June 17, 2014

City Lips Review & 30% Off Discount Code

What is MySpace face?  According to the hilarious comedian and dancer, Punch Robert, it's the duck lips facial expression we all fancied circa 2009.  (Don't lie.  You know you did it.)  Fortunately, there are products available that plump your pout, allowing you to forgo the webbed foot look.

City Lips was kind enough to send one of their pout enhancing glosses.

Pros:  City Lips' treatment gloss delivers plenty of sparkle and shine, instantly making your lips look fuller.  The shade I received, Los AngeLIPS, is beautiful!  The unique combination of ingredients work their magic in a matter of minutes, and doesn't fade for approximately two hours. City Lips states some will see a boost of up to three millimeters, and that results may become permanent after continued daily use.

For those of you who desire a fuller look - sans the minty, burning, and/or tingling sensation that is found in most lip plumping products - this product is for you!

Cons:  Retails for $35.00.  However, if the results from the lip treatment are truly permanent (with continued product use), I think it's worth the price tag.

[Before/After 15 Minutes]

Please check out other City Lips results here.  The results are impressive!

[Shade: Los AngeLIPS]

                                  DISCOUNT CODE                                  

City Lips is generously offering my readers a discount!  Please use the code: "KateGene" at checkout for a whopping 30% off!


Kate Gene

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