March 12, 2010

Korres Review & Discount Code!

In two months, I will be twenty-eight years old.  I am wise enough to know that, in the grand scheme of life, I am young.  Our fridge is free of prune juice, the need for adult diapers is non-existent, and I make sure my indicator is off after I change lanes on the freeway.  Not once have I left a Bingo hall with my arms raised in victory; my fanny pack overflowing with my winnings, good luck Treasure Trolls, and colorful daubers.  (Everyone knows you must be at least eighty to win Bingo.)  However, I definitely don't feel and look as youthful as I did ten years ago.

When rising from the couch, I make a noise.  (You know what I'm talking about...  That strained noise your grandma makes when she's trying to get out of her seat.)  I consider HSN television.  ("Ooh, that sweater with the giant sequined poinsettias IS a must have!  Should I call in to speak with the host about it?")  And here's the kicker:  I have wrinkles.  The lines that used to spring up only when I squinted, smiled, smirked, frowned, and wrinkled my nose are now permanent parts of my face.  And, similar to a tree, you can tell how old I am simply by counting the rings around my neck.

If you've been following me for awhile, you already know how important skin care is to me.  It's one of my most blogged about topics.  I am beyond excited to review these products because I have seen first hand how wonderful they are! 

[L - R: Quercetin and Oak Night Age - Reversing Cream, Body Butter in Jasmine]

Quercetin and Oak Age - Reversing Night Cream
PROS:  This product should be named "The Fountain of Youth in a Jar".  Despite being luxuriously thick and creamy, it absorbs fairly quickly, leaving behind no greasy residue.  It makes my face and neck feel smooth, soft, and supple.  The best part?  Within just two days of use, my parched and flaking winter skin was completely healed.  My fine lines were visibly reduced and my complexion looked brighter.  Sounds unbelievable, right?  I went online to read reviews and found that many others had similar experiences.  This.  Stuff.  Works.
CONS:  Retails at $52.00.  However, a little - and I mean a little - goes a long way.  I plan on purchasing this again, again, and again!

Body Butter in Jasmine
PROS:  This product makes your skin feel buttery smooth, soft, and silky.  It has a creamy, dreamy consistency, yet it absorbs very quickly.  I especially like how soothing it feels when applied to my hands, which are chronically dry from excessive washing.  The scent is pleasant.  I detect really sweet, floral notes.  My adorable Hubby and Mom said they thought the butter smelled more like candy than jasmine flowers.  Either way, it's nice.  I would love to have a bottle of this on hand at all times.
CONS:  Retails at $29.00.  However, as with the night cream, a little bit goes a long way. 

[L - R: Provitamin B5 and Rice Bran Mascara, Quercetin & Oak Antiageing Face Primer, Lip Butter in Jasmine]

Provitamin B5 and Rice Bran Mascara
PROS:  This mascara separates my lashes unlike any other I have used.  There is absolutely no clumping - just lengthening.  If you prefer really natural looking lashes, this is a great product to try.  Bonus:  The tip is shaped in such a way that you can get to those hard to reach lashes.
CONS:  The formula is on the dry side, flakes a bit upon application, and is a bit difficult to remove.

Quercetin & Oak Antiageing Face Primer
PROS:  The tiniest bit goes a loooong way.  (I have accidentally squeezed out too much on a few occasions.  Whoops!)  While it doesn't make fine lines or wrinkles disappear completely, it definitely makes them less visible.  I applied it over my moisturizer daily and allowed it to fully absorb before applying my make-up.  My bronzer and blush applied smoothly and evenly and lasted all day.
CONS:  This product would benefit more mature skin best; anyone in their mid-twenties and younger probably wouldn't gain anything from it. 

Lip Butter in Jasmine
PROS:  This product smells heavenly.  I detect notes of caramel and freshly spun cotton candy.  I seriously open the jar whenever I'm in the bathroom just to inhale its delicious scent.  When applied, it makes your lips feel smooth, but not slippery.
CONS:  It must be applied with your finger or a brush.  (Oh well.  This product smells too good for me to care.  ;))

Korres' products are all natural; they do not infuse their goods with pollutants such as mineral oil, synthetics, or silicones.  I have sensitive and acne-prone skin, so this is extremely important to me.  None of the products I tested caused irritation or blemishes.  The packaging is eco-friendly, durable, pretty, and sophisticated.  Anything from their collection would look gorgeous on a vanity or bathroom counter top.  Korres has truly impressed me beyond belief and turned me into a fan for life!

Korres is kindly offering my readers a one time discount of 30% off any order of $25.00 or more.  Enter in the code "KATIE" when checking out.  This offer is valid until April 15, 2010.


Disclaimer: The products were sent to me by Korres to review, free of charge.  I am not affiliated with the organization, nor am I being paid to endorse their products.  My views are not influenced by anything other than my personal experience.  Please use these products at your own discretion.


Nikosmommy said...

Ooooh I love Korres products,have been using them for years! (they're from Greece originally and my hubs is of course they must be good, right?!) They ARE so natural feeling...they just seem right!

CosmoFreakaLeak said...

lol @ you making that noise when you get up. I'm 31 going on 32 and I've been noticing these things for a few. The lines that weren't there before. Oh yes..and I have played bingo!

Anonymous said...

haha I make a noise getting up off the couch and I'm only 19!

April said...

Fantastic review!!! I love that you tell us your age. So many girls in the beauty community want to hide their age--but we all get old and those who can show it have class. Plus, being in our 20s is still extremely young! OMG I have heard so much about that lip butter! I hope to try it one day! :)

Hollywood said...

You are so Funny and I think you have some issues (your age counting the wrinkle on your neck...) exaggeration?! lol But I am the same so I guess I have issues myself. I love anti wrinkle serum/cream and and I am anticipating my future BOTOX



alee*! said...

Girl OMG, readin your post just brightened my rainy day! It seems that I am indeed an old person bcuz I love Bingo and when I win, I am loud haha. But, that's rare, you're right about having to be at least 80 and over to get the good stuff!

But, these products look so amazin that I might have to break bread and BUY the body butter. My wallet hates me ;(

Beautygirl24 said...

Oooooo I looove Korres! I have the lip butter in Jasmine, the manoi oil bronzer, their face primer, and their evening primrose eye cream. I'm kinda obsessed! Thank you so much for the coupon code...I'm going to buy some body butter with it! And maybe some other things ;)

Liana said...

great review! i know what you mean about getting older though, i have some forehead lines now that i didn't have before :( guess you gotta just embrace it and make the most of it! :)

DSK Steph said...

I have the Jasmin Body Butter! It was a gift from a friend over Christmas :) This post makes me so excited! I just started using it too!

J-Ezzy said...

You're a riot!!!! Love the reviews :D

I haven't heard of some of these products, maybe I can try them out at Sephora, I believe they're sold there...let's hope they don't try kicking me out again, next time I'll shank her and get her fired too! mwahahahaha

Hope you had a great weekend! I haven't been home...haha

MissJess said...

You are too funny. I make that SAME stupidly painful noise! ;)

Thanks for the recommendations! ♥

Kate Gene said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments, ladies! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who makes weird noises when rising from the seated position. I'm also happy to hear that I'm not the only one who suffers from fine lines. Not that I want y'all to have these issues! You know what I mean! LOL!

It's great to hear other people's experiences with Korres; I am definitely going to be purchasing from them. It's always good to hear what other people like/dislike; every company has hits and misses, right?

Big hugs to you all! Sorry for not responding individually as I normally do... I need to get my behind in gear because we're having friends over for dinner and I'm cooking. Wish me luck! :)


anonimous beauty said...

yay!! i've been in love with korres for a while now. i'm trying to change all my makeup and skincare products to all natural or organic products and it ain't cheap!! i'm gonna splurge with this code. thanks =)

April said...

Hi gorgeous friend Kate! I am soo going to use your coupon code to buy some Korres! I have never tried Korres before! What an amazing opportunity for you! You are amazing!!!

LauraMck said...

I love the Korres Lip Butter..It's so moisturising :) xxxx


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