March 15, 2010

I like goooooold!

Benefit's Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow and Liner in 'Recess' is a pretty, shimmery gold base.  The packaging is super cute and, more importantly, it works extremely well!  At the end of the day, my shadow looks exactly as it did in the morning: smokey and crease-free.  Believe it or not, this is my first real eye shadow base.  I normally use Cover Girl's Aqua Smooth Foundation in 'Buff Beige' as a primer.  (For the record, it's fantastic to use with pressed shadows!)

Benefit's products are great, but can cause serious damage to one's bank account.  Fortunately, a little bit goes a long way.  Two light light swipes with my fingertip is all I need per eye.  I love pairing this base with deep brown and gold shadows.  It adds just a hint of shimmer on my lids and makes my gold toned shadows pop.  (I got a little carried away the other day and applied it all the way up to my brows.  I looked more glittery than the girls that shake their money makers for "college tuition"!  OMG...  I just had a visual of Elizabeth Berkley yelling, "I'M A DANCER!"  Bahahaha!)

[photo credit:]

Here is a neutral, natural (well, natural for me) look I created the other day:

Products Used:

♥ Benefit Base (obviously)
♥ NYX Eye Shadow in Iced Mocha
♥ Coastal Scents 88 Matte Palette
♥ Almay Liquid Liner in Black
♥ Loreal Voluminous Mascara in Blackest Black & Korres Mascara

I hope you're all having a fantastic day!  Is anyone else suffering from "springing forward"?  I sure am!



J-Ezzy said...

I own this bad boy and it's okay on me, I swear, I have the greasiest lids! Didn't I tell you I've tried "everything"...sadly I have. I will be doing a series of posts soon (hopefully...) on my thoughts on primers.

I'm glad it works with you, surprised it worked so well with your CS palette too! Your eyes are so purtiful!!!

I was so late today, I am making a decision to never be late again!!

That dancing comment of yours is too funny!!!

Hollywood said...

I bought my first Benefit creaseless Cream Eye Shadow 3 days ago and I loveeeee it I got the "Birthday suit" and it's so HOT (not hotter than you relax!!!) lol I will swatch it soon! when I will be less Lazy....Busy I meant lol


lucie.lovely.cupcake said...

Hello! I have one of these creaseless shadows, in "My date's my brother" (a light pink) and I love it! It is the best eyeshadow base I have and it it really pretty on it soqn too!

Lucie x

Irene said...

It's soooo pretty! I love goooooold as well, it brings out the golden specks in brown eyes!

Arezu said...

How do you find its staying power? I'm a sucker for bases, and I keep passing on this because I have really oily lids and sometimes it seems like nothing will hold up against them.

Love the look also!

Meya said...

it looks very pretty =)

eehhh this time change has me looking like a zombie today, no bueno =/

GlamourandLove said...

Very sexy sultry look. I like!

For The Fierce said...

I've never used a primer from the jar, not even MACs painterly paint pot lol. I stick to my too faced shadow insurance, I looove it. So how much is this benefit base? If it's under than how much too faced is, than I'll give it a try. lol

Love your brows btw <3

Jen said...

i <3 it when u do makeup looks! :) i do love the benefit cream shadows!

ting RN said...

i love their creaseless cream eye shadow . I bought like four of them couple months ago when they were half off.
you crack me up...
"OMG... I just had a visual of Elizabeth Berkley yelling, "I'M A DANCER!"" HAHAHA!! <3's it

Kate Gene said...

Chloe - What?! Are you cheating on me with "Birthday Suit? I thought you only had eyes for me! LMBO! I'd love to see a swatch of it. I really like this primer!

J - You should totally do a post re: your issues with primers! I don't have very oily lids, fortunately. (All of it is on my T-zone! Blech!) I watched every episode of SBTB last year. How sad is that? Jessie Spano... I thought you were a wholesome gal! LOL!

Irene - I agree! I actually never wore any brown or gold toned shadow until last year. It's hard to find the right tones sometimes. Some golds really clash with my skin tone! Eek!

Arezu - The primer kept my lids looking good all day. Whoo hoo! You have the same problem as J-ezzy! :( She's thinking about doing a post discussing primers. I hope she does; I think it'd help a lot of people!

Meya - Thank you! Ugh... I'm kind of getting used to the time change; I still feel a little off! But whoo hoo for it staying light out later!

Glamour - Thanks for your kind words! I'm shy about posting FOTDs and EOTDs. I'm no professional, that's fa sho! LOL!

For The Fierce - I think the Benefit Base is $19.00. I have never tried TFSI. Do you feel it's better than UDPP? And thanks for the compliments on my brows; they were actually working with me that day! LOL!

Jen - Thank you! I need you to teach me how to put on make-up! LOL! What cream shadows do you have? I want more! The shimmer is nice, but I want a matte one.

tingRN - HALF OFF?! No way! Where was that at? I know Sephora had a sale on them last year... I am kicking myself for not picking them up then. Oh, man... Who knew Jessie Spano would be shaking her moneymaker at the scrip club. LOL!


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