July 6, 2010

Boi-ing Concealer & Buxom Healthy Lip Polish Review

Tired of resembling an NFL linebacker, I decided it was time to invest in a high end, quality concealer.  Last week, my raccoon eyes and I stopped by Sephora, determined to find the answer to my dark circle prayers.  After countless moments of indecisiveness, I reluctantly departed, Benefit's Boi-ing Concealer in hand.  (My wishy washy behind suffers from buyer's remorse like nobody's business.  LOL!)  Fortunately, the trip turned out to be a success!

[My under eye circles before Boi-ing came into my life.]

 [How cute is the message on the inside of the box?]

[Benefit's Boi-ing 02 Medium.  Is it just me, or does "Boi-ing" sound like a phrase straight out of Wayne's World?  Ha!]

My thoughts on this concealer?

PROS:  The consistency is creamy, rich, and a breeze to work with.  Simply pick up a little bit of the product with your index or ring finger, and gently pat your imperfections away.  Because the concealer is extremely thick and opaque, one or two swipes is all you'll need per eye.  It works beautifully on my under eye circles; it works even better on blemishes and areas of discoloration.  The $18.00 investment was worth it.

CONS:  The price.  Yes, I said the concealer was worth it, but $18.00 is still $18.00.  Also, the product occasionally settles into my fine lines, exaggerating them a bit.

I am pleased to announce that I have finally found the peach gloss of my dreams.

[Buxom Lip Polish in Amber]

Buxom Lip Polishes are hands down my favorite glosses.  They're shiny, moisturizing, and have awesome staying power.  (Check out my previous post for a more thorough review of this line.)  Amber is a sheer - but buildable - shimmery peach shade.  It looks especially pretty when paired with Myth or Nude Attitude.  I love it!

[Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a decent photograph of the gloss on my pout.  This other blogger's picture is a great representation of what Amber looks like IRL.  Photo Credit: http://www.orange2la.com.]

[Nude Attitude photo from an early Kate Gene post.  Yep, this is my kisser!]

Can you picture the two products together?  It's the hotness.

In my Gift Card Haulin' post, I raved about Essie's Van D'Go Polish.  Here is what it looks like once applied: 


I have some other posts in the works, which I am excited to share with everyone.  (Get ready for some DSK Jewelry eye candy!)

Don't forget to enter my SkinCareRx.com Giveaway!  It's easy to enter and open internationally! 

I hope you all have a lovely day!

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Nicole said...

I love Benefit. I can't live without their Erase Paste and PowderFlauge! They really take care of my dark circles! You might want to try it next--I've not had it settle too badly in my **fine** lines! *lol* Setting it with Powderflauge really helps!

Beautiful lip gloss! Love it! My favorite is still CoverGirl AmazeMint in Freedom of Peach!

Jennifer said...

Boi-ing is the second concealer I have, it works out nice for me but yes it does exaggerate some lines under my eyes. But it's not bad for some people who is experimenting with concealers i guess? :D

I've hit the pan with this concealer and it took me almost 2 years, so i'd say it's worth it <3

April said...

Kate I am sooo happy for you that you found Amber! I have loved that gloss for quite some time! Whoa, that wedding ring is gorgeous! I loove your nail polish! LOL! Your posts are soo funny!

Hollywood said...

Sorry but all I see in this post is THAT RING I am so Jealous...Can I rent your hubby for a while...?...Just kidding...No seriously thought?

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

you're too funny chica, i have boi-ing and I think it settles less if you apply it with a 224 brush :)

love the polish on you and the lipgloss looks yummy :)

Glendaaaax3 said...

Okay , I've heard so many qood thinqs about Boi-inq lately &now I haaave to qet it .

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Whoaa seriously I just noticed your rock too! Those rings are beautiful and so is Van D'Goh : )

Hmm, I've never tried that concealer but I am interested. $18 sounds like a lot but I guess MAC ones are $15 or so..I wonder how long the creamy benefit one can last?

DSK Steph said...

I just tried my first Buxom lipgloss! But it's sample size haha and not my favorite color. But I really like the product itself :)

Get Gawjus! said...

I like Booing but it creased like made on the fine lines under my eyes :( I really loved its formulation tho!


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