January 11, 2010

PSA: Brawny is not to be used on your face.

I used to believe a paper towel was an excellent substitute for a make-up wipe.  Who doesn't love the feel of Brawny on their face, especially around the delicate eye area?  Oh, simmer down...  It's not like vigorously rubbing a scratchy sheet across your lids can cause red, irritated eyes or pre-mature wrinkles.  Ha ha ha!

[Good thing I watermarked this photograph.  I wouldn't want anyone stealing it!  LOL!]

After years of horrifying MUAs, dermatologists, and estheticians with my paper towel-y ways, I traded them in for Almay's Oil Free Makeup Remover Towlettes.

I absolutely love them!  They do a fabulous job of removing every trace of make-up - even the little bits of glitter that can sometimes be difficult to remove.

[This belongs to a friend.  I roll out of bed looking fantastic and would never wear this much make-up!  Yeeeeah....]

What do you guys use to wipe the day away?


P. S.  I hit 100+ followers today!  Whoo hoo!  I can't tell you how much that means to me!  As soon as I can get my camera/laptop issues fixed, I'm going to post my giveaway details!  :)


Miss Caitlin S. said...

I love almay wipes as well! So wonderful! haha Brawny... :)

Kate Gene said...

Miss Caitlin S. - Aren't they awesome?

Ha ha! Yeah, no more Brawny for me! (Actually, I'm not gonna lie... If I run out of wipes, I will use paper towels until I can get to the store! LOL!)

tenxx said...

i've been using the johnson&johnson ones but they feel a little harsh.. i think i'm going to purchase the simple wipes :) xxx

brittanyjoy said...

I use swisspers cucumber makeup wipes, they smell yummy :)

DSK Steph said...

Congrats on your 100 followers!!!

I can't believe you used to use Brawny! That's crazy, good thing you showed us it's a now no no. haha love that pic!

I love makeup wipes ~ I can't get enough of them!!!

xphoebelinax said...

i used to use toilet paper when i ran out of my cotton balls! :P

glad you found a better alternative to brawny! ;)

J-ezzy said...

I use Epielle wipes (comparable to Ponds) ($1/30 pack) and let me tell you, better than any other wipe I've ever purchased (I've bought em all!). If you can find it, give it a try! Maybe I can do a giveaway with them...people may never go back!

BTW - My wipes are sooo much dirtier, lol...remember...foundation? lol I so hate having to wash my face every night and wipes definitely help!

Congrats on hitting 100+ followers, you MUST have hit a blogger record! :D


Congrats on your 100+ followers doll!!!! Yay!
You're racking up followers and awards too because I just nominated you for one too!


Pop Champagne said...

haha I still use tissue paper to take off my make up!!

randomlondongirl said...

LOL that's hialrious that you used to use paper towels for removing makeup!! Ouch! I use a facewash by Simple, it gets rid of absolutely everything.

Kate Gene said...

tenxx - Isn't Johnson & Johnson supposed to be gentle enough for baby? LOL! That sucks! Let me know how the new wipes work out for ya!

brittanyjoy - Cucumber wipes sound delicious smelling! (I almost accidentally said cucumber flavored wipes. Ha ha ha!)

DSK Steph - Good thing you read my blog! Stick with me and you'll learn things. Ha ha ha! The more you knoooow! LOL!!!! Oh man, 100 followers was huge for me. I can't imagine what it'd be like to have as many followers as you!

xphoebelinax - You're so much smarter than I am! Toilet paper makes sense. Brawny doesn't. Surprisingly, I didn't reach for our kitchen sponges. That would have been hygienic. Ha ha ha!

J-ezzy - $1.00 for a 30 pack?!!!! No way!!!! Where do you get them? I really like my Almay wipes, but it's like, $6.00 for a month's worth. Thanks for the heads up! (See, if I had just stuck with Brawny, I'd be saving even MORE than you do with the Epielle wipes! LOL!) Thanks for the congrats. I heart my followers! I'm seriously obsessed with Blogger!

MAKEUPMAMA - Aw, thank you SO much! That award is so cute! I love awards and tags. I seriously want to print them out and hang them on the fridge! LOL! :P

Pop Champagne - Tissue paper? Wow! That's not a bad idea! Seriously, I am starting to think I'm the only moron out there who thought paper towels were a good idea. LMAO! BTW, I haven't forgotten about your tag! I have been having to upload pictures on other people's laptops. Grr...

Gaby said...

I used to remove eye makeup with paper towel, but I was told it was way too much irritating for the delicate skin around the eyes. Since I switched to cotton pads, I find it easier to remove stubborn eye makeup, and it feels softer on my skin. Cotton pads are also more resistant than paper towel.

Kym said...


cotton balls that is. hahaha! ;) although on occasion i HAVE used a paper towel or two. tsk tsk, me.

and DARN! i was totally going to steal your paper towel picture... hahaha! jk jk! ;P

happy tuesday KG!

Dominique said...

I must admit that i did the same...often ;) But i found at Costco some towelettes from their brand that are wonderful ! You have 6 packs of 30 towelettes for 13$ Ce n'est pas très cher !

Arezu said...

Usually I use generic wipes, but I ran out and haven't bought new ones.

Now, I just use cotton pads with baby oil, and I wash my face after. But then I ran out of cotton pads, so I just use baby oil and use my fingers to wipe it on my eyes. My lazy ways, but baby oil forces me to wash my face (:

Kate Gene said...

Gaby - It's definitely irritating, isn't it? LOL! I've been using cotton balls on my eyes for years now. I can't believe I ever used paper towels!

Kym - LMBO!!!! Okay, I think the paper towel picture needs to be put on a shirt, along with the phrase: "KYM PREFERS BALLS!" Ha ha ha!!!! We'd be rich!

Dominique - I've been meaning to try the Kirkland brand wipes, actually! I've heard great things! Merci beaucoup! (My French is still horrible! You should teach me some phrases! LOL!)

Arezu - Ha ha ha! See? Running out of supplies isn't always a bad thing! Is the baby oil difficult to remove? I heard you can also use olive oil!

nee said...

my equate wipes are running out and i was looking for a new wipe to experiment with! thanks for the recommendation!

you used to use paper towels to wipe your face?? talk about ghetto... lol

Kate Gene said...

nee - You're welcome! Word on the streets is that their are some great, less expensive wipes out there!

WOW. Did I really just type "their" instead of "there"? I shouldn't be allowed on Blogger this late!

That sucks about your boyfriend's skin issue! I'm gonna have to rig the giveaway for ya so he can try the lotion out. JUST KIDDING! (Watch, now you're gonna win and people will think I DID rig it. LOL!)

P. S. I'm ghetto-fabulous! You know how it is in the Pacific Northwest. We're all thugs! Ha ha ha!

DiamondSelina said...

I went out a purchased a set of white wash cloths from Walmart or Kmart and only use them for my face. This way I can see what comes of my face and I can save money by reusing them.


Rhondalei G. said...

I can't lie and say that I haven't used papertowels to wipe make up away. Haha! Fave tops is MAC wipes!

Gigi said...

not sure if you where serious about the Brawny, but if you where, a good cheaper substitute is Kleenex or toilet paper (LOL.. yes, Toilet paper!)
I first wash my face with a gentle cleanser or exfoliator, which lots of times doesn't seem to get off all the make up. Then I use my Pond's cream and take off with a tissue.

Jen said...

i <3 MAC wipes so I'm gonna get some more soon!

NV Beauty said...

Wow, I never thought about using a paper towel before. *lol* I guess I'm glad for that!! I love Almay's makeup remover wipes. They really do work nicely. Also, CVS has these also which I use from time to time when they are on sale. Check them out! Also, I want to add a link to your blog on mine and hope you can do the same in return! Thanks!

Kate Gene said...

DiamondSelina - That's a great idea! I actually have some white wash cloths from Target that are pretty much just used as decor. (They're in a wicker basket. No one uses them. LOL!) Thanks!

Rhondalei G. - Ha ha ha! Thanks for keeping it real! When your run out of stuff, you make do with what you've got! (Or, in my case, you use them because you're a moron. LOL!)

Gigi - LOL! I used to use paper towels, but fortunately have "grown up" from that. What on Earth was I thinking? LOL! If I should run out of wipes, I will definitely use something softer! Thanks for the suggestion!

Jen - Ooh, I hear the MAC wipes smell good! I heard they're expensive though. :( How many are in a pack?

NV Beauty - That's because you're a lot smarter than I am! LOL! Almay's Make-up Removers are awesome, aren't they? They don't make me break out and do a great job of getting every last bit of make-up off!

Can you send me the link to your blog? When I looked at your profile, I didn't see it listed. Thank you for adding my link to your site!


J-ezzy said...

Big Lots, but I know dollar stores sell em too (just not the dollar store by my crib). I read up on em on Nouveau Cheap :) Apparently there are different scents and what not, I only saw the regular (and I bought 3 at once, lol). I posted a haul with them :)


Also, whenever I run out of wipes, I use a facial wash and a super hot facial towel (I have like 20...) and I hang it to dry after washing the towel after use, then use it a few times...sometimes I just use the hot towel to lay on my face, HAHA, it feels soooooooo good.

Kate Gene said...

J - There isn't a Dollar Store near us either! It sucks, because I hear they have better stuff than they used to. What's Nouveau Cheap? It sounds like something I need to check out!

I'm going to your post... now! :)

OMG... I love hot towels on my face! Just not over my nose... I feel like I'm suffocating. LOL!!!!


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