December 18, 2009

NYX Eyeshadow and Base

I wear a smokey eye every day, regardless of what I'm doing.  My best friend and I ran a 5K last year, and I showed up to the event with a fully done up face.  (Minus falsies, of course!  LOL!)  Some think it's a bit much, but I have fun with it!

I really like NYX products.  I only own a handful of eyeshadows from them, but I plan to get more.  As many of you already know, NYX's shadows are, for the most part, smooth, easy to blend, and pigmented.  The only shadow out of this lot that gives me any grief is Frosted Ocean.  I've never experienced such horrible fallout in my life!  That said, it's a very pretty color - regardless of where it lands on my face.  Ha!

[L-R] Black, Frosted Ocean, Iced Mocha, Purple, & Cherry

Swatches with flash.

Swatches in natural light.  No flash.

I used NYX's Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone underneath all of the swatches shown above.  I'm still on the fence about this product.  Once blended in, it's just a bit lighter than my skin tone.  It definitely brings out the true color of my shadows, but even when applied lightly, it creases.  I don't have super oily lids...  Has anyone else experienced this?

Have a great weekend, everyone!



Dominique said...

Thank you for posting :)

I did experienced the same thing with this primer, and i was quite deceived. Most of the nyx stuff that i use is awesome, but clearly, this is not the case for this one...Congrats for running 5k ! This is an achievement !

(p.s: My first language is french, so im really sorry if i make still learning :))

Louzee said...

OOOoohhh, I've been eyeing that eye shadow base for a while. I actually want the shimmer one and the white one that they have. I hope it works out for you. I've been using Urban Decay Primer Potion and Amazing cosmetics base. My Amazing cosmetics one is similar to the one you have, it's flesh toned as well and I've had issues with creasing too. Those shadows are nice. I don't own too many NYX products. Like I told another blogger, they're so cheap it's hard to believe they work, but I love the NYX stuff that I have so far.

Kate Gene said...

Dominique - You're very welcome! I rely very heavily on other bloggers for swatches when ordering online. I figured it was time I gave back. :) I'm sorry the base didn't work for you either. This is the first time I've been let down by a NYX product.

The run was an amazing experience. My friend and I both almost threw up at the end, but it was worth it! LOL! Your English is great, by the way! I speak a little French, but not as well as you speak English!

Thank you for commenting! :)

Louzee - Oooh oooh! Let me know how the white and shimmer bases work out for you! :) I am especially curious about the white one! I'm wondering if maybe the consistency of the potted primers are the issue? I've never used UDPP, so I can't compare the two, but I know everyone loves it. Do you think it's worth the investment?

OMG, I almost fell over when I used NYX products for the first time. UH-MAZING!!!!

Thanks to you, too, for stopping by! :)

Bombchell said...

the purple is so pretty!!

LMAO gosh i wish u had a picture at the end of the race, and maybe Ill try it.

Kate Gene said...


I have been wearing that purple almost every single day! I smoke it up with grey and black shadows. It's purty. :)

Our picture WAS snapped when we ran across the finish line! I have one post-race photo that I might put up if my friend is okay with it. Y'all can see what I looked like before I discovered what a blending brush was. (I used a shader for everything! Whoops!)

Oh... Speaking of "throwing up pictures", I have one of me actually throwing up in the water in Hawaii. I got sick from being on a boat during a snorkeling trip, and my husband thought he was cute and captured my special moment. THANKS, BABE! LOL!


nee said...

You ran 5k with a full makeup face? wasn't it melting off your face at the end??????

I don't own any single nyx eyeshadow.. just the trios and they are super smooth! i read the ingredients and they contain mineral oil or something so they are suppose to cause creasing. my lids are quite dry so i never experience that. I had no idea NYX had their own eye base!

Kate Gene said...

Nee - Ha ha! Surprisingly, it wasn't melting. My eyeliner got a little smudged on one eye, but that was it!

I have been wanting to try the trios because it's more cost effective to do so! Which ones do you have? I really like the individual shadows, but Frosted Ocean really makes me mad. LOL!

NYX just came out with the jarred eye bases. I got mine through Cherry Culture a few months ago or so for $6.00. Their white one is supposed to be like the Milk Jumbo Pencil, but in a pot! I hope it works well, because that pencil has a cult following. LOL!


glitteryeyesxx said...

Oooo, I just stumbled upon your blog. Niiiice! You're very pretty :)

I see that you love getting great deals at Ross, too. That store is where I used to freakin' live (during the stressful finals week, I would just go and shop, shop, shop!)

Kate Gene said...

Glitteryeyesxx - Aww, thank you! I love that you have Hello Kitty as your picture. She's so cute!

I am a huge fan of places like Ross, TJ Maxx, etc. Retail therapy is definitely a good way to blow off steam! LOL! What did you go to school for?

Thanks for the commment! :)


xphoebelinax said...

i loveee nyx eyeshadows! they're so inexpensive yet still good quality! :) i'm loving iced mocha too! very pretty colour! :)

i don't actually use a base for my eyelids, i've tried... but then i realised, my eyelids don't get oily and my eyeshadows don't crease... so why bother wearing a primer at all :P

Kate Gene said...

xphoebelinax - Iced Mocha is actually one of my favorites of the bunch! :)

You know what? I used to skip a base back in high school, and it worked fine. I don't know why I started using it! LOL! Right now all I do is use Cover Girl foundation to get my shadow to stick. It never creases on me and my shadows last all day. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna end up using the NYX base for swatches only. Ha!

Thanks for the comment! :)


D's Beauty Corner said...

Ahh totally lemming Purple and Iced Mocha! The blue one reminds me of MAC's Deep Truth.

Love your blog :)

Kate Gene said...

D's Beauty Corner - I use Iced Mocha and Purple all the time! Do you have Mac's Deep Truth? I really love the color of Frosted Ocean, but have stopped using it because the fallout was driving me nuts.

Thank you so much for the compliment. You are too kind. *blushes*


Becky (everyday makeup) said...

for somereason, I didnt think myx's eye primer would work :(

and its too bad for frosted ocean because it looks like a really good color. My favortite NYX e/s is mermaid green :)

Kate Gene said...

Becky - Yeah, I was majorly disappointed. I thought it'd be like a potted version of their Jumbo Pencils or maybe a Paint Pot. :(

Oooh, I've been looking for a good green! I'm going to get that the next time I order from Cherry Culture!

a girl named Sam said...

The Nyx eye shadow base creases on me too, but only with Nyx eye shadows. I can wear it with my Almay and my Avon no problem. It's wierd.


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