February 4, 2011

My Zoya Order is He-yuh!

Pauly D. speaks the truth.  My Zoya order is he-yuh!

Oh, Jersey Shore...  I will never get sick of you.

[L - R: Ibiza, Julieanne, and Stacy]

How pretty are these polishes?  I can't wait to try them out.  ("Stacy" is actually a gift for a friend, so I won't be able to swatch it.)

Unfortunately, the sapphire blue polish, "Ibiza", arrived chipped.  Initially, I didn't notice the damage, and nearly sliced my hand open trying to get the bottle open.  I am not one to complain (especially when something is free), but the edges of the crack are incredibly sharp.  I wrote to customer service last weekend, and am waiting for a response.  (To be honest, it's not really that big of a deal.  I'm tempted to just wrap some duct tape around the bottom.  Ghetto?  Perhaps.  That's how I roll!  XD) 

[You said it, Whitney!]

What freebie polishes did you guys pick up during Zoya's amazing promotion?


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*Pauly D. Photo Credit:B-Side Blog


Dye-A-Graham said...

You picked some really beautiful colors! I chose Dea, Pinta and Trixie!

Bombchell said...

lol Jersey Shore is such a mess, especially Ronnie & Sam's relationship

Beautygirl24 said...

I feel like my Zoya order is never going to come! It's been a month! At least...
I can't even remember what I ordered lol =) Those colors look beautiful though Kate.

Allison said...

I ordered Kelly, Edyta, and Crystal. I ordered them thinking they'd come quicker so I shipped them to my house and not my school address so Edyta and Crystal are in my room at home just waiting for me to unwrap them. But Kelly is still backordered!

Glad to see you posting again :)

makeupbykatie said...

Hahahaa! Gotta love jershey shore(;

Kim's Vanity said...


Laura Rae-Lynn said...

Unfortunately I was unable to take advantage of that offer because it wasn't extended to Canadians! However, I decided not to hold it against Zoya for too long and ordered 3 from a Canadian beauty supply store: Adina, Reece, and Zara! :) All about the duochrome!

-Laura xo

Dominique said...

Well, maybe having a bottle with duck tape around will not look nice on your bathroom counter, but neither your hand wrapped around a fluffy drugstore first aid kit kind-of bandage... And EVERYBODY deserves a lil' ghetto once in a while ;) BTW, if i was Zoya i would defenitely not gamble with my reputation and send you a new bottle ASAP.
Bises !

Chapstick Fanatic said...

they are all really pretty! they sell zoya at the organic salon i go to.

thanks for stopping by the blog. i actually did a post on some ecards awhile back. so funny!


Really Petite said...

I got all pinks..LOL Now I wish I would have gotten at least one darker color:)

Thanks for all ur sweet comments on my blog!

Jewelrybead said...

I bet Julieanne will look great as a pedi with beautiful tan feet!! I love your posts- ghetto, perhaps?- faboosh!!

Sharlene Kay said...

yep love im back for now lol=)

i missed ur whitty fashion fun-loving blog! i was reading some of ur old posts and LMFAO @ the Golden girls flashhback "Better late than pregnant" such a Blanche thing to say=D && I love the zoya polishes Julieanne looks amazing i cant wait to see how it looks on actual fingernails!


Prissy said...

Very pretty polish...duct tape..how funny...probably something I'd do too!! LOL

Prissy (Rush Our Fashion)

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

lovely colors! and isn't this season of the Shore a ton of fun?

i thought you might be interested in entering my 83-piece makeup palette and nail polish giveaway!


Primp and Giggle said...

Oh how I love Jersey Shore! GORGEOUS colors doll! & great post too! xoxoxo :)


Roxy Te said...

hahaha I never tired of it either. It's just so entertaining!! Hope you and the honey feel better :) I'm sick too so I feel your pain!!! Happy Vday, Kate Gene!!

Nicole said...

Pretty colors! I have yet to see an single episode of the Jersey Shore! I did the "The Situation" on Dancing with the Stars.


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