March 5, 2010

Retro Tag

The super cute Nee (a.k.a. KITTYLOVESMAKEUP on Blogger and bebexo on YouTube) tagged me in this really fun tag.  Check out her blog and YT channel if you haven't yet.  She is down to earth and always comes up with fun, wearable looks!

1. Post a picture from your childhood (less than 13 yrs old).
2. Write about the picture.
3. Tag your friends and readers.

I apologize for the picture of a picture.  We don't have a scanner, so I had to do this the ghetto way.  The glare from the frame's glass adds a little something extra special, don't you think?  Ha!

This is a photograph of my sister, Rae, and I circa a million years ago.  Can you tell which one is me?  I'll give you a hint: I'm not the one red in the face, gasping for air.  Ha ha ha!  I was giving my crying baby sibling a hug a.k.a. practicing my Ultimate Fighting choke-hold.

I tag... everyone!  After creating a list, I decided to scrap it because I'd love to see all of your baby pictures!

 Have a great weekend, y'all!



Makeup by Kim Porter said...

I gave you an award :o)

check my blog

Sharlene Kay said...

omg u and ur sister are the most adorable things ever!! sibling rivalry? hah! omigosh i wanna pinch ur sissyss cute cheeks!

how are u enjoyin your new place?

NV Beauty said...

Love it! How cute! I'll do this for sure! Come check me out later!

Marie said...

Cute post. :D

Gave you an award, check my blog. :D

Have a nice weekend!:D
...and everything girly under the sun!

PetiteAsianGirl said...

So adorbs! I'll have to dig around the photogs box. I had the asian rice bowl haircut and looked like a boy pretty much up to age 13.

Dani M said...

lol. This is way too cute!!!!!!!!

ting RN said...

omg this is soooo cute!

Irene said...

Firstly you crack me up!!! (Taking a picture of a picture)

Secondly, I love the picture of you both!!! I love sister pics... am totally following up on this tag! ;)

Kate Gene said...

Kim - Aw, thank you so much! I really appreciate it! The award made my day. It's super cute, too! :)

Sharlene - Ha ha! Well, my sister could kick my arse now. Both of my sisters are taller and in better shape than I am. LOL! Yes, we are LOVING our new place! BTW, I still want to send you a little something!

NVBeauty - I will definitely check out your blog! Isn't this post a cute one? (Not just because my sister and I are in it. LOL!)

Marie - Hugs to you! Thank you so much! I love awards. They make me one happy camper.

PetiteAsianGirl - LMBO! I totally rocked the bowl haircut! I think there's a chapter in the 'Book of Parenting' that states all kids must have a rice bowl haircut sometime during their childhood. Ha!

Dani M - Oh, my poor sister... I don't know if she thinks this picture is cute. I think it brings back bad memories. LOL!

ting RN - Older sister choke-holds are the epitome of cute! Ha ha ha!

Irene - I'm lame for that! Ha ha ha! I can't wait to see your post! This is definitely a fun one!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

So adorable childhood piture! Feels a lot of love there :)
ThanQ for visited my blog and left the sweetest comment!
Have a great day!

Hollywood said...

Oh my..this picture is FREAKING adorable I just want to hug you why did you grow up ? why !!!???? loool

I won't read the other comments I and will try to guess who is you lol...Ok you are the one strangling the other one... <3

bowsnhearts said...

Lol! The picture is so cute!!!

Were you trying to bully your sister in the picture? Lol!

Kym said...

what a bully you are.. suffocating your sister like that. hahaha! jk jk!!! you guys are too cute... even with the ghetto glare on the photo! hehe! have a great weekend!! <3

Kate Gene said...

Anastacia - You're very welcome! There is definitely lots of love in our family! We show it via choke-holds. ;)

Hollywood - Girlie, you always crack me up! HA HA HA! I terrorized my little sisters; I'm sure they're glad I have grown up! Ha ha ha!

bowsnhearts - LOL! Actually, I think I was consoling her because she was crying. Or is she crying because I was choking her? I don't know! Ha ha!

Kym - Suffocation is just aggressive affection! Duh! XD I hope you're having a great weekend as well!

J-Ezzy said...

You're beyond cute! I will do this post and Miss P's fashion one soon, I just don't have the time these days :( I suck

You will laugh at my picture!!!


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