January 27, 2010

Two Men + Two Packages = Love (Whoa. That sounds WAY more inappropriate than I intended it to! LOL!)

At approximately 11:00 this morning, I heard a knock on our front door.  Peering through the peephole, I saw a FedEx driver waiting with a large box for yours truly.  My Coastal Scents 88 Matte Palette and laptop charger were finally here!  (I have been using my husband's old work laptop to blog.  It won't let me upload pictures, which drives me crazy!)  I got so excited that I whipped the door open, momentarily forgetting that I was wearing tapered sweat pants, slightly busted glasses that sit crookedly on my face, and no make-up.  When signing for my package, I should have scrawled "Hot Mess" in lieu of my real signature.  Ha!

[So pretty!]

All I can say about the C. S. palette is that it truly lives up to the hype.  The pigmentation is insane!  I can't wait to play around with it.  Everyone in the house is getting their eyes done tonight.  Oh, Huuuusband...  Where are yoooou?  Ha ha ha!  Just kidding!

[I barely touched the shadows...  Look how vibrant they are!]

Hours later, my adorable husband got home from work, mail in hand.  My NARS Blush in Crazed had arrived!  I immediately grabbed my blush brush and swiped it across my cheek.  I looked like a, a-hem, "Lady of the Night".  (A Lady of the Night who wears tapered sweats and broken glasses, that is.)  I learned my lesson, and applied it to the other side of my face with a much lighter hand.  It's a gorgeous color!  It made me look as though I had just come in from a run.  My camera phone photograph really doesn't do it any justice; I will take another picture and do a swatch when I get my laptop/camera issues taken care of.

[NARS Crazed]
NARS Blush

Ugh...  Speaking of my laptop/camera issues, the charger we received today is defective.  It's the fourth one we've ordered in the last three weeks.  We have had the worst time getting something that works!  Anyway, we placed yet another order today, so hopefully I'll be up and running on my HP soon.

I hope y'all are doing well!



Anonymous said...

I love receiving packages (: its like christmas all over again except you already know whats in there and it will always be something you want hehe

Kate Gene said...

Beyond Me - Me too! It's the best! I get really impatient though and always end up over-nighting everything. LOL!

Krystallia said...

The blush looks wonderful and i like very much Nars's blushs :) CS palettes are great too,i have the neutral one but this...so many colours :))So happy when we receive packages huh?

Kate Gene said...

I am definitely 150% sold on NARS blushes now. I don't know if I can wear anything else! (My bank account just cried a little when I typed that. LOL!) How do you like the neutral palette? I'm thinking of getting that one next! And yes, getting packages makes my day! :)

Noobarella said...

you have such a British sense of humour =D
love the palette, think I've seen these on eBay from like hong kong or something... is it the same thing?!


Hollywood said...

Omg you are too funny lol,
That palette looks FABULOUS ! I always wanted to get it but since I suck at makeup lol I would have been too frustrated =(
and that Blush is so pretty too I can't wait to see a future FOTD <3

Kate Gene said...

Noobarella - Ha ha! That's awesome! Yes, the palettes are on eBay. You can also buy them on Amazon or from the vendor directly at coastalscents.com. There are other companies who sell the same product with a different name slapped on the side. I think Celia Make-up and BH Cosmetics are two of them. Word on the streets is, Celia is the cheapest!

Hollywood - LOL! I actually worried about whether or not I should change my post title. It sounds so inappropriate! Oh, goodness... I don't know what to do with make-up myself! Yours always looks nice! I watch a ton of YT videos, hoping that some of the gurus skills will rub off on me. No such luck yet! LOL! I might do a FOTD with this palette though, just for fun. :)

booboo said...

OMG I absolutely love that nars blush! so pretty! and im glad you got that coastal scents palette :) you should do some tutorials! :)

Kate Gene said...

booboo - I love it, too! It's pretty bold, so I'm going to have to be super, super, super careful when applying it. I might even put it on under my bronzer for now. LOL! Oh, man... I might have to watch some more YT tutorials before I try to make my own. I only know how to do one look -- a smokey eye look! LOL!

Miss P said...

Girl, you seriously crack me up! Those FedEx guys always catch me when I'm looking a hot mess too! You'll love the 88 palette. I have the 88 neutrals palette and find myself always reaching for it when I'm doing my makeup. The NARS is sooo pretty too!

Rai said...

lol @ the title!

Crazed looks really nice.

xphoebelinax said...

oh my gosh i get so excited when i get mail! i just and screech and everything else! definitely freaks my bf out :P

how awesome is the 88 palette! i have the shimmer one and i think i want the matte one after this :)

Kate Gene said...

Miss P - I'm so glad someone feels my pain! LMBO! I always feel like I should have my face on, even if I'm wearing flannel pajamas. I'm sure the delivery guys and gals are used to seeing customers without make-up, but still! And seriously, I can't imagine you looking like a hot mess! Excuse me, HAWT MESS. (My husband said I spelled it incorrectly. LOL!) You always look so polished and put together! The 88 Neutrals Palette is next on my list! :)

Rai - I sound completely perverted, don't I? HA HA HA! I was turned down by a couple of affiliates and think I might know why... LOL! Crazed is great, especially for darker skinned gals like us! I initially wanted Orgasm, but had so many people tell me it wouldn't show up that I opted for Crazed!

xphoebelinax - LMBO! A screech is definitely in order when you see the delivery guy! I will track the heck out of my order while I'm waiting. LOL! I think I'm going to get the neutrals palette next, and then move to the shimmery stuff!


CosmoFreakaLeak said...

there is not a better feeling than getting a package in the mail!! i feel u!!

Sharlene Kay said...

wow those look sooo good i could eat em(; i cant wait to see what looks u come up with!


Sharlene Kay said...

oooh LOL! PEDIATRICS i am so slow haha u r so very lucky! wish i worked with lil kids.. some "adults" that come in just drive me crazy!

Melissa said...

I keep seeing people talk about the Coastal Scents shadows but I was worried about ordering them because I am kind of picky when it comes to eyeshadow. Would you say it is as good as MAC eyeshadow? (I don't love everything from MAC but I am a huge fan of their shadows. They go on great and the colors are vibrant and they last all day.) Thanks for having a great blog!!!

Pop Champagne said...

hehe thanks, I love snow patrol! And wow i can't believe you have so much issues with your charger. that sucks, I'd just give up and refund everything! And the palette is nice, the pigmentation is amazing.

NV Beauty said...

You are too funny! I think all of us beauty obessessed chicks are regular stalkers of FEDEX/UPS when we know we have someting coming! My three year old daughter even knows when there's a knock at the door it's something to get excited about! She always asks me "Mommy, is it makeup?" =)

ting RN said...

lol @ your headline!!! oh I love receiving packages in the mail :) I just got the neutrals pallet from cs and a couple of eyeshadow brushes to try out. some colors r a bit chalky but it's still a nice pallet to have . I love the brushes I ordered though . -ting

Arezu said...

Ooh, if you come up with any looks, post them! I have this palette but it sits in my drawer unused (:

Lisa said...

a couple of close friends recently bought CS palettes, and they love it! I need to get my hands on some soon...

Anonymous said...

you're soooo funny!! yours is one the few blogs i actually read (i like pretty pictures....) when i got my coastal scents palette a few months ago, i was soooooooo excited for some reason! well after waiting for 3 weeks, i got really anxious...
i have to replace my charger asap too! :(

bananas. said...

hey fedex had a package for me too! my new laptop. still getting used to it.

those eyeshadow colors are kick ass. love the vibrancy.

lindah said...

aw I really hate my 88 palette :( It blends away muddy imo.. but I like to use it for contests looks ^_^ But I really like crazed! I am really lemming oasis for a while now but I am gonna wait to get it >_>

KITZY said...

that blush looks very pretty! i love nars :)

Kate Gene said...

Cosmofreakaleak - Packages, cards, letters... As long as it's not a bill, I'm happy! LOL!

Sharlene - I surprisingly haven't messed around with the palette yet! I'm a bit under the weather, but I'll definitely be painting up the ol' face soon! LOL! Isn't it crazy how baby-ish grown people can be? LOL!

Melissa - Thank you for your kind words! Your thumbnail photo is very cute! I have yet to use the C. S. eyeshadow on my eyes. Based on the swatches I did, I'd say the shadow is similar to NYX's shadows... I think C. S. is a little more pigmented though!

Pop - I love Snow Patrol, too! 'Chasing Cars' is one of my favorite songs. Ugh. I was ready to give up on the charger altogether the other day... If this order doesn't work out, I might have to throw in the towel. LOL! We've used four, five different vendors already! Ack!

NVBeauty - You are absolutely right! I don't think anyone outside of our beauty world will understand our delivery driver stalkerish ways. LOL! How cute is your daughter? I think you might have a future beauty blogger on your hands!

ting RN - I realized after I typed it out how horrible it sounded. Ha ha! I say things like that all the time on accident, thus, I create lots of awkward moments. Ha ha ha! That's good to know about the neutral palette! I've been wanting to try out their brushes... I need a good pencil brush!

Arezu - I'm going to create a look using every color in the palette. Ha ha! Just kidding! I might do a FOTD if I create something that doesn't look *too* clownish. Do you watch YT videos? There are a lot of tutorials on creating looks with the 88 palettes. I'm going to re-watch some of them tomorrow to get ideas!

Lisa - You should! I really wish I had jumped on the bandwagon sooner. I kind of want to return a Maybelline quad I just picked up. All of the colors are in the palette!

Crystal - Aw, thank you! I love pretty pictures, too. Whenever I see a post that says: "Sorry! Picture heavy!" I'm like, good! I think people who post big walls of text should be the ones who apologize. Bahaha! OMG... Three weeks?! I couldn't hardly handle two days! I'd cry if I had to wait that long. LOL! What happened to your charger? Those things are so expensive to replace. There are some cheap knock-offs on Amazon, but the ones we received were garbage!

Nikki said...

I love packages <3 It's one of the best feelings in the world hehe!! but yeah, I bought the CS palettes last year and I still haven't even used every single color yet. But I really love it cause it's so convinient esp. if youre traveling and you can't decide what e/s to bring hehe!

btw, thanks for the compliments & for the lovely comment regarding my work in my blog <33


Kate Gene said...

Nikki - It's the best, isn't it? I don't wait for the door to even close all the way before I start ripping boxes open. LOL!

Not finding a reason to use all of the colors in the palette did concern me. I was like, would it be better to just invest in a couple of MAC shadows I KNOW I'll wear all the time? I can't wait to play around with it and see what I like. Bringing it on the road is a great idea! I didn't even think about that!

You're welcome for the compliment. Your make-up looks great!


Kata Wagner Berg said...

O ,I wanna have that 2! Amazing colors!
Have a great weekend!

Kate Gene said...

Kata - There are so many colors, I could probably cut this palette in half and share. LOL!

Enjoy your weekend, too with your hubby and boy!


DSK Steph said...

LULZ the title of your package really lured me in tonight. hahahahahaha btw I'm loving your blog layout. :)

I think your camera phone takes some pretty sweet pics. I'm about to scroll down and leave a question.

What kind of phone do you have Mrs.Kate Gene Ma'am :P

Gnite girl!



Bombchell said...

LOL!!! I didnt think anything naughty until u said it sounded naughty, now Im trying to clear my mind

Kate Gene said...

Steph - I always say stuff like this. Once, I told a patient I was "happy to see him, but wish it were under different circumstances". The way I said it, it sounded like I was flirting with him! I wasn't! My tone came out completely wrong. He looked a little uncomfortable. LOL!

Bombchell - Get your head out of the gutter, B-chell! (Although, based on the questions you get on formspring.me, I'm not surprised you're thinking inappropriate thoughts! "Now tell me, when exactly DID you lose your virginity?" Wait, what?!)

♥ Jhoy ♥ said...

kate! i've never had time to stop your blog, and here i am! ^^ wow the pigmentation is beautiful. well i hope you have a wonderful day! and talk to you soon!

♥ Jhoy ♥ said...

hey kate ive never had time to stop by your blog and here i am! ^^ wow the pigmentation is awesome and i hope you have a wonderful day! talk to you soon! <3

Melissa said...

I left you a little something. Go check it out!!!


Kiss N' Makeup Designz said...

I have the coastal scents 88 palette in shimmer and I was pondering if I should get the matte one as well and after seeing how much the colour pops in your pic I think I def should get it! :D

diamndprncss said...

wow i want to see your matte pallette! I'll bring over my shimmer pallette and we can play makeup

Kate Gene said...

Jhoy - Welcome! I'm glad you found me! Yeah, the pigmentation is insane. I was going to do a more in depth review, but I'm the only one who didn't purchase this in 2009. LOL! I hope you have a great day, too! :)

Melissa - You're so nice! Thank you! Blog awards make me smile! :)

Kiss N' Makeup Designz - I gotta say, my camera phone pictures don't do the shadow any justice. I want the shimmer and neutral palettes next. Darn you, Coastal Scents and your reasonable prices! LOL! They're actually having a sale right now... It might be a good time to get it!

diamndprncss - Seriously! Let's watch tutorials and paint our faces! I think Skelator wants to come. Ha ha ha! I need to stop being sick already. Grr... It's cutting into the wedding planning! Let me know what you want to do about your shipping label!

Gaby said...

Wow that palette is amazingly pigmented!

Yeah I was expecting a lot more from Lancôme. I guess only their lipglosses and mascaras are worth the hype.

Nikosmommy said...

I'm hearing about coastal scents 88 palette everywhere! apparently it's on par with MAC colours...I've scoped it out on E-bay and so want to grab one,,but honestly wish it was avaialable in stores!

Jen said...

omg omg i <3 the 88 palette!! you'll never need to buy another color again (unless u wanna, which is very likely. hahaha) have fun with it!

Ashleigh said...

the title of this post made me LMAO!
Pretty palette ;)

Katie Hayward said...


I really want one of those palettes!! They look sooo good!

Don't forget to follow back, If your not already :)
& enter my competition :)

Lots of love,

Kate Gene said...

Gaby - They are super pigmented! You should take back your Lancôme and get a C. S. palette instead! I have yet to really use it, but like it a lot already. One of the colors I messed around with was a little chalky, but I know you run into that with any brand!

Nikosmommy - I saw a video that showed some of the MAC dupes in the palette. It's really cool! I got mine off of Amazon and it came SO quickly! I think it came in a day or two!

Jen - Ooh, you've got it, too? Do you have the other palettes? You know what's funny? (Geez, I'm asking a lot of questions! LOL!) I have to admit, some of the MAC eyeshadows I was going to buy I no longer want. I already have plenty to work with!

Ashleigh - LOL! I'm always putting my foot into my mouth. It's terrible! I need to purchase a filter for myself. Ha ha!

Katie Hayward - Isn't the palette cool looking? I'm glad the pictures turned out okay. I had to use my Blackberry to take the pictures! I'm going to check out your page now!

Katie Hayward said...

Thank you for checking my blog out :)

I think the palettes are amazing :)

Lots of love,

MizzDestinee said...

hahah hey girl! i drooled over your nars crazed! soo funny how u said drool on my blog . absolutely adorable u!! xoxo . im a new follower =)


J-ezzy said...

Hey, honey! I have been dying to pick up some CS palettes! They're quite affordable and I may be picking one up...I so need to practice with e/s and I need to find time to actually watch youtube for tutes!

Who are you ordering the charger through, amazon? Come to me for techy questions, please :) (my knowledge is a bit outdated...so maybe don't come to me, lol!). I do know RadioShack sells some amazing ones with great warranties ;-)

Your pictures are a million times better than my ex-celly's (curve)!!! They were worse than those that you carry around on a key chain purchased from a gumball machine, pahahahaha. Seriously though, your pics realllllly show the pigmentation!

I want Crazed now...I was doing a mini makeup session for my girlfriend tonight just for the heck of it and I had another visitor come over and see the hundreds of makeup items on the dining room table and you should have seen her face in shock oh how much a human being can possibly own...sadly, she didn't see half of it! My point is....I really shouldn't be thinking about this blush until I hit pan on a few...and who knows when that'll be!

I can't wait to see more pics of you, doll!

Rhondalei G. said...

I think I "need" that palette. Must...resist!!!

abby said...

i love receiving packages in the mail as well. i am yet to try the coastal scents 88 palette but i do have the neutral palette which i love so much it just works for every look :)

anonimous beauty said...

hello, i just wanted to say that you made me buy the 88 palette lol ahh so excited, i can't wait to get it!

~The Muses~ said...

You are so lucky! I have yet to get anything from Coastal Scents, mostly because I already have a lot of eyeshadows and I wouldn't know where to store the palettes. But one day, I'm just gonna go for it...one day.

bowsnhearts said...

The colour pay off does look pretty insane!

I would definitely love to get my hands on one in the future!

Damn the expensive shipping!

Miss Caitlin S. said...


Kate Gene said...

DSK Steph - I just realized I didn't answer your question regarding my phone! It's a Blackberry Curve 8350!

Katie - You're welcome! As soon as my Google Friend Connect starts working again, I'll follow you! It keeps erroring out on me.

MizzDestinee - LOL! I do drool. Ha ha! Just kidding! Thank you for following me!

J-ezzy - I have only used my palette once now, but I like it. I think I like my NYX shadows better, but these are still good for the money! My friend has the shimmer palette, and although she likes it, she wishes she had picked up the matte one instead. So maybe start with the matte palette? Ugh... Yes, we ordered our charger through Amazon. I just noticed today that our order is not showing as shipped! Grr! We're looking for an HP DV6000 charger. Where do you recommend we look (if this one doesn't show up/is defective)? ROFL @ your gumball machine Curve pictures! Ha ha ha! My last Curve took pretty good pictures. This one takes clearer pictures, but has no flash! I know we messaged about this, but LOL @ your friend being horrified by your make-up collection. Ha ha ha! Feel free to send some my way if you want so I can terrorize my buddies. Kidding! LOL! Crazed is really pretty, but hard to control. I need to practice applying it! And yes, more pictures will be up -- eventually! :)

Rhondalei G. - You definitely "must"! Perhaps you can use that nail polish refund to get a palette. You know, the polish that has a bottle that breaks from normal wear and tear? :P Did you ever get that issue resolved?

abby - I'm excited to try the neutrals palette! Crazy colors are fun (and very me), but not appropriate for most situations. LOL! I'm definitely planning on checking that one out!

anonimous beauty - Aw, cool! Let me know how you like it! I'd love to see any looks you come up with. I need some inspiration! LOL!

~The Muses~ - Lucky you for having so many shadows already! :D If I had a large collection, I'd probably have skipped getting this. I'm an eyeshadow addict who surprisingly doesn't own a lot of eyeshadow. (At least, not compared to other "addicts". LOL!) It may be a good buy for you when you start running out!

bowsnhearts - I still can't get over how cute your sn is! Yeah, I was impressed by the pigmentation. That green color was actually a bit hard to scrub off my hands afterwards! The shipping only cost us $3.99 (to have it overnighted!), but we get a special deal because we're Amazon Prime members. Otherwise, I too would be cursing the shipping fees! LOL!

Miss Caitlin S. - I could divide this palette four ways and still have more than I can use. Want a quarter? ;) LOL!

J-Ezzy said...

You do like NYX better, hugh? Interesting. Matte it is, it's added to my wishlist!!

RadioShack sells them in the store, they're supposed to be universal :) If you ahve a mirocenter near by, they should have it too.

No flash?! Wow...why would they do that?

I really do need to send you something!

Can't wait for more pics :)

btw - I changed my profile under my blog, I finally figured out how to not link my blog to my personal email, whoop whooop! Only problem is I have to refollow everyone =/


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