You always look so pretty -- with or without crooked teeth! I totally understand why you get hired to model! :) Tell your fiance hello! (Ahh! You're fiance! Craziness!) Congrats again! P. S. More pics of me to come... Eventually... LOL!

BabyGirlRina - Thank you! The gloss is actually pink and gold! In the photo it does look purple-ish, doesn't it? I also love the purple lip trend. I want Power and Lavender Whip so badly! You should see this gloss in person. It actually looks like pink foil! :)

Diya - LOL! I hope the lady doesn't read beauty blogs. (She might... She probably wants to learn the latest and greatest about pampering products for her hair - and her cats! Ha!)

Crystal said...

LMAO! ohemgee, what a CRAZY! you're hilarious! thanks for your sweeeet comment! xoxo!

Kate Gene said...

Crystal - She was crazy! I hope you don't mind, but I gave her your number and told her to call you. She was looking for a new BFF. Ha ha ha! Kidding! And you are very welcome for the comment! It was deserved! :)


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