December 16, 2009

I'm so emo.

I heart these nail polishes!

[L to R] Nicole - Black Cat-cha Later, Jessica - Merlot, Jessica - Sweet Breath

The Merlot polish looks lighter than it is in real life.  It's a deep, blue red.  Sweet Breath is what I wear when I want my nails to look clean and natural.

Black Cat-cha Later is the color I have on my nails 95% of time these days.  It looks black from a distance, but is actually a really deep burgundy color.  The only downside?  When it starts chipping, I feel a little emo.  Seeing my chipped black polish makes me want to listen to angsty music and cover one eye with my bangs.  LOL!  (I actually love emo music, so I'm not really hatin'.)


Ahh!  So pretty!

So, I really love a good french manicure...  Unfortunately, I have yet to master painting a clean white line.  I will leave this technique to the professionals!  Speaking of nail salon technicians, if you haven't seen this Anjelah Johnson video, watch it!  It will make you ROFL!

I've got to enjoy wearing colored polish while I can.  I am a healthcare worker who is temporarily out of work.  As soon as I put those ♥ super cute pink ♥ scrubs back on, I'll be buffing my nails and leaving them bare.  However, that won't stop me from playing my emo tunes.  ;)


Rhondalei G. said...

Don't be emo! Haha...well, I can't talk, I've been all out of sorts too.
I love the Nicole Black Cat-cha Later!

Bombchell said...

that looks gorgeous, lol at feeling emo

Kate Gene said...

Rhondalei - Aww, I'm sorry you've been feeling down. Maybe a Julep mani/pedi is in order! :)

Bombchell - Thanks! I love this color. If Nicole/OPI ever discontinues it, I really WILL become emo! LOL!

Thanks for the comments, ladies! :)

tenxx said...

oops i wrote that comment on the wrong post! it was for your first post haha my bad. xo

Kate Gene said...

tenxx - LOL! No worries! I get excited every time I see I have a comment - misplaced or not. ;)

J-ezzy said...

Oh my gosh, I don't think I've EVER done my own nails as PERFECTLY as yours are! They look great on you! Sorry you're out of work :( If you need me to do any research, let me know!

Your cuticles are perfect, how come no one has mentioned this?!?! lol


Kate Gene said...

You're so sweet, J-ezzy! I'm actually not able to work because I'm a (temporary) gimp, but am working on it! Thank you so much for offering to help though! :)

I push my cuticles way down, probably more than I should. LOL! I'm sure your nails look great! My right hand always looks like butt. I get polish all over the place. There's even some on our leather ottoman! Ha ha ha!

J-ezzy said...

Poor ottoman! My right always looks like crappola, lol. My pinky is always the best lookin nail, hehe

NP, btw!

Kate Gene said...

My husband tried to scrub the ottoman, but the stuff he used bleached the leather, which is black. It looks ghetto! LOL!

The pinky nail is definitely one of my favorites to paint! It's like, one swipe and you're done!

h.tea said...

Omgg I'm currently loving my blue nail polish .. it's like a cobalt blue (I'm no good with the name of colours ==" LOL). Love it with dark jeans and a grey jumper. It just adds this burst of colour .. I suppose. LOL!

Mm, with the french mani, my friend uses masking tape ;D

Kate Gene said...

h.tea - I have been looking for a pretty blue polish. What color/brand are you using? Cobalt blue would definitely add a nice pop to your look! :)

I used to use tape, too! LOL! I actually have those french manicure stickers, but I get impatient waiting for them to dry.

Happy New Year!


h.tea said...

LOL I got mine from the face shop.
I'm c-h-e-a-p. Love Rimmel's range though! However, my just finishing high school and being unemployed only allows me to buy $3 nail polish Q_Q

Oh, happy new year to you too! =D

Kate Gene said...

h.tea - I'm cheap, too! LOL! Where is the face shop?

h.tea said...

Haha! Well, I live in Melbourne, Australia, and there's one at every major shopping centre/mall. LOL! I just check you out, you live in the US .. so you might want to google the locations? =S It's actually a Korean based store (not Australian), so all hope is not lost! =P

h.tea said...

"The Faceshop currently receives royalties from stores in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand, Australia, the United States, Canada and the Dominican Republic."

Hope you find it! :)

Kate Gene said...

@h.tea - WOW! Thank you so much for looking that up for me! That was very nice of you. :)

I think it's awesome that you live in Australia! I've always wanted to go there!


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