January 1, 2010

My (Late) Christmas Haul & Twitter Announcement

During the holidays, my number one priority is spending time with our family and friends.  Why?  Because they give me presents!  Just kidding!

Honestly, at the end of the day, all I really care about are my loved ones.  ♥  Material things are nice, but they aren't everything.  That said, I am very grateful to those who spent their hard earned money on me.

  Check out my haul!

[L to R - Clairsonic Mia, MAC Dazzleglass in Date Night, OPI Polish in Black Cherry Chutney, OPI Polish in Quarter of a Cent-cherry, Seven Wonders lotion, Lavera Lipstick - #26, and Lavera Lip Balm in Bronze]

Black Cherry Chutney is my new favorite polish!

Santa gave us four bags of extremely delicious cookies and fudge.  My poor husband only got a few cookies because I am a heffer and ate everything else.  LOL!

So, I hope you all had a fabulous New Year's Eve!  Being the grandma that I am, I fell asleep last night at 11:00.  My adorable husband woke me at 11:55 with a flute of champagne.  (Although, I think a glass of prune juice would have been more fitting, considering I am a senior citizen and all.)  We drank bubbly in our pajamas and watched fireworks from our back door.  It was a wonderful night!  ♥

[photo courtesy of: www.travelblog.com]
Me, partying it up on the last night of 2009

After I polished off my prune juice glass of champagne, I brushed my dentures and changed my adult diaper created a Twitter account, specifically for keeping in touch with all of you!  Follow me here.

I also ordered a little somethin' special for my giveaway, which is scheduled to happen later this month.  You all have been so supportive and kind; having a giveaway is my way of saying thanks!

Have a great night!



tenxx said...

aww you got spoiled! lucky girl
happy 2010 xo

April said...

Ohh man that nail polish is GORGEOUS on you! Soo pretty! OMG you have a clarisonic--luck gal! Oh the cookies look so yummy! :)

DSK Steph said...

haulin'!!! :)

(*ballin'*) haha ;D

diamndprncss said...

What's the texture of the dazzleglass? Is it sticky?

Kate Gene said...

@tenxx - I sure did! My family and friends know me well! :) You know what's funny? Right before Christmas, I entered to win a Clairsonic. I lost, but it's all good now!

@April - Thank you! I love purple, so this polish was perfect for me. I found a couple of light lavender polishes I want to get next online.

The Clairsonic is amazing! It makes me feel like sneezing when I use it on my nose though. LOL! And yeah, the cookies were delicious! Homemade! :)

@Steph - ROTFL!!!! That totally caught me off guard. Too funny! From now on, that's how I'm going to title my hauls. HA HA HA!

@diamndprncss - It's a little stickier than the Buxom glosses, but I really like it. It's a lot more flashy (IMHO) than the regular Buxom glosses because the glitter is pretty sparkly. It's pretty moisturizing, too!

P. S. Can I borrow a... cup of sugar? Pwhahaha!

Abbie said...

Woww, that nail polish is devine


PiinkCupcakez said...

happy new year!

that nail polish is soo pretty
and lol @ the pic.. glad u enjoyed your night.. prune juice and all!

i love reading your blog =]

Beautygirl24 said...

What lovely gifts =) Black Cherry Chutney really is gorgeous!

Kate Gene said...

@Abbie - Thank you! I'll probably wear it year round, just because I like it so much. :)

@PiinkCupcakez - Thanks to you, too! I like dark polish because I feel like it goes with anything.

I really enjoy your blog as well! I read it every night before I head out for Bingo at the senior center. ;)

xoshellie said...

i love your blog =) opi's black cherry chutney is one of my faves too! happy new years!

Kate Gene said...

@xoshellie - Thank you so much! :) I wish I had started blogging sooner. I've met some really cool people on here! You wear Black Cherry Chutney, too? What great taste you have! ;)

Kate Gene said...

@Beautygirl24 - I was definitely blessed! :)

Kate Gene said...

@diamndprncss - EDIT: I don't think the Dazzleglass is stickier than the Buxom gloss, after all...

Bombchell said...

lovely haul!!

woohooo looking forward to the giveaway!

nee said...

So I guess what they say is true, the internet can be very deceiving. Here I thought you were some hot chick, but in reality you're just a old vietnamese lady sitting in front of the screen trying to be friends with a young hip girl like myself!

Great xmas gifts! I love the clarisonic thingy but it's too expensive so i just use a toothbrush. >_< love the new polishes you have too!

ps- congrats on winning the dsk lottery! you earned it!

diamndprncss said...

I'm waiting for a review of the clarisonic!!!

Kate Gene said...

@Bombchell - Ooh, ooh! I hope you participate! My contest isn't as cool as yours. :( As soon as the biggest part of the prize arrives, I'm gonna post all the details!

@Nee - OMG!!!! HA HA HA!!!! I just started using a camera with one million mega-pixels, that's all. Don't hate!

P. S. I'm the hippest of hip!

@diamndprncss - You've got it! You and I may have to do a photo shoot when Husband leaves for LA... He's taking the camera!

sharlene said...

Happy New Years!

mmm those baked good look yummy!!

haha@ that picture damn thats usually what i look like at 4 am in the morning=D


sharlene said...

Happy New Years!

mmm those baked good look yummy!!

haha@ that picture damn thats usually what i look like at 4 am in the morning


Iyah said...

hahaha! The pic is just too funny! :P

and YAY for hauls and presents!! Yay for clarisonic! :D Looks like a great holiday for you my dear! and congrats on winning DSK jewelry :D

Manju said...

hey lady! thanks for dropping by, and happy new year :)

Kate Gene said...

@Nee (again - LOL) - Thank you for congratulating me on winning the DSK Lottery! I am so excited to see Steph's pretty jewelry in person! :)

@Sharlene - My Mom made all of the cookies and fudge. They were delicious! LMAO at you "looking like the old lady at 4:00 A. M." remart!

@Iyah - I definitely got some great things! I feel bad, because my husband and I got everyone weird, funny gifts from this place called Archie McPhees. LOL!

I actually couldn't believe I won Steph's Lottery. She is so sweet!

@Manju - You're welcome! Happy New Year to you, too! :D

J-ezzy said...

I love your gifts!!!!! My husband and family know not to buy me cosmetics of any sort, idk if it's b/c they don't get it or if they'll afraid I won't like it, I tend to believe the latter. I can't wait to hear about the clarisonic!!!

pahahaha, ROFL, you really make me smile and laugh, chica, I love it!!!! Cookies look yummy, I have eaten so much this season, it's not even funny....I was at the mall yesterday and was crying all by myself in the dressing rooms (no joke!) I changed sizes at least 4 times in Zara and 3 times in bebe and 2 times in F21...oh vey, I need to start working out! Okay, I just went off on a total tangent...so sorry! Off to finishing reading over 2000 posts that I haven't read in my google reader...ahhh

Kate Gene said...

@J-ezzy - It IS hard to buy make-up for other people. I don't think I'd buy anyone beauty products unless I knew specifically what they wanted.

Aww, I'm glad I make you LOL! You make me LOL too - seriously! I knew we were meant to be good Blogger friends after you told me about the Home Depot guy. LMBO!!!!

OMG,I'm SO sorry that you were crying in the dressing room! I feel your pain. I literally can't fit into any of my pants now; even my baggy scrubs don't fit! I think you look just fine the way you are, but think it's great that you want to start working out. Just don't turn into a body builder. You don't want to end up with 22s, son! 22s! LOL!


Mimilainna said...

oo everyones been talkin about that clarisonic, lemme know how you like it!

Kate Gene said...

Mimilainna - I've been wanting a Clairsonic for awhile... My in-laws kindly picked it up for me, just because they thought I'd like it! :)

I've been holding off on posting a review because I've been having laptop/camera issues. I might just have to skip the pictures and write anyway! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh this post made me laugh so hard...I feel like that a lot, it'll be a friday night, everybodys out partying, and I'm on my couch watching "how to lose a guy in 10 days", for the 198730th time, painting my nails, lol, glad I'm not the only one!

Kate Gene said...

Ashley Elaine - I'm glad I was able to humor you! (Seriously, I tell horrible jokes sometimes. Okay, a lot of the time. LOL!)

A night in with a chick flick sounds like a fantastic time! Throw some popcorn and junk food in the mix and you're set! :)


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