December 27, 2009

Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit

Frida Kahlo, a world-renowned Mexican painter, was known for her vibrantly colored self-portraits that depicted her pain and suffering.  She was also notorious for her unconventional appearance.  The late artist proudly rocked flamboyant clothing and...  a unibrow and mustache.  Now, I'm not normally a fan of facial hair on women, but Frida worked it!  You've gotta love the gal for being herself!

I don't have a lot of facial hair, but I do like to keep things in check by using tweezers and Sally Hansen's Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit.  The kit is inexpensive and easy to use.  You just warm the strips between your hands, peel them apart, stick 'em where you need 'em, and tear them off.  Included in the box is a small container of azulene oil, which helps soothe freshly waxed skin and gets rid of any sticky residue left behind from the wax strip.

They really work!  See?

BEFORE:  I resembled an old Asian man/Captain Hook.

AFTER:  I look like a clean shaven old Asian man/Captain Hook.

Ha ha ha!

Have a great day, everyone!


P. S.  I'm going to be doing a giveaway when I hit 100 followers!  (Eh...  It may be sooner because I'm getting antsy to do it.  LOL!)  Make sure to check back for details!  :)


Lenine said...

Muhaha! Captain hook. Btw, your eyes are gorgeuos. And u got the same background as me, isn't it a lovely one? xx lenine

Beautygirl24 said...

haha, you are so funny Kate! Love the before and after pictures! I have never waxed myself, but this seems easy enough I guess...

Kate Gene said...

Lenine - Captain Hook can pull off the beard/goatee, but I'm afraid it just doesn't look quite as nice on me. ;) Thank you so much for your kind words! And yes, we do have the same background! Great minds think alike! :)

Beautygirl24 - Thank you so much! I just really wanted y'all to be able to see how well the strips work. ;) I have never had my hair professionally waxed, but probably should... It'd be nice to have a professional shape my brows! Until then, these strips suffice... Yeah, give them a try if you ever want to experiment. It takes me literally two minutes to use them!

Arezu said...

I thread my 'stache myself, I've never had any luck with wax strips.
Haha, I actually googled her!

The Beauty In Me said...

Thanks Darling for the comment!

Kate Gene said...

Arezu - Threading looks so hard! How did you learn? That's funny you Googled Frida! Ha ha ha! She had no shame!

The Beauty In Me - You're very welcome! :)

Iyah said...

I love that wax! I use it for my underarms because I hate shaving! ahahaha!

Btw, about your question, no I haven't tried the aspirin mask yet.. kinda scared.. I haven't done my full research about that product yet.. and what side effects it can give. All i know is the chemical that it has can strip the 1st layer of your skin which gives you a brand new skin, but makes you susceptible to the sun.. :)

April said...

Hi Kate! I have been away for a while, went on a little road trip but I am back for my Kate blog fix. Hehe! I love your blog! I have tried those wax strips! Thank you soo much for sharing! OMG you are such an incredible writer, you could definitely write a book and when you do I will be there for the book signing and all! I will even be president of your fan club and start a book club for you. Heheh! I hope you had a great Christmas! :) I love your blog background and set up! I love love your blog and thank you soo much for putting me in your bloggers and youtubers list!!! :) When I make one you will be on the tops of my list. :)

Kate Gene said...

Iyah - Hi! I haven't tried the strips on my underarms. Does it hurt? I usually just cut the larger strips into smaller pieces so I can use them on my face.

Yeah, the mask can definitely make you more sensitive to the sun! I haven't had any issues with it yet, but it's good you're being so cautious! :)

April - Welcome back, missy! I'm glad you got your fix. LOL! You are so sweet... Thank you for the compliments! I left you a comment on your latest post, but thought I'd thank you here as well. You made my day! You're so sweet! :D

I "stole" the background from They have the cutest stuff there! I usually prefer to use my own HTML codes (NERD ALERT!), but their page is awesome!

J-ezzy said...

Oh my, I've always done the professional waxing for my eyebrows, doing it at home scares me (I just bleach anything else or tweeze...shhhhh don't tell anyone! rofl). I will seriously consider this, I shave the underarms every day and may switch bleaching for at home waxing. I think I'll stick to threading the eyebrows. It's become really huge in the DC area, I've been doing it for years at a lady's house, now business' are popping up everywhere with threading locations! The malls have kiosks and everything, lol.

Frida Kahlo, how I love my Mexicans, so bold!

I have to agree with April, your writing skills are on point and quite admirable :)

J-ezzy said...

See, you'd be on Comedy central as a speaker, I'd be on PBS as the boring lady who reads from a book, lol.

Kate Gene said...

J-ezzy - Wax, tweeze, and bleach? Pff... You and I don't have to do those things because we're already perfect! Ha ha! It's funny that you're scared to try the at home waxing, because I'm actually scared to try bleaching! LOL! I haven't tried these strips on my underarms, but I'm sure they work just fine there!

Man, I'm starting to think I should jump on the threading bandwagon. I've seen videos on how to DIY on YT, but I'm not coordinated enough for that. LOL! You guys can get it done in the malls over there? Dang! All we've got at our malls in WA are kiosks for Rosetta Stone and fake diamond spinner necklaces! Pwhahaha!

I love Frida Kahlo for being herself. You go, girlfriend! LOL!

Aww, shucks... Thanks for the compliments... You ladies are too kind. I have met such nice people through Blogger! And HA HA HA to your PBS/Comedy Central comment! YOU'RE the one who should be on Comedy Central!

J-ezzy said...

Let me further elaborate my contradictory comment, I meant to say that I would wax if I couldn't find a threading place or make an appt with my lady, but now that it's everywhere, I haven't had the brows waxed in over a year! Waxing was my thing since I was, errr, 15? Dang, it's been a mom always told me it was bad since it pulls your skin so harshly that it could cause premature wrinkles, I'm starting to believe her. Sadly waxing is cheaper than threading, oh well!

Oh girl, no need to be afraid of bleaching you're in and out in 10 minutes flat, no pain! (at least not for me). But you have to do it weekly "/

Yeah, our malls are FULL of kiosks, there is no room for more!

Now what I'm really scared of DIY threading, you can't do it entirely alone anyways, you need someone to pull your eyebrows tug for them to work on the lower portion of the brow.

I heart comedy central for giving me the best picks ups when I'm down!

my Shopping bag said...

Great, I have to tell my husband to use it for his cheeks! :-)

Kate Gene said...

J - Ahh! I'm already starting to get fine lines around my eyes and between my brows! I don't get it... Aren't Asians supposed to age gracefully?! Ha ha ha! Is threading a lot more expensive? I'm a cheapskate, which is why I buy these strips. LOL! I watched a video on YT on threading, but yeah, I think some parts would be too tough to do on your own!

I always feel bad for the workers at kiosks that get no love. But I hate it when they stop you and make you feel bad if you don't buy anything. I'm sorry, but I don't want your glitter covered "You Say B*tch Like It's a Bad Thing" cell phone case. Ha ha ha!

I LOVE Comedy Central! Adult Swim has some good stuff, too. Family Guy re-runs every night! Yeow!

my Shopping bag - Hi! I guess it's trickier for guys to get facial waxing because their hair grows in different directions. But it'd be worth a shot! (No more hair in the sink! LOL!) Does your husband's facial hair start growing back within hours? My husband has to shave all the time!

J-ezzy said...

Threading is $2-$3 more.

I have ugly lines around my lips and eyes and forehead, booooo

I thought I was the only one to feel sorry for the kiosk people, lol.

I heart Family Guy re-runs!

Kate Gene said...

Oh, that's not too bad! I thought it'd be a lot higher than that! You know who I want to have do my brows? Anastasia Soare!

You and I are the same age... When did you start noticing you were getting lines? I feel like I just woke up one day and they were there!

I actually had a lot of fun at the Rosetta Stone kiosk. My friend and I practiced Spanish words. LOL!

Family Guy re-runs are always on in the Kate Gene hizzouse! LOL! I think we've watched every episode 20 times!

J-ezzy said...

Yes, Anastasia!!!!

Well, I smile so dag on much, I got em early, like 24 yo and I always had dry skin, now it's becoming dry/combo skin, I never broke out until a few years ago :(

pahahaha, step AWAY from the kiosk, hahaha

I know, us too, Family Guy is the best :) I can't wait for the new desperate housewives tonight!

Christian Dale said...

you are so funny. your beautiful even if you do have that mustache and thick eyebrows. nice work and it made me smile.

Kate Gene said...

@J-ezzy - I swear I responded to this comment! What the heck happened? Anywho, I think it's great you have smile lines. That just means you smile a lot! My husband has lines by his eyes that pop up when he smiles. I love 'em! :)

Ugh... Adult acne sucks. My skin changed around the same time as yours! What the eff? Your skin looks good though; I don't see any blemishes in your pictures! :)

Family Guy is always on. We watch re-runs on Adult Swim when we go to bed. I'm surprised I don't dream about the Griffins. Ha! Desperate Housewives is cuh-razy! Did you see the last one?!

@Christian Dale - Aw, you are too kind! Thank you! I find the mustache makes me look distinguished. LMBO!


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