January 9, 2010

Clairsonic Review

After hearing YouTubers and Bloggers rave about the Clairsonic, I entered a contest to win one.  Skin care is important, but $149.00 is a bit steep for someone cheap like me.  (No, not cheap like yo momma.  Cheap as in, I refuse to spend a lot.  Ha!)  I lost the contest, but my awesome in-laws kindly surprised me with one on Christmas Eve.  I was so excited!
[The Wonder Tool]

As soon as my adorable husband and I got home that night, I brushed my teeth and got ready to "brush my face".  LOL!  Initially, I wasn't that impressed.  I didn't think the Clairsonic got my face any more clean than traditional washing did, and hated how it felt when used on my nose.  The vibrations from the brush tickled and made me feel like I had to sneeze.

But now?  I love it!  I still dislike how it feels on my nose, but I'm getting used to it.  I use the Clairsonic every night with my Proactiv cleanser and have been very pleased with my results.  (The Clairsonic wash that comes with the brush is nice, but nothing to write home about.)

Just the other day, my husband complimented me on my "glowing skin".  Here is my five-head sans lotion and make-up!


I definitely recommend this product.  Unfortunately, as I stated before, it's expensive.  If I hadn't received the Clairsonic as a gift, I highly doubt I would have picked one up on my own.  My buddy, Nee, made a video that shows you how to exfoliate without breaking the bank.  Her trick is a great alternative and definitely worth checking out!

If you have any questions about the Clairsonic, feel free to ask!

[Me lovin' the 'sonic.  Please excuse the hair and make-up.  This picture was literally taken before bed!]

Happy Exfoliating!  LOL!

Have a great day, y'all!

Clarisonic Classic. Healthy skin and free shipping


xphoebelinax said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! now i want one :( your skin does look amazing! darn you! :P

The Beautifier said...

great to know that its working well for ya, I've also seen videos on YT, ppl say its great too, but I've a simiar product which is not exacty sonic and works very well on my skin plus its cheaper too! xoxo

Dominique said...

I am thinking about getting one...Really, is it worth it ?
Merci beaucoup :)

Hollywood said...

I like your blog too =) Follooowwing !!!! lol

and you are VERY pretty <3


Abbie said...

Your skin looks amazing!
Looks soo soft and clear


bowsnhearts said...

Your skin is certainly glowing! I have to google that product!

makeupdivaa♥ said...

Thanks for review hon, tis thing looks promising , I heard good things abt proactive.. Is it gud ??? xx

Kate Gene said...

xphoebelinax - Aw, shucks. Thank you! :) I can't take any credit for my skin; Proactiv, aspirin masks, and the Clairsonic do all the work. LOL!

The Beautifier - Ooh! What product do you use? I'm sure a lot of people would love to know! :)

Dominique - Oui! LOL! Honestly, I REALLY like it, but I wouldn't have purchased it on my own due to the price. If you can find one less expensive (like The Beautifier mentioned in the comment above yours), you may want to go that route! :)

Hollywood Chloë - You are so sweet! Thank you for your kind words. You're very, very pretty yourself! Your thumbnail photograph is gorgeous! Thanks for following me! :)

Abbie - Thank you so much! :) It's funny; I broke out a few days after taking these pictures. Nothing major, but still... Good thing I had my "photo shoot" when I did!

bowsnhearts - Thank you! You can get the Clairsonic at Nordstrom, Sephora, and some other places I can't think of at the moment. LOL! P. S. Your sn is too cute!

makeupdivaa♥ - You're welcome! Yes, I absolutely love Proactiv! I have never had horrible breakouts, but I think the Proactiv helps keep acne at bay. They even sell make-up now, but I have yet to try it. :)

J-ezzy said...

You are sooo beautiful!!! You're also lucky to have in-laws that are so thoughtful!
If I can look like you after using a clarisonic, I'll buy it!!! I'll consider doing the honey/sugar scrub! I wanna save money for botox, lol

Did you watch the Simpsons special tonight?!

nee said...

OMIGOSH! your teeth are super white! I'm so jealous!!! and you look super sexy in the last picture ^_^

lol your review just puts my ghetto toothbrush to shame!

this will def be on my wishlist!

Kate Gene said...

J-ezzy - Aw, shucks... Is MY mom paying YOU now? ;) Ha ha ha! You're the gorgeous one! My in-laws are always very generous. We felt especially bad that all they got from us were gag gifts! I want Botox, too! LOL! And Restalyne to plump my lips and fix my nose. Gee, is that all? Ha ha! No... No Simpsons for me! Today was the day of the big special, huh? Dang it!!!! I forgot to put it on the DVR. I was at Barnes and Noble when it aired!

Nee Woman - I wish my teeth were really white! My incisors and bottom teeth are crazy yellow. I look like I'm wearing a gold grill on the bottom. LOL!!!! But thank you for your compliments! You are super gorgeous, too! A lot of you ladies on Bloggers are! That's part of the reason I was so scared to Blog! LOL! Shoot... I LOVED your toothbrush tip! It actually made me seriously consider returning the Clairsonic!


scarlettholly said...

woah, yr skin looks AMAZING. I want one so bad now. I'm waiting for someone to do a 20% FF deal sometime and then I am pouncing!

Alexandra said...

I love exfoliating products! I have the Neutrogena one form the drug store and it works surprisingly good :)

Kate Gene said...

scarletholly - Thank you so much for your kind words! :) Ooh, let me know if you end up getting a FF deal! I'd love to get 20% off stuff, too! ;)

Alexandra - I do, too! When I last got a facial, I was told that I should be exfoliating at least twice a week. Since then, I've been an exfoliating queen! LOL! I like Neutrogena; I might have to check out their face products!


Rhondalei G. said...

I still want this! I want the Mia in pink!

Kate Gene said...


April said...

Kate my gorgeous gal pal! MY GOD you are stunning! Please take more photos of yourself, don't be shy, you are sooo pretty! Hehehe! I hope your weekend is going well! Life has been crazy lately, I've been crazy busy and I've also been lagging on reviewing stuff for companies I think they are getting miffed. LOL! I misss stalking you, but I made it for a couple minutes. Hehehe! Oh yah CONGRATS on winning the DSK lottery! I love me some DSK! hehehe!

Kate Gene said...

April - Your comment made my day! Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm actually planning on taking more photographs of myself once we get our laptop/camera issues taken care of. (I currently have to upload photos at other people's houses! Blech!

OMG... The people who sent you products to review need to hold their horses! LOL! You've got a job and a life outside of YT and Blogger! Yeesh!

I got my DSK bracelet in the mail the other day. It's so sparkly and dainty! :)

I LOL'd at your stalking comment. I totally stalk you and your posts! I can't wait to hear more about your job. I know you blogged about it when you first started; I'd love to learn more!


audrey said...

i really love your makeup, the colours are really pretty and it suits you very well :)
thanks for sharing this gorgeous look^^

drey jewelry

Kate Gene said...

Audrey - Thank you for your kind words! I wear this smokey eye every day; I just change the colors up depending on my mood and outfit. :)

Lady Bubble Pop World of Joy said...

I was wondering is that a good thing to use on oil acne prone skin?

Mara said...

WHY DO YOU HAVE PERFECT SKIN? Hahahaha. That looks really good. There are times when you want so much that when you go to the stores, you totally forget what you were going to buy. LOL. That's just me. I've heard Clairsonic's exfoliator feels great and will be worth the 149.00 pop because of its quality. One of these days, I might as well get one! <3


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