July 7, 2010

DSK Jewelry Co.

Stephanie Nguyen, the creative genius behind DSK Jewelry Co., is best known for her brilliant Swarovski baubles.  She has an eye for fashion and beauty, and is always surprising her customers with new and innovative pieces.  Steph also possesses the technical skills and business saavy required to be successful in her field.  Watch out, y'all...  She is unstoppable!

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Steph is a complete sweetheart.  She was one of the first to welcome me into the crazy world of beauty blogging.  Lengthy e-mails flew back and forth between us, and, before I knew it, a true friendship developed.  When Steph asked me to be a part of the DSK Family, I was overwhelmed and honored.  It is an honor to represent a company I respect and believe in.  But, first and foremost, it's important that I support my friend.

I recently received the following gems from Miss Steph...  Get ready for some serious eye candy!

Although the majority of DSK Jewelry is made with blingin' Swarovski crystals, Steph also crafts gorgeous cubic zirconia pieces.  These pretty heart shaped babies are substantial, well made, and very eye catching.

These stunning cubic zirconia earrings are chic, sizeable, and sparkle more than any CZs I have ever laid eyes on.  They make for a perfect accompaniment to any little black dress.  (Actually, they're so versatile, they'd compliment any dress!)  These are my favorite!

Cats and pearls are two of my favorite things.  This precious pair is absolutely darling!

This stunning necklace is girly and rocker tough at the same time.  The Swarovski crystal, silver wing, and delicate sterling chain have a nice weight to them and really compliment one another.

One word: Gorgeous.

Last, but not least, I also received these petite heart shaped sparklers.  When placed next to the rocker necklace, I think they look especially sweet.  As with the other CZ earrings, I find they are of high quality and absolutely radiant.

Photos of me wearing these pieces are coming soon!  (Yes, you will get to see my whole face again.  Shocking, I know!  Ha!)

Thank you again, Steph.  You are the best!


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M. said...

Wow! Extreme bling overload! Congrats girl!

DSK Steph said...

your photos are crisp! do you have magic?! lol I need some photo tips from Katie Gene please!

giang said...

these are beautifullll!

lipton|TEE said...

Congrats on joining the DSK family. I love those heart shaped earrings in the first picture, they're really cute.

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

Steph always surprises me!! I loove your shots gurrrl, hopefully I can take shots as nice as yours :)

I can't wait until your mug shot pulls up decked out in DSK!!

It's true, not all CZ is made alike, I own a tennis bracelet (cz) and looks like a 10K diamond bracelet, oh how i love good quality cz! but if you buy one (tennis bracelet) from f21, uhh, you look like a joke, haha - not to knock em, I have a ton of f21 jewelry, just some of it looks "claire's" like or for a 5 yo =/ dangg, I'm mean!!! bwaaahahaha


Liana said...

wow those are soooo gorgeous! she always makes the most beautiful pieces...someday i'll buy something when i have money :) can't wait to see them on you!

Miss*Kimmy said...

Love that wing necklace! It looks so nice!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure the earrings are hand made? If they were handmade the metal would not be so smooth looking.


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