Q:  What ethnicity are you?
A:  100% Korean.

Q:  What ethnicity is your husband?
A:  My hubby is Caucasian.  I ♥ him more than anything in this world!

Q:  Is Gene your last name?
A:  Nope!  It's my middle name.

Q:  How old are you?
A:  I was born in '82.  I went to my senior prom with Jesus.

Q:  Where do you live?
A:  We reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

Q:  How come you rarely show your face?
A:  I want my blog to be about my writing.  (I'm no Kandee Johnson.  You aren't missing out on amazing FOTDs, trust me!  Ha!)  Keep your eyes peeled...  You'll see my mug pop up every now and then.

Q:  How do you get people to follow your blog?
A:  Post on a regular basis.  Interact with your readers, as well as other bloggers.  No one will know your wonderful blog exists unless you put yourself out there, right?  (WARNING:  Demanding that others follow you is a major blog faux pas.  "OMG!!!1!  fOLLOW me, I folloWed u!"  Spamming is frowned upon as well.)

Q:  Do you have children?
A:  Not yet, but we plan to very soon!  Our fur baby keeps us plenty busy for now.

Q:  How tall are you?
A:  5'1"... barely.

Q:  Are you naturally that tan?  You look like a burnt Pop Tart.
A:  My natural skin tone is very dark for a Korean girl.  However, some of the pictures on my blog were taken during a time when I lied out in the sun a lot/used tanning beds.  (I no longer use tanning beds, and wear sunscreen when outdoors.  Melanoma isn't sexy, y'all!)  To see my true hue, click here!

Q:  Did you major in journalism?
A:  No, but thank you!  I am always extremely flattered when asked this question.

Q:  You talk about work, but then say things that allude to your not working.  What's up?
A:  In 2009, I was in an auto accident that has rendered me unable to work.  I plan to return to my career in health care as soon as I heal!

Q.  Why does your jewelry retail for so much?
A:  Check out my jewelry F.A.Q.s here.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to send me an e-mail at: kategeneblog@gmail.com.

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