January 15, 2010

Two Awards & One Twitter Update


 I was given this award by the following lovelies: Miss Natty, J-ezzy, and MakeupMama.  I think this may be the cutest looking award I have seen since joining Blogger!


I was also given an award from the very purty *I-LASHES.

Thank you SO much, ladies!  These awards always brighten up my day!

Both of these awards require that I post seven facts about myself and tag seven others to do the same.  I should technically post fourteen facts, but I'm in a bit of a hurry...  Seven it is!  :) 

1.  People are always surprised when they learn I am married to a 6'3, built-like-a-linebacker, blonde guy that I met on the Internet.  (Mail order bride websites are becoming very popular these days, you know.  I'M KIDDING!  Ha ha ha!  But, my husband and I did meet online!  ♥)

2.  I actually enjoy working, crazy as that may sound!  (Most of you already know that I am a health care worker...  Best field ever!)  The busier I am, the better.

3.  I have an unhealthy obsession with eyeshadow. 

4.  I use liquid liner on my top and bottom lids.

5.  Our cat will roll around and rub his face on your pizza if you leave your plate unattended.  (Yeah, we don't get it either.  LOL!)

6.  I refuse to wear sandals or flip flops if I have chipped polish.

7.  I played the violin for eight years.

I noticed that a lot of bloggers have already received both of these awards, so I'm tagging all y'all who have yet to receive either one!


I was having some problems with my Twitter account and had to shut it down.  I re-opened it, but it's acting up once again.  Fortunately, I can still tweet; I just can't make any changes to any of my settings yet.  To those who were following me before, please re-add me.  For those of you who haven't added me yet, feel free to do so!  I am @Kate_Gene.  

I will post a Twitter button in my sidebar soon!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!



Hollywood said...

Awww I met my Fiancé online too, I was in France he was in californias and I knew it was the one =)I love to know that other (normal) girls had the same experience <3


CONGRATS WOMAN! I adore your blog!!

As for #1. I met my hubby online too! Haha. It was through a friend but I did start talking to him on AIM.

#3. It's ok. I have a unhealthy obsession to lipsticks. ;)

#6. AGREED! Who does that?!?!? LOL. ;P

Bombchell said...

that sux with twitter! aww how cute, didnt know ur hubby was that tall. aww what site, ive tried online dating but didnt work

Louzee said...

I play the violin, too.


Where did you meet the hubby?

Kate Gene said...

Hollywood - Wow! That's awesome! You guys are proof that long distance and online love CAN work! Congratulations on your engagement! When are you getting married? Are you having the wedding in the States or in Paris?

MAKEUPMAMA - OMG! I met my husband on AIM, too! LOL! The only difference is, we randomly found out that we had mutual friends. Too crazy! I'm glad you understand my eyeshadow addiction! Should we be attending meetings? LMAO @ your response to #6!

Bombchell - I know! I was so mad! Twitter has officially been removed off my Christmas card list. Ha ha ha! Yeah, my husband is over a foot taller than I am! That sucks online dating didn't work for you! :( Did you use a dating site?

Louzee - Do you still play? We should get together and jam! LOL! I'm not very good, actually. Your ears would start bleeding. Ha ha! My husband and I met on AIM back when it wasn't really accepted to meet online. We used to be so embarrassed of our story. Now we're proud of it! :)

xphoebelinax said...

that's so cute you met your fiance online! i've met one or two guys from the net but they definitely weren't fiance material! :P you were lucky girl! :D

Kate Gene said...

xphoebelinax - He's my husband now! :) Yeah, there are some weirdos out there; I lucked out. You'll find someone eventually! I know it!


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