June 11, 2010

Gift Card Haulin'

Sephora and Ulta employees have seen more of my mug lately than my adorable husband.  I refuse to rest until every last cent of my gift cards are spent!

Here are some of the items I purchased during my last trip to the mall:

[Essie Van D'Go Nail Polish]

My mission to find the perfect Summer polish has officially come to an end.  Essie Van D'Go is peachy, creamy, and neutral enough to wear with most of my wardrobe.  I love it!  It takes three coats to achieve the opacity and streak free finish I desire, but who cares?  This pretty polish is worth the extra elbow grease.

[Healthy Hoof Lacquer]

My former top coat, who shall remain nameless, used to make my brown eyes see red.  Every time I polished my nails, it always managed to make a streaky mess of my handiwork.  We Asians are born natural nail technicians, so I knew the repeated issue was of no fault of my own.  LOL!

My best friend purchased me a bottle of Healthy Hoof Lacquer because I am a centaur with dull hooves after I vented my top coat frustrations.  Once dried, this horse-friendly varnish produces a smooth and glossy looking finish.  I was hooked after one use.  The best part?  It's a mere $2.50.

[NARS Deep Throat]

It's a NARS blush.  Need I say more?


[NARS Striptease Gloss & Revlon Peach Gloss]

Both of these glosses feel lightweight, are incredibly pigmented, and appear pretty and peachy in their tubes.  Sadly, each are going to be returned as they made my kisser look alabaster.  (Momma didn't raise no Ganguro Girl!)  There is absolutely nothing wrong with the products themselves; the shades just weren't suitable for my skin tone.

The hunt for the perfect peachy lip gloss continues...

[Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Zero]

I have never been one to line my waterline.  As a contact lenses wearer, I find products that close to my eyes irritating.  Hopefully this pencil will be the answer to my beauty-related prayers!

[Zebra Loofah]

How cute is this little guy?!  I have yet to use him because I thought it'd be gross to showcase a loofah post-use.  XD

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  The hubby and I plan to BBQ, relax, and maybe squeeze in a little shopping.  I can't wait!


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Jen said...

aww the zebra loofah is the cutest thing ever!

i wish u were going to IMATS! fly over to CA and we'll have a blast!

Miss♥Nikka said...

Great haul girl! :] Gotta love Nars Blushes! I have Deep Throat too! I personally dont like US 24/7 eyeliner on my upller lashline. It smudges and end up on the corner of my eyes. Its a mess! D: Tell us how that works out for ya!

Marie said...

Lovely buys, Kate!:D What a cute loofah!:D

Have a great weekend!:D

...and everything girly under the sun!

Miss*Kimmy said...

Great stuff!!
I must go to Sephora myself this weekend.
Love that zebra loofah!!

ipehishere said...

i hv that urban decay. and love it =)
and ur zebra loofah soo cute! ^^

lipton|TEE said...

How cute!! A zebra loofah! I have a best friend that would die for one of those things haha! Great haul... you got a lot of great things!

Fintia said...

Nice goodies! The blush is gorgeous ;-)

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

yeah the name nars pretty much speaks for itself lol. Nice goodies.

thanks for stopping by :)

Nikosmommy said...

Love those glosses, but you're right, if they don't work with your skin tone it's a lost cause. (I'm forever on the search for the perfect nude lipstick and gloss)...

Anonymous said...

nars striptease completes me. xoxo =)

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

Love the blush & lip glosses


Lane :) said...

awww...i love the zebra loofah. so cute! :D

Irresistible♥Icing said...

Awesome colors!

I have an award for you on my blog!


Kate Gene said...

Jen - I love my little zebra loofah so much, I almost didn't want to use it! LOL! Man, I'd love to go to IMATS with you! That'd be so much fun! Is there any guru there that you're hoping to meet? Who are you going with?

Miss<3Nikka - LOL! Yeah, I figured it was almost pointless to talk about my blush. It is NARS, after all. Ha! I always use liquid liner on my top lashes. Actually, I use it on my bottom ones, too! Hopefully this works out for me! So far, no luck. :(

Marie - Thank you! I thought the zebra loofah was adorable; I had to get it! They had other animals, too. (The pig loofah was my second choice. LOL!)

Kimmy - I love my loofah. I think he is the best part of my haul. LOL! Did you end up going to Sephora? Did you get anything? I have to go there to take some stuff back... I always feel SO guilty doing returns!

ipehishere - I'm glad to hear you like your UD liner! Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to want to stay on my waterline, so I might take it back. :( I'm going to give it a little more time, though. It's a HG product to so many... Maybe I'm doing something wrong? LOL!

lipton - Your friend sounds like she has great taste! ;) I actually think we got the loofah at Pier 1, not at Sephora or Ulta. Hey, did you get your prize pack yet? I hope so. My husband and I sent it out awhile ago. (OMG... When we were at the post office, some little person shoved my husband and spit on the floor. LOL!!!! Everyone was like, WTH? She cut to the front of the long line, too. Ha ha ha!)

Fintia - Thanks! The blush looks even prettier in person, IMHO. It reminds me a lot of my mark. blush in Afterglo, but with less shimmer. I am tempted to try Super Orgasm, but so many people with my skin tone have told me that Orgasm doesn't show on up them. :( We'll see!

Becky - You're welcome! Yeah, I figured doing a NARS review would be a bit silly. Everyone and their mom knows how great NARS is. (If anyone wants a review though, let me know! :)) Seriously, I am so glad that you're making videos! You come up with some great looks!

Nikosmommy - Ugh. Thank you for understanding! The Revlon gloss is a little easier to wear, but it's not as shiny as I would like it to be. Striptease is pretty, but it settles into the lines of my lips and is pretty white! As far as lipstick goes, have you tried MAC's Myth or Revlon's Nude Attitude? If I lightly dab those on and top them with a gloss, it looks pretty good!

Crystal - LOL! Did it have you at "hello"? Ha ha ha! Have you done FOTD looks with NARS Striptease? What do you pair it with (on your lips)? I don't know why I can't make it work. I like really pale lips, but it really looks white on me. (Dave Chapelle as the Crackhead white! Bahahaha!)

Kim - Thank you! Oh, how I wish these glosses would work for me! I think I'm going to exchange the NARS one for another tube of Buxom Lip Polish in "Katie". That gloss isn't as pigmented, but it's a lot shinier, which I love!

Lane - The loofah stole the show! LOL! I know I'm probably 20 years too old to be using a loofah with a stuffed animal attached, but I don't care. He's adorable! LOL!

Irresistible Icing - Thank you so much! That means a lot to me! I read your blog all the time; I really appreciate you checking out mine. I will definitely do the tag. Congrats to you on getting the award to begin with! :)


Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

what a cute loofah!!! I love the items you picked, sorry the glosses didn't work for you :(

The lacquer is promising, better than Seche Vite?

Shopping, BBW, relax, ahhh, THE LIFE!!! I hope you're all better now babes!!! xoxo

PetiteGorgeous said...

Following you now. Looking forward to read your future reviews and posts!


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