January 9, 2010

Tennille thinks I'm a haute mess!

Thank you, Tennille, for this incredibly fun award!

(How cute is the award name?)

I am to list seven facts about myself and tag seven others to do the same.

1.  My adorable husband and I celebrated our TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY on January 6th!  I ♥ YOU SO MUCH, BABY!

2.  We have a tuxedo cat who has a black mustache.  (He clearly has not read my post about the Sally Hansen Wax Strip Kit!  LOL!)  ♥

3.  I was adopted from Korea into the most amazing family ever.  ♥

4.  My best (girl) friend and I look like sisters.

5.  I have a cupcake and doughnut addiction.

6.  I love country music.  Invite me to your wedding and I'll do the Electric Slide!

7.  I hate seafood.

I tag: J-ezzy, Nee, April, DSK Steph, Bombchell, Clara, and Pop Champagne!

Have a fabulous night, everyone!  :)



tenxx said...

your welcome girrrrl! haute mess you :D

interesting facts,
10 years is amazing, i congratulate you both, you must be so happy to have found your soulmate and spent such an amazing 10 years together!

i'm addicted to cupcakes too! the cuter the better haha


h.tea said...

Oh WOW, you got married when you were seventeen! How did you know he was the one? =D

And OH MY GODDDD, how can you not like seafood?! I lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrve seafood <3 <3 <3

h.tea said...

Oh WOW, you got married when you were seventeen! How did you know he was the one? =D

And OH MY GODDDD, how can you not like seafood?! I lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrve seafood <3 <3 <3

nee said...

Aww thanks for the tag again kate! I had no idea you were korean! You look viet in you thumbnail!

omgosh, you hate seafood?! good! we can be friends cuz i'll just eat your share! lol

Bombchell said...

oh wow never knew all this! awww wow congratulations on your marriage anniversary :) how lovely!! and thanks for the award love :)

April said...

Kate I absolutely love you for this award! LOL! I would love to be a HAUTE MESS! Hahaha! This weeekend is pretty crazy crazy but I just wanted to say hello lovely lady! :)

Clara said...

Thanks for the tag! Unfortunately I've done, like, 3 of these already :(

Those are interesting facts. Your cat sounds adorable!!!

Kate Gene said...

@Tenxx - LOL! Seriously, thanks for the award. It was a fun post to do! Yeah, I am very happy to have found Sean at such a young age! We're very happy!

You should check out the book 'Hello, Cupcake'. OH EM GEE.

@h.tea - We actually got married 3 1/2 years after we got together. I should probably clarify that, huh? LOL!!!! It was crazy... I knew instantly that Sean was who I was meant to be with forever! I don't know how I knew... I just did! :)

My husband loves seafood, too. Seafood is so gross! It smells! LOL!

@Nee - You're welcome, woman! LOL! People usually guess that I'm Filipino. I think it's because I'm dark for a Korean girl? You know what's funny? I don't like Korean food, but love me some Filipino food! Ha ha!

Okay, you can have all of my seafood! You might have to fight my husband for it though... Ha ha ha!!!!

@Bombchell - You're welcome! I freakin' love your blog! Thanks for your kind words. It's actually our "making things official" anniversary. Sean asked me to be his girlfriend ten years ago! LOL! (My sister called us dorks for still celebrating this date! Ha ha!)

@April - Of course! You ARE a Haute Mess! ;) Enjoy your weekend! I hope it slows down some so you can relax! (I have your blog up right now... I can't wait to read about how your new job is going!)


Kate Gene said...

@Clara - It's all good! :)

Oh my gosh... Our fur kid is adorable! He's been sitting on me and drooling while I blog. Ha ha ha!



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