December 17, 2009

Love Letter

Dear My New Cute Pumps,

I will never forget the first time I saw you.  The clouds parted and a ray of sunshine (a. k. a. the lights at Ross) gleamed off your shiny, black patent leather.

Imagine my surprise when I saw you were $27.99, knocked down from $110.00!

I immediately threw you in my cart.  Never mind the fact I am nursing back and knee injuries and all I've been wearing lately are tennis shoes.  My physical therapist said to exercise.  She didn't say it had to be done in Nikes...

I hope you're enjoying your new home in our shoe rack.


Bombchell said...

LMAO!!!!!! that's so hilarious!!! they are so cute though!!

Kate Gene said...

Thanks, Bombchell! I love them! I think this is probably the most trendy pair of shoes I own. I'm usually so boring and conservative!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

yhose shoes look really cute!

Kate Gene said...

Thank you, Jade! I got them because they remind me of Christian Louboutin shoes, minus the high price tag. :)

nee said...

Wow!!! what a steal! they look beautiful! =D

btw, i have black cat cha later too but I always make a mess when i'm using it! so i never really wore it yet because i keep removing it >_<

Kate Gene said...

Thanks, Nee! I really want to wear them, but don't have an excuse to just yet. For now, I'm content with just looking at 'em in the closet. LOL!

LOL about the nail polish!!!! It's definitely unforgiving if you make a mistake because it's so dark. I've had to start over more than once. :D

DSK Steph said...

how that is a deal! :)

P.S. You're to friggin' sweet!

Kate Gene said...


I was blown away by the prices! I know you're on the Eastside, but Northgate's Ross had a bunch of winter boots for like, $16.00. Not bad!

P. S. No, YOU are sweet! Thank you for all of your comments! You know who else is a sweetheart? Holly! You guys are both very interactive with your fans. We appreciate it. :)

Kym said...

ooooo droooools!!!! gotta love Ross! too bad we don't have that in Canada :( i gotta haul my ass over across the border just to get deals like that. hahaha! ;P

Kate Gene said...

Hi, Kim!

That sucks you guys don't have access to Ross! Do you have TJ Maxx or Marshalls? Those are other great stores to shop at! I hate spending a lot on shoes... Actually, my husband has more (and more expensive) shoes than I do. LOL!

Let's meet at the border and I'll throw discounted shoes over to your side. Ha ha ha!

tenxx said...

that's an awesome deal! i hate spending lots on shoes too.
yeah i do tease my hair, the bigger the better for sure, it's dead though hah :(

J-ezzy said...

haha, my physical therapist said the same thing! (I'm hypermobile plus I took a bad fall recently, my left knee and elbow will never be the same, I'll post pics of it some day on my blog, lol) Thanks for following sweetie, I'm following too! <3

<3 <3 <3 <3 the shoesies!!!

Kate Gene said...


I'm so sorry that you have permanent damage! I don't think the body is ever the same after you take a major spill. :( Yes, please post pictures! I'm in the medical field and love this stuff!

You know what's funny? It's my left knee that's messed up too! We'd be quite the pair if we ran a three-legged race together, wouldn't we? LOL! Let's race in heels. That'd show our physical therapists! ;)

Thanks for following! I truly appreciate it!


J-ezzy said...

ROFL, LMBO, we should def do a race and take pics!!! Don't thank me, I surely enjoy your posts!!!!!

I will def post the pics! It's actually in my picasa web albums under my uncle's wedding pics ( I took the most embarrassing fall! Too embarrassing to even describe, lol.

Kate Gene said...

I need to start using "LMBO". I always use "LMAO", which doesn't sound as cute. LOL!

I'm Picassa stalking you. You and your husband are so cute together! And how cute was that little girl with the make-up brush in her hand? Aww!

Your cat has really bright eyes! Pretty!

Okay, so in regards to your elbow... YEOWCH! I bet you wanted to kill whoever left that napkin on the floor! LOL! That shot you had later was probably much needed!

J-ezzy said...

LMBO is def cute :)

The only stalkers I don't love are those trying to smuggle money from me to Nigeria, lol

I miss my kitty cat, he lives with mom dukes, hubby got the kitten for me, a week later he realized he was still allergic and my mom gladly took him in :)

The shot was awesome...I also had some patron after that, that def helped me!

Kate Gene said...

Hey, I sent those Nigeria e-mails out for a good cause. How dare you? Pwhahaha!

Aw, I'm sorry that you can't keep your cat at your place! But at least you can visit him! Our cat is a little terror, but we love him. He's black and white with a mustache! LOL!

I've seen some pretty gross elbow injuries, but yours is definitely up there! My jaw dropped. I'm bet you were cursing whoever left that food covered napkin on the floor!


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