February 24, 2010

I heart my followers!

I.  Have.  The.  Best.  Followers.  Ever.

Sharlene, a fellow beauty blogger and follower of mine, sent me a cute Valentine's Day package chock full of all sorts of goodies.  I was, and continue to be, deeply touched by her generosity and random act of kindness.  (Some of you hussies only perform "random acts of kindness" after a night of drankin' at the bar or club.  This is different.  Bahahaha!)  Sharlene, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the (non-hussy) thoughtful gesture!

The larger package arrived neatly wrapped with a pretty blue bow wrapped around it.  I tried to re-wrap it for the sake of the photo.  As you can see, I failed.  Ha!

Look at all the great stuff that was inside!  Everything was girly and very me.  The bag pictured in the back contained delicious treats, which I immediately scarfed down.  My favorite item was the letter she included.  Her handwriting is so neat and precise!

Please check out Sharlene's blog.  She is an extremely sweet girl who knows some awesome beauty tips and tricks.  (Her latest post features a DIY lace nail tutorial!)  And, unlike yours truly, she posts FOTDs.  :)

Sharlene, I cannot express how appreciative I am!  You're awesome!!!!


P. S.  Sorry I have once again been MIA on Blogger and Twitter...  I've been ill.  Blech!


J-ezzy said...

That's where you've been missy!! I hope you feel better!!!!!!!!!

Sharlene was too sweet to send you this!!! I love the CARE package :)

April said...

Aww how nice! You deserve all the wonderful things in life gorgeous Kate! Feel better my dear!!! :)

♥ Jhoy ♥ said...

o wow what wonderful goodies! lucky girl! well I hope you have a wonderful day kate!

Natalie said...

Awwww! How sweet! fml, seriously!! I wish I would of sent some packages out for valentine's day. I think I was planning to, then I got super busy and my computer broke & eventually forgot. lol I love your layout, btw!

Rai said...

Sharlene is the SWEETEST! <3
Her note was my favorite part, too.

PetiteAsianGirl said...

How sweet!! Lucky you : ) Btw I wanted to ask .. how are you maintaining that gorg tan in the dead of winter? beds? bronzer? I'm dyin here the northeast, esp when I see that super bronzed profile pic of yours! You've probably already addressed this in previous posts so ignore this comment if that is the case : )

Kate Gene said...

J - Thank you for the well wishes! I've been feeling run down for about a week, but I'm actually sick now. It sucks! I keep having to clear my throat. Gross! I need to recover before the weekend because we've got stuff to do! And gosh darn it, I miss chatting! I am so behind on other people's blogs. You miss a couple days and it's like you've missed weeks worth of posts! LOL!

April - Thanks to you, too! You're always so sweet and bubbly! Justin is a lucky fella! I'm hoping I can shake this off so we can make it to our friends' kid's birthday party. It's his 1st, so it's important!

♥ Jhoy ♥ I AM a lucky girl, aren't I? I swear, I have met some of the nicest girls ever via Blogger. I seriously wish all of us could get together!

Natalie - Wasn't that sweet of Sharlene? I love getting mail, especially packages! She made my day. LMBO @ you for saying FML. Ha ha ha! I'm working on incorporating SMH into my vocabulary. Thanks for the compliment on my background! I got it for next to nothing. I'll send you a link to the site I went through!

Rai - Oooh, oooh! Did she send you some goodies, too? She's so sweet! I can't wait until I have some extra money. I'd love to pay her back! She added some special touches, which I really appreciated. I especially loved the little name tag she created. I kept it because it was so cute! It's on our fridge!

PetiteAsianGirl - I really do have the best followers ever! And OMG, you can ask me any question any time! :D I'm a bit paler now than I was in that photo (which was taken in December). I naturally have a bit of a tan, but use tanning beds and lie in the sun to get dark in the summer. However, this year one of my New Year's resolutions was to stop tanning though... I'm going to use sunless tanner only! (And sun screen when I'm outside!) I hope that helps!

AzZy AzZ said...

SHes awesome i still gotta send her the thank you package=]

were lucky!!!

Kate Gene said...

AzZy AzZ - Me, too! We're super lucky... I definitely want to re-pay her kindness! I saw what she got you... She gave us both a lot! :O She paid close attention to small details, like the labels and what not. Those little touches make a big difference!

Cyd said...

awwww you got a package from sharlene too...she's such a sweet heart <3

Hollywood said...

AWWWW your followers are so CUTE can you share them with us? ahaha


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