July 1, 2010

High School Reunion Outfit, Hair, & Make-up

What do y'all think?

Ten Year ReunionFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore


[photo credit: http://rupasmakeupdiary.blogspot.com]

EmilyNoel83 recreated this look using Sigma shadows.  It's very pretty!


[photo credit: http://static.becomegorgeous.com]

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Hollywood said...

I think you are gonna be way to HOT ! people don't deserve to see you like this =)Can't wait to see the pictures <3

April said...

You will look fantastic!

sophia said...

Oooohmg I LOVE my St. Tropez!! It's one of the best products ever!!

..R May A.. said...

That'd look perfect for a school reunion- classy but sexy :P

J-ezzy said...

Ummmm, I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU SEND ME A PIC OF YOUR REUNION!!! You must, or I'll throw a shoe at you! The hair, makeup and outfit are TDF and I lvoe how you plan your stuff, I don't plan anything and throw it all together last minute =/

I miss you, and I want a hug :(

Jen said...

omg i can't wait till u go! u are gonna look so stunning, mama! be sure to take lots of pix then share them with us! :)

Kate Gene said...

Chloe - Aw, thanks! Hopefully I can find a dress that looks like this one. It's really expensive! I also need a Chanel bag. Want to get one for me? ;) OH! AND I need flat abs like you. Where can I get those? LOL! I have put on a lot of weight over the last year; I might just end up wearing a potato sack. Ha ha ha!

April - Thank you, girlie! BTW, I am still planning on doing the Invisalign post. I have the before pictures my orthodontist took before I got braces; they were really rough looking!

sophia - I have yet to try it, but I really want to because everyone and their mom seems to love it! I looked at Ulta and two Sephoras, and none of them carried it! I think I'm going to have to order it online. I found an Amazon seller who sells it for under $40.00!

..R May A.. - Thank you so much! That's the look I'm going for. There is going to be a cocktail party and dinner, so I definitely can't wear my usual sweats. (If I could, I would. LOL!) Hopefully I can find a similar dress in time!

J - LMBO!!!! If you throw a shoe, at least make sure you throw its counterpart so I can have a pair. XD If I can take a decent picture, I'll definitely send it to you and post it on here. I need to get some Spanx, because my front butt is still hanging tough.

I usually wait until a week or two before an event to start planning an outfit; I don't know why I am jumping the gun this time! LOL!

I miss ya, too! *hug* We'll chat soon!

Kate Gene said...

Jen - Thank you! I definitely plan on bringing a camera. We're even having a class picture; maybe I'll post that! LOL!

I need to get a tan as dark as Leona's skin tone so the make-up will look right! You should fly up here and do my make-up. I'll re-pay your kindness with my friendship. That's MUCH better than cash! Ha!

Anonymous said...

i cnt wait to see ur pics but i love the look ur going for -have fun!!

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Oooh lala ... you're going to post actual pics, right? Can't wait to see your final look for this. Didn't know HS reunions were so glam!

T-Charry said...

PERFECT! Jaws WILL drop boo!

Marie said...

You've picked classic pieces that will never fail!:D Love the hair and makeup together too!:D

I hope you'll be able to post actual pictures, would love to see!:D

Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
& Life According to Marie.

Kate Gene said...

MW - Thank you, girlie! I think I'll probably end up smoking the eyes up a bit more with some black shadow. It's not heavy enough for moi. LOL! Hopefully I can find a dress that looks like the one from Polyvore. The real deal is expensive!

PetiteAsianGirl - If I look decent in the pictures, I'll definitely post 'em. :) I didn't think our reunion would be fancy, but apparently it is! We're having a cocktail hour and a really nice dinner, so I figured I should go all out. I wish I could get this exact dress, but it's YSL. In other words, too rich for my blood. LOL!

T-Charry - You are so sweet! Thank you! I haven't had an excuse to get this dressed up in a long time. I am looking forward to it! I want to get some rollers so I can make my hair look big and curly. A curling iron just won't do!

Marie - Thank you! I prefer classic clothes. I love trendy items, but rarely purchase them. I want clothing that will stand the test of time. :) I will definitely post some pictures if I take any that look decent. :)

bananas. said...

you're going to look HOT! can't wait to see pics of you glammed up. you'll blow your classmates away!


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