March 29, 2010

How do you spell "AMAZING"?

S-I-G-M-A M-A-K-E-U-P.  It's true.  Don't believe me?  I'll have you know I won my third grade spelling bee...while dressed as a pilgrim.  (Don't ask.)

[Dear Blogger:  Why the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is my picture sideways?  You make-a me crazy sometimes.  xoxo,  Kate Gene]

You have undoubtedly already heard and read a million and one good things about Sigma Makeup.  YouTubers and beauty bloggers from all around the world have been going gaga over their products for months.  While I have yet to try any of their make-up, I was fortunate enough to get my mitts on their Eye Brush Kit.

[Sigma Make-up Eye Kit, Retails for $39.00]

These brushes truly live up to the hype.  Many compare their brushes to MAC's.  I do not own any MAC brushes, so unfortunately, I am unable to do a comparison.  (Check out Natty's review for more information on how they stack up against one another!)  These brushes are durable, have a nice handle weight, and are wonderfully soft.  The quality is astounding.  I am beyond impressed.

My only complaints?  I experienced minimal shedding when I first began using a couple of them.  (Which, by the way, is no longer an issue.)  Also, the small angle brush is a bit flimsy.  I may actually utilize this as a lip brush.

I strongly encourage you to follow Sigma Makeup on YouTube, as well as on Twitter.  Sigma is constantly doing giveaways/contests, and their staff is oodles of fun to talk to.  Kathryn, who works in marketing, has been such a joy to work with.  By the way, if you need a registered dietitian, check out her Facebook page!  She's friendly and caring; I am actually considering recruiting her to help me get my front butt in check!

Don't know what a front butt is?

[photo credit:]

Ha ha ha!

Speaking of giveaways, I was lucky enough to win Sigma's cute 217 blending brush via Picturesque Makeup's blog.  (She, like Kathryn, is also a doll and creates beautiful, natural looks on YouTube.  Check out her YouTube channel here.)  For blending, I must admit I prefer the 224.  However, do not underestimate this little guy; like Janine a.k.a. A Petite Diva, it packs a powerful punch!

[photo credit:]

I cannot wait to try more of Sigma's products.  They have turned me into a fan for life!  I hope y'all are doing well and I apologize for the lack of posts and responses lately...  My adorable hubby ♥ and I have been running around like chickens with their heads cut off!  I hope to catch up on all things Blogger soon.

Have a lovely day!


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Disclaimer: The Eye Brush Kit was sent to me by Sigma Makeup , free of charge.  I won the 217 brush in a giveaway.  I am not affiliated with the organization, nor am I being paid to endorse their products.  My views are not influenced by anything other than my personal experience.  Please use these products at your own discretion.


Alegra said...

OMG Love ur MU in this pic! u look so gorgeous ...can you tell what blush, l/s and/or e/s u used?? Thanks

Tiff said...

Your makeup look amazing- you're almost as hot as Dustin Diamond! I agree, who cares about Zach and A.C. I know I won't unless they jump on the porn bandwagon too. Maybe they could do one together, or a threesome with Mr. Belding.

How do you have a picture of my ex in the little red shirt I bought him? MAN THIEF!!!

Now I want to do some sort of purple and pink look tomorrow.

tenxx said...

you look aaaamazing in that photo, your eyeshadow is divine! what were you using babe?
those brushes seem like a great buy x x

Hollywood said...

I need to try these I feel so "Has Been" to never got to try them before oh well I can lie and pretend I got them but didn't like it lol!
Ps: I am pretty sure your font butt is hot and a lil bit more tanned than this sexy white man on the picture.

Miss P said...

Girl, your posts never fail to make me laugh! Your makeup is so pretty! It makes me want to go outside of the box from my usual brown and bronze eyeshadows. Glad you did a review on the Sigma brushes! Janine and I were actually talking about those brushes a while back. I need to stop procrastinating and order me some Sigma brushes already!

J-Ezzy said...

pahahaha - I was gonna say, why is it SIDEWAYS, arghh, hahahahaha. I love all the purple's and your blush!!!

Wait, why were you dressed like a Pilgrim?!?!!? I'd have loved to see that!!!! I used to be good at spelling, recently I've really sucked, that means I MUST go back to school this year, haha.

I'm so happy you liked the brushes! I too felt the same way about the shedding and the angled brush (which I still haven't used...I should try it as a lip brush). Most reviews I've read recommend the same thing, had the fibers been natural, it'd have been stiffer.

I'm just being super cautious to not wash them wrong, I want them to last! :)

Great post, hun! POW! (I'll bbm you my bruise from Paintballing, battlewounds babe!)

For The Fierce said...

I always hear good things about Sigma brushes, I can't wait to purchase some brushes! 40 bucks for all those brushes? 1 brush at MAC is like 25... soooo yeaaaa I NEED to cop a sigma set. Thanx for this review hun <3333

Ashwini said...

I can't wait until I buy the Sigma eye brush set. I'm waiting till I go see my sister in the summer, when I can give all my eye brushes to her and then buy these for myself. :)

Sharlene Kay said...

AHAHHAHAHAHA oh man when i start seeing a front butt on me i know its time to diet!

the sigma brushes look great love how u did ur shadow=)


Ashleigh said...

last pic made me cringe...eek!

the brushes look gorgeous... =)

PetiteAsianGirl said...

I should never read your blog while at work ... always makes me laugh!

Yes I have been hearing repeatedly good stuff about Sigma brushes but didn't want to spend the $...good tip on the giveaways to youtube and twitter folloewrs!

libbeh ♥ said...

How do I spell amazing? Tres simple.. your makeup in this post! I don't think I have the skills to do eye makeup like yours! *jealous* I've always have trouble creating a smokey eye look via the "traditional" way, so I kinda create a half-assed spin to smokey eyes. Love the pic! Haven't tried Sigma, but I think I've spent enough on makeup for awhile. Time to save up for a new car instead! :)

bowsnhearts said...

Lol at the front butt picture!

Your eyeshadows always look so pigmented!

I have heard of Sigma brushes before but haven't got to trying them out. I really need a eyeshadow blending brush - might check them out!

GlamourandLove said...

I agree with Ms. Hollywood! I feel so behind the times with these brushes! I keep meaning to try them and then get distracted somehow! Ah well! Eventually, I'll get on board.

Oh and I big "Oh no you di'n't!" on the front butt pic! LMAO!!!

Imo said...

Ive heard so much about these brushes unfortunately they are not available here in the uK :(. If you know how I would be able to buy them please fill me in.

First tim eon your blog, greta post :)

J-Ezzy said...

@ Imo - - They sell Sigma makeup and brushes and they ship to the UK!

Imo said...

woo hoo! thanks girlie : )

Imo said...

great! thanks so much I will definitely check them out! :)

Kate Gene said...

Alegra - Thank you so much for your kind words! I actually took this photo awhile ago. You can check here to see what I used: :) On my lips I am wearing Maybelline's 'Pink Please' and NYX's 'Harmonica'. I used Buxom Babe Gloss in 'Katie' on top!

Tiff - OH. MY. EFFING. LAWD. BAHAHAHA! Yes, if only they'd all make a porn together. Mr. Belding jumping in on the action would be a dream come true. How did you know?! Don't be mad because I stole your man and his front butt. I love to hide underneath it at night. It keeps me warm. Ha!!!! I saw your look and it made mine look like poop! AMAZING!

tenxx - I'm so happy to see you on Blogger and Twitter again! I actually used these products: On my lips I'm wearing Maybelline's 'Pink Please', NYX's 'Harmonica', and Buxom Babe Lip Polish in 'Katie'.

Chloe - You always crack me up!!!! Ha ha ha!!!! I'm going to start hating on things I don't have, too. "I owned a mansion, but didn't like it, so we moved out." XD I was late getting these brushes myself! I wish I had gotten them sooner!

Miss P - Aww, thanks! Your posts always WOW me! Your make-up is flawless! It's funny, because I am just now starting to use browns and bronzes; I always thought they were too light... I clearly like really dark looks! I love the way you do your make-up! I know J got the full set... I'm so jealous! Maybe we should steal them from her. We'll meet her at Tyson's and ask her to bring her Advanced Kit. ;) LOL!

J - Thanks for sharing the tip! I actually saw the brushes on there the other day -- and some of their make-up! I am thinking about buying on of their blushes through there... I want to try the peachy looking one! I know I told you this the other day, but I am glad I am not the only one who noticed the flimsy-ness (I love making up words) of the angled brush. How is that bruise of yours healing up? That thing was killer! Seriously, I have seen a lot of bruises and injuries in my day, but yours always seem to take the cake! LOL!

For The Fierce - No problem! Yeah, I'm too cheap to buy MAC brushes. I'd love to have some, but Sigma brushes are plenty good for moi. If you want to try them out for free, I'd seriously just start following them on YT, Twitter, and FB. They always give stuff away! On YT, they give away a 217 brush weekly! Woop woop!

Ashwini - That's a great idea! You know what's funny? Your comment reminded me of a story... My Mother-in-Law is always asking us if we want furniture and other items. She just wants a reason to get new things! :P I can hear her telling my Father-in-Law, "I had to buy a new kitchen table! The kids took our old one!" LOL!

Kate Gene said...

Sharlene - Thank you so much! OMG... People think I'm kidding, but I really do have a front butt. I was devastated when I saw it developing. It doesn't have a crease down the middle yet, so I guess I'm okay for now. LOL!!!! BTW, can you send me your address? I finally got you a little something to re-pay you for the Valentine's goodies you sent my way! It's not much, but it's the least I could do!

Ashleigh - You know you printed and framed the front butt photo! ;) I used Google Image to find it; there were so many to choose from! LOL! I have yet to take a photo of my own front butt, so I had to make do with this fine gentleman's. (OMG... How embarrassing for him to have this floating around online! Although, he looks like he was okay with having the picture taken! Ha!)

PetiteAsianGirl - LOL! I always find the funniest pictures via Google Image. Sometimes, really bad things show up, which is no bueno since I use my husband's work laptop sometimes to blog. One time, I looked something harmless up, and a bunch of half naked girl pictures popped up! WTH?! My husband saw and was like, "You pervert!" Ha ha ha! Yes, definitely check out Sigma's YT channel... They give away a free 217 on there weekly!

libbeh ♥ - Ooh, you're getting a new car? What kind? We went to get our oil changed at Acura recently and test drove a car. I loved the new car smell. It took everything in me not to beg my husband to buy it! (We're definitely not in a position to purchase anything big like that right now.) I'd love to see your version of a smokey eye; I bet it looks awesome!

bowsnhearts - I think the front butt picture needs to be framed and hung up somewhere in our house. LOL!!!! If you're going to get a blending brush from them, I'd definitely recommend the 224. Or, if you want to get one for free, check out their YT channel. They give away a 217 every single Friday to one of their subscribers! I have always been surprised by the amount of freebies they hand out!

GlamourandLove - You seriously made me laugh with your "Oh no you di'n't!" comment! I always say that! LOL!!!! Quite a few people commented on the front butt picture; perhaps I need to post more like it. Ha ha ha! Actually, I was surprised by how many front butt pictures pulled up when I Google Imaged it. I really do have a front butt right now. I might need to take a photo! XD

Imo - Welcome! And thanks to J-ezzy for letting you know the scoop! :) You can also find Sigma blush and eye shadow on there, too! That website is awesome. I have yet to order from them yet, but I hear great things! They carry so many high end brands at low end prices. I'm a cheapskate; I don't think I'll ever buy high end stuff anywhere else. :)

Kate Gene said...

J - I forgot to answer your pilgrim question! My class was on a field trip; I don't remember where exactly. We had to pretend like we were living back in the day and that's why we were dressed up like Little House on the Prairie/Pilgrims. LOL!!!!

Allison Green said...

First all of can you say gorgeous?! Because you are so gorgeous! And I really really want to try them now!

Rhondalei G. said...

Love your look in your sideways pic. LoL! And I think I have to HAVE those brushes. Have vs need/want. You know its all the same!

Jen said...

hi girl friend!! i love ur makeup here!! =) ur posts always make me laugh. u are so funny. xoxo

kimber doll said...

Love your sideways pic!! The makeup looks great!!
but AHHHH, that one man needs to do something about that sisutation in front - not cool!!
hehe, hope all is well =)

Fashion-rocks said...

love your make-up.


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