June 17, 2014

City Lips Review & 30% Off Discount Code

What is MySpace face?  According to the hilarious comedian and dancer, Punch Robert, it's the duck lips facial expression we all fancied circa 2009.  (Don't lie.  You know you did it.)  Fortunately, there are products available that plump your pout, allowing you to forgo the webbed foot look.

City Lips was kind enough to send one of their pout enhancing glosses.

Pros:  City Lips' treatment gloss delivers plenty of sparkle and shine, instantly making your lips look fuller.  The shade I received, Los AngeLIPS, is beautiful!  The unique combination of ingredients work their magic in a matter of minutes, and doesn't fade for approximately two hours. City Lips states some will see a boost of up to three millimeters, and that results may become permanent after continued daily use.

For those of you who desire a fuller look - sans the minty, burning, and/or tingling sensation that is found in most lip plumping products - this product is for you!

Cons:  Retails for $35.00.  However, if the results from the lip treatment are truly permanent (with continued product use), I think it's worth the price tag.

[Before/After 15 Minutes]

Please check out other City Lips results here.  The results are impressive!

[Shade: Los AngeLIPS]

                                  DISCOUNT CODE                                  

City Lips is generously offering my readers a discount!  Please use the code: "KateGene" at checkout for a whopping 30% off!


Kate Gene

May 7, 2014

Scentsational Soaps Skincare & Discount Code

Growing up, my family members and I took turns checking the mail.  One hot summer day, I somehow managed to tear myself away from the brand new Whitney Houston tape I was shamelessly doing the running man to listening to, and sauntered out to the mailbox.  On my way back to the house, I was stung by a bee...ON THE EYELID.  Believe it or not, I was stung on the opposite lid shortly after that.  Understandably, I was no longer a fan of anything black and yellow with wings.  Ha!

That all changed the moment I received my first order from Scentsational Soaps Skincare.  Sarah Torrance and her son, Chad, create top of the line skincare products using local Florida honey.  When Chad developed eczema, Sarah set out to make products free of the irritants often found in traditional soap.  She eventually moved on to develop her own line of "buzz" worthy products (har har har), of which I am extremely excited to share with you today.

Honey doesn't just taste delicious.  It contains incredible antimicrobial and wound healing properties, and has been utilized for its skin care benefits for centuries.  Keep reading to learn more!


PROS:  Propolis is extremely powerful, promotes quick healing, and assists in the prevention of infection.  I am a huge proponent of the stuff.  After an allergic reaction to perfume, I developed small bumps on the underside of my forearm that are impossible to get rid of.  This soap does an almost unbelievable job of smoothing those blemishes, giving me the confidence to wear short sleeves.  It has a cool, minty, herbal scent that does not linger on the skin.  It's very unisex!

[26 Days]

** Side Note:  After writing my initial review, I was admitted into the ER.  Despite being warned, I failed to remove a bandage from my arm in a timely fashion.  The adhesive was so sticky, it ripped off the top layer of skin and bled.  (Shame on me!  I am a health care professional!)  Thanks to this soap, I completely healed in a matter of days.  I kid you not! **

CONS:  None.  This soap is golden!

[Retails for: $7.80]


PROS: This goat milk soap, like the propolis soap, is also a dream for the skin.  However, it does more than just moisturize and cleanse.  One dollar of each bar ordered goes to Dup15q Alliance Research.  Please support this wonderful cause!

"The BELIEVE bar of soap represents the mind set of all parents with disabled children, to BELIEVE in what is possible and BELIEVE in a positive future.
This bar of soap has the fragrance of Lavender which is used for calming and relaxing.  OR - This bar of soap now comes in the scent of Blueberry.  A wonderful fresh picked sweet blueberry fragrance.
Each 6 oz. bar of soap comes individually shrink wrapped and also comes in a clear cellophane bag and wrapped in matching ribbon.
For an added extra benefit this soap bar has vitamin-e." - Scentsational Skincare Website

CONS:  None.

[Retails for: $6.00]


PROS:  This soap smells of delicious, sweet spearmint tea or gum.  According to the Scentsational Soaps Skincare website, bee pollen is good for wrinkles, acne, eczema, and other skin conditions.  It truly is an all-encompassing product!

CONS:  None.

[Retails for: $7.80]


Pros:  This incredibly gritty scrub smells delectably of sweet, delicate chocolate and honey.  It does a wonderful job of smoothing the skin.  My body felt like silk after I rinsed away the sugar remnants.  (If you find it too coarse, apply it to wet skin for a more gentle consistency.)  It's chock full of skin-loving oils, but isn't so greasy that it's difficult to remove.  It is the best scrub I have used to date!

Cons:  None.

[Retails for: $20.80]


PROS:  This luxurious face and body butter smells heavenly.  It has a lovely rich, spicy citrus fragrance.  The thick, creamy consistency allows the product to glide across the skin, leaving it moisturized and soft.

CONS:  None.

[Retails for: $13.00 -  $36.00]


PROS:  Scentsational Soaps Skincare's shampoo and conditioner are fantastic!  The shampoo is wonderful for deep cleansing.  It left my hair (literally) squeaky clean.  The conditioner de-tangled my mess of a mane, allowing my brush to glide through my hair with ease.  Bonus:  It has the same intoxicating fragrance the face and body butter contains.  The scent lingered ever-so-lightly in my hair.

CONS:  None.

[Both Retail for: $15.60/Bottle]

                    DISCOUNT CODE                    

Sarah and Chad are generously offering Kate Gene readers a 10% discount off their entire order!  Enter the code: "KateGene" at checkout.  Please note the discount code is case sensitive.  Offer Expires: 6/7/2014.

Why order from Scentsational Soaps Skincare?  Their products are of the highest quality, and their customer service is outstanding.  Bonus:  Sarah and Chad are sweeter than the honey they infuse into their goods!  I strongly encourage you to place an order.  I have yet to meet a Scentsational Soaps Skincare product I didn't like!



Disclaimer: The products were sent to me by Scentsational Soaps Skincare.  I am not affiliated with the organization, nor am I being paid to endorse their products.  My views are not influenced by anything other than my personal experience with the items I ordered,  as well as the products kindly sent for review.  Prices are subject to change.  Please use these products at your own discretion.

April 7, 2014

Buxom's Full On Diamond Lip Polish

I'm not going to lie.  I have considered lip injections.  Duck face?  I've done it.  In fact, I've got a case of semi-duck face in the photograph below!  Ha!

Fortunately, thanks in part to Buxom's Full On Diamond Lip Polish, I have yet to have needles poked into my pout.  My lastest obsession is the shade, "April".  It's pink, sheer, extremely shiny, and full of brilliant diamond sparkles.  The formula is smooth, soothing, and slightly minty.  The slightly sticky texture ensures long-lasting staying power.

[Buxom's "April"]

Price: $19.00

Note:  I am very frugal in general.  However, I will splurge on this gloss because it's worth it!  It lasts forever!

[Swatch - Gloss Only]

As you can see, my lips appears fuller and healthier when I've got this gloss slathered across my pout.  I love wearing this alone or layered over pink lipstick.

What is your favorite lip gloss?


P. S.  Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

April 2, 2014

Mini Giveaway

To celebrate my return to the blogging world, I am hosting a mini giveaway.

[JustFab Earrings]

To enter to win this trio, you must:

1.  Be a follower.
2.  Leave me a comment and your e-mail address.
3.  If you are under the age of 18, you must have your parent or guardian's permission to enter.

That's it!

This giveaway will be open until April 13th.  The winner has one week to contact me; please make sure you include your e-mail address in the comment section below!

To those who are new to my blog, welcome!  To those who have been with me for awhile, thank you!


April 1, 2014

Essie Polish F.T.W.

Earlier this year, my beloved Seattle Seahawks took down the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl.  Sure, our team is incredible.  However, the truth of the matter is, my nail polish is what led us to victory.  The glossy, inky blue hue I carefully brushed across my nails weekly was worn symbolically to support my boys in college navy, action green, and grey.  It was the only color I'd wear during the latter half of the N.F.L. season.

I'm kidding!  That said, I'd be lying if I didn't get a tad bit superstitious during the football season.  (Hey, according to Coors: "It's only weird if it doesn't work."  Ha!)

Essie's "After School Boy Blazer" is a beautiful deep shade that appears almost black once applied.  Enjoy the eye candy:

[Hand Models]


This polish applies very easily; two coats was more than enough to achieve the color you see above.  When combined with O.P.I.'s base coat and the infamous Seche Vite top coat, it had excellent staying power.

Do you have a favorite football team?  Are you superstitious?


P. S.  Don't forget to read my previous post, the T.M.I. Tag!  Feel free to link yours in the comment section!

P. P. S.  Go, Hawks!

March 29, 2014

T.M.I. Tag

1.  What are you wearing?
I am wearing a pink hoodie, matching fleece pants, one of my husband's old undershirts, and Betty Boop socks.  So fierce!

[Our Cat Who Sits Like a Person & My Socks]

2.  Ever been in love?
Abso-freaking-lutely.  I fell in love with my husband at the ripe ol' age of 17, and am still mad about him to this day!

3.  Ever had a terrible break-up?
I don't think any of the relationships I had ended on a sour note.  Even when I was cheated on, I was able to walk away from those relationships amicably.

4.  How tall are you?
My medical records say I am almost 5'1.  My license says I am 5'1.  I prefer the latter.

5.  How much do you weigh?
I fluctuate between 100 and 110 pounds.  However, my front butt always remains the same size.  >:(

6.  Any tattoos?
I have a red hibiscus flower tattooed behind my left ear.  (In Hawai'i, a flower worn behind your left ear signifies that you are no longer on the market.)

7.  Any piercings?
I have four piercings in each ear.  The cartilage of my left ear is also pierced.  (I only wear earrings in the first holes.)  My navel is pierced, but I am considering removing my hardware.  The aforementioned front butt has stretched the piercing out to abnormal sizes.  LOL!

8.  OTP?
What is OTP?  Outrageous toilet paper?  Somebody please fill me in!

9.  Favorite show?
Breaking Bad.  I loved how each episode started out with an inexplicable opening scene.

[Make Your Own Here]

10.  Favorite bands?
I have too many to name!  I literally listen to every genre of music.  I love it all!  The Black Keys, Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, the Beatles, John Legend, and Carrie Underwood are getting a lot of airtime in our house these days!  (The Husband doesn't like country, but tolerates it for my sake.)

11.  Something you miss?
I miss my grandpa.  He was a huge part of my childhood!

I was recently diagnosed with gastroparesis, which is a gastrointestinal disease.  I definitely long for the days when I was able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want!

12.  Favorite song?
Again, I have too many to name!  "In My Life" by the Beatles and "All My Love" by John Legend are two current favorites.

13.  How old are you?
I turn 32 in May.  In the beauty blogging world, I am in my eighties.  (Has anyone else noticed that, similar to dogs and cats, we age very quickly in this community?  Ha!)

14.  Zodiac sign?
Taurus.  Boy, do I ever live up to the bull sign!  I am stubborn, a creature of comfort, and do not appreciate being rushed.  Although I enjoy the finer things in life, I am extremely frugal.

15.  Quality you look for in a partner?
Honesty, a sense of humor, and a kind demeanor.  Nice guys finish last in this girl's eyes!

16.  Favorite quote?
Oh, goodness...I am a quote-aholic.  Here is one of my favorites:

17.  Favorite actor?
"Favorite" questions are so difficult to answer!  I really enjoyed watching the Breaking Bad cast.  The actors did a great job of making their characters people I loathed, loved, or both.  I also love Steve Carrell.  He cracks me up!

18.  Favorite color?
It depends on what item this question applies to.  I love red, blue, green, purple, pink, cream, black, gold, and silver.

19.  Loud music or soft?
It depends on what I am doing.  When I bake, I like to have soft music playing in the background. When alone, I enjoy loud music in the car (but not so loud my eardrums feel as though they're about to combust).

[Vanilla Dot Cupcake]

[Pink Champagne Cupcakes]

[Peanut Butter Frosting & Dark Chocolate Cupcake]

20.  Where do you go when you're sad?
If I could, I'd run off to Hawai'i anytime I was sad.  Unfortunately, that's not an inexpensive way to cure emotional ailments!  I like going to the gym or running outside to blow off sadness or anger.

21.  How long does it take you to shower?
Twenty minutes.

22.  How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Counting the shower, it takes me an hour to an hour and a half to get ready for the day.  I recently ran out of contacts, so putting on make-up is a bit of a challenge.  It has definitely impacted my ability to paint my face in a timely - and purty - fashion!  Ha ha!

23.  Ever been in a physical fight?
Yes, which is embarrassing.  It was with one of my younger siblings, but still...I was old enough to know better.

In elementary school, I once intervened when a kid was about to punch my friend.  I caught his hand with mine like a ninja!  He was as surprised as I was by the block.  The good thing is, the interaction ended there.

[Me - Circa 1988]

24.  Turn on?
A sense of humor, confidence, honesty, a positive (but realistic) attitude, common sense, manners, and a great smile are all turn ons!  (I found all of those things with my hubby!)

25.  Turn off?
Arrogance, dishonesty, a bad attitude, and lack of manners are all major no-nos.

26.  The reason you joined YouTube?  The reason you started blogging?
I joined YouTube so I could subscribe to channels.

I added the second question for us blogging folks.  Following an automobile accident, whilst recovering, I found myself with a lot of free time on my hands.  (I am still on the mend, but getting better every day!)  I fell in love with the beauty community, and decided I wanted a piece of the action.  Thus, "Kate Gene's Blog" was created!

27.  Fears?
I am terrified of losing the ones I love.  I am also scared of serial killers and rapists, but who isn't?

28.  Last thing that made you cry?
My husband, but in a sappy, good way.

29.  Last time you said you loved someone?
This evening.

30.  Meaning behind your YouTube name?  Meaning behind your blog name?

Once again, I edited this to include us bloggers.  My YouTube and Blogger name is "kategene".  The funny thing is, prior to blogging, the only people who called me "Kate" were my husband and family.  (My full name is Katie.)  "Gene" is my middle name; it was my grandpa's first name.  I am proud to bear his name; he was a wonderful man!

31.  Last book you read?
Old Man and The Sea.  Surprisingly, it wasn't something I read while in junior high or high school!

32.  The book you're currently reading?
The Fountainhead.  I've been trying for finish it for years!

33.  Last show you watched?
Gilmore girls.  It's my guilty pleasure; I watch it five days a week!

34.  Last person you talked to?
Our fur kid.

35.  The relationship between you and the last person you texted?
My Main Squeeze!

36.  Favorite food?
My husband can cook with the best of them!  He makes incredible steak, BBQ chicken, pulled pork, stew, spaghetti, breakfast bake, etc.

37.  Place you want to visit?
Italy, Paris, Australia, Korea, Japan, Bora Bora, and Hawai'i, please!

38.  Last place you were?
Target.  I bruised the bones in my left foot, so I have to ride in one of those motorized carts that you typically see the elderly rolling around in.  I have no shame, though.  I embarrass my husband by cruising like I am in a low rider, driving backwards quickly (which triggers a loud beeping noise), and taking off at the speed of light.  Ha ha ha!

39.  Do you have a crush?
I hate to gush, but I can't help it.  I have a crush on my husband.  He's so thoughtful and supportive.  All the little things he does make me fall in love over and over again!

40.  Last time you kissed someone?
I kissed my husband before he left for CrossFit class!

41.  Last time you were insulted?
Yo' momma turned me down.  I sent her a letter, asking her to be my girlfriend.  She checked the "NO" box.  Question:  Who does she think she is?!  Hardy har har har!

42.  Favorite flavor of sweet?
Anything that is caramel flavored, please!

[Fran's Salted Caramel Chocolates = Crack]

43.  What instrument do you play?
Although I was adopted into a Caucasian family, I still lived up to the Asian stereotype by playing the violin for eight years.  ;)

44.  Favorite piece of jewelry?
My original wedding set and ten year wedding anniversary "upgraded" wedding set are my favorite pieces of jewelry.  I'm not a materialistic person, but I am very sentimental.  I'd be one sad broad if either sets were lost.

45.  Last sport you played?
Does fantasy football count?  (I took out my husband - and his manhood - out for the championship title in 2010.  Muwhahahaha!)

46.  Last song you sang?
I sang a song I made up on the spot.  LOL!

47.  Favorite chat up line?
"A/S/L?"  (My husband and I met on AOL Instant messenger in 1999.)

48.  Have you ever used it?
Why, yes.  After answering my husband's inquiry, I fired back with the same question.  What can I say?  I've got game.

49.  Last time you hung out with anyone?
We saw my grandma for her 92nd birthday a week ago.

50.  Who should answer these questions next?
I tag YOU!



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