February 12, 2010

Dominique est trop doux, aye!

When I announced that I was hosting a 100 Follower Giveaway, one of my awesome followers, Dominique, contacted me via e-mail.  She wrote that she enjoyed reading my blog and wanted to send me a small gift to celebrate my Blogger milestone.  I was so surprised and touched.  Her e-mail truly made my day!

[Dom - If this is what you consider a small gift, I can only imagine what your large gifts are like!  LOL!]

When my package arrived, I excitedly tore it apart like a two year old.  My jaw dropped.  I could tell she had put a lot of thought into everything she picked out for me.  For example, I have complained in the past about my hands being extremely dry, so she included gloves that I could wear to bed with lotion.  How sweet is that?

[products pictured on the right in the photo above]

  [L - R: Gosh Extreme Art Eye Liner, Ooh la la gloss! in Orange Sorbet, & Annabelle Blush]

The Gosh liner Dominique sent is the bomb.com!  It is an extremely opaque, black color.  She wrote that the product works like a tattoo, and I can vouch for that!  After taking the swatch photo, I had to scrub in like a surgeon to remove it completely.  LOL!  Maybe I should use the liner to draw a few tear drops on my face.  Or, how about "Thug Life" on my abs?  Ha!

[photo courtesy of: www.ragingtattoodesigns.com]

Here are the other product details:  The lip gloss smells like orangey sorbety goodness.  (Mmm...  Sorbet...)  It's very smooth and emollient.  The blush is a very pretty shade!  I do not own a blush in this color, so I am very excited to try it out!

Dominique, thank you again for your wonderful letter and goodies!




J-Ezzy said...

Represent!!! THUG LIFE!!!

I love it! She is full of uber cuteness for sending these along your way!!!!!!! That was so sweeeet :)

I hope to hear more about the blush and eyeliner (or maybe see it on you, hehe)

Anonymous said...

wow, that was very sweet of her to do that for you! I need some of that eyeliner, it looks awesome!

bowsnhearts said...

I love the Annabelle blush...so cute! The eyeliner seems so...strong! I love it!

You are so lucky to have such a nice reader, Kate!!

Fintia said...

how sweet of her! enjoy your goodies!

Meya said...

how sweet of her, such kind followers you have.

Dominique said...

I'm SO glad that you like it ! Bons baisers de Montréal :) (means kisses from Montréal) xxx

Hollywood said...

That is so Kind she is such a generous girl <3

and by the way lol the French title is hilarious I don't want to hurt your feeling but lol this is TERRIBLE French...But who cares? you are HOT already you can't also be Smart ! ahah

JK I love you you know it =)

PixyEla said...

Weeeeeee what a sweet reader you have to give you a nice gift. =) I love reading your posts because you're so funny and full of life!! I lol'ed at "thug life" on your abs. Lmao!!
Have a great weekend, Kate!! :D

ting RN said...

aww that's sweet of her. esp since personalized the gifts by getting u those gloves for dry hands

Irene said...

How absolutely sweet -- proof that some truly genuine people still exist in this world!!!

And yes, I LOVE the eyeliner...must do a review and links to where we can buy! :)

Kate Gene said...

J - Ha ha! If I get that tattoo, can I be in that one guy's videos? I'll wear brown sandals. LOL! I know, Dominique is freakin' awesome. I have never thought to do that for anyone, but she did. We're spur of the moment moving this weekend (I'll fill you in the next time we chat!), but FOTD posts are in the near future! Woop woop!

Ashley Elaine - It really was! The eye liner is insane. She said it was like a tattoo, but I didn't know she meant it literally. ;) I am SO excited to use it because my eyes water all the time.

bowsnhearts - I am really lucky, aren't I? Blogger girls are friggin' amazing! That eyeliner is definitely not for the faint of heart. For me, the blacker and more waterproof, the better. I heavily line my upper and lower lid daily, so I'm super excited! :D

Fintia - I definitely am! The day that I got my package was the same day I ran out of make-up removal wipes. Dominique had kindly thrown some in, thank goodness! I thought I was going to have to bust out the Brawny! Ha ha ha!

Meya - I know! She completely caught me off guard with her e-mail. And I certainly didn't expect to receive so many thoughtful items! It's cool, because she got me some things that aren't available here in the States!

DOMINIQUE - OMG, seriously, woman... You are the best for sending me these nice things! I know I've said it before, but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and THANK YOU! I haven't used one thing that I didn't like. I don't know if I mentioned this to you before, but, I actually ran out of my make-up wipes the say I received your package. Perfect timing! :D I'll talk to you soon over e-mail!

Hollywood - LMAO! I took French in high school, but barely remember a thing. I actually had to use an English to French translator site to come up with the title, and that was apparently a FAIL. Ha ha ha! I can introduce myself with the best of them, but that's about it! XD

PixyEla - Aw, thank you so much! I am having the best time blogging! :) I'm glad you appreciated my thug life idea. I have gained a lot of weight lately; I could probably get away with writing more... HARDCORE THUG LIFE? LOL!

ting RN - That's what I thought! She told me when she e-mailed me that she was already thinking about gifts that would be very personal to me. Everything she got was perfect! I also love that she included a letter. She's such a sweet girl! :)

Irene - That's exactly what I said to my husband! She was a complete stranger living in another country... She didn't have to do that! Her gesture has probably helped restore everyone that reads this story's faith just a little. :) Unfortunately, GOSH isn't available in the U. S.! :( I'm so sad, because it's so dark -- and waterproof!

MUA said...

How sweet of her !

I am french so you could tell her :

Dominique est une fille adorable ;-)

would be a better translation ;-)))) although she could be "douce" as well which means :
1- she has soft skin (he, sure !)
2- or she is kind of a calm person (why not ?!)

your blog is hilarious and I love to read it, keep the good work coming , girl !

Love from Montreal (aren't we the coolest girls in MTL ????)

Caro xxx

Kate Gene said...

MUA - Ooh, thank you for the French lesson! Clearly, my French is a bit rusty. Okay, super rusty. LOL! Does doux really mean "she has soft skin or is calm"? OMG... That's terrible! LOL!!!! And yes, you girls in MTL ARE very cool! :D Thank you for your kind words, Caro! xoxo


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