January 24, 2011

Forget Snuggies!

Oh.  Em.  Gee.

I don't normally wear bath robes, but this one is too cute for words:


It is currently on sale at Nordstrom.com.

Check it out here.

Speaking of robes, this video is a must-see for anyone who is considering purchasing a Snuggie.  Bahahaha!


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Toni Tralala said...

How pretty! :) I can't believe I wanted a Snuggie at one point in time. lol. That looks way better! <3

P.S. I'm currently hosting an international $25 GC Apothica giveaway. Please do join! :)

Kate Gene said...

Toni - I used to want one, too, until my friend pointed out that a Snuggie is just a bath robe worn backwards. LOL!

I'd love to enter your giveaway, but I am affiliated with Apothica. I'm not sure I'd be allowed to enter. Thank you, though! :)

Donna ♥ Baby said...

LOL i agree.. i have a snuggie cause my dad bought me one and i thought it was stupid but i started using it and it was warm! and then my mom bought me a bathrobe thats so soft and warm.. i wear it all the time!

giang said...

that's sooo cute!!!!! i like the snuggie, but only for sitting since it doesn't keep the back warm! will definitely go check out nordies tomm! :)

Dinorah ♥ said...

That is so adorable!! I'm a sucker for anything cupcake haha.

lool @ the wtf blanket video.
"enjoy the O'Rielly Factor" lol

SeeSa said...

I was doing my turbo tax and swear I just said "Is buying cupcakes a tax write off" Bad addiction, there is a cute little cupcake shop right next to where my Eli gets groomed and friday is buy one get one, NOT GOOD, lol. Love following, new blog/follower. And of course I love the robe :)

Jewelrybead said...

That video was hysterical! I must admit, I do own a Snuggie, but only bc it came in leopard print!! My cats love it more than me though. :)

Kate Gene said...

Donna - LOL! I actually would love to get a Snuggie. Have you seen the ones they have for pets? Our cat would kill us if we made him wear one. Ha ha!

giang - Isn't this bathrobe the cutest one you've ever seen? I should have posted about it sooner; I noticed that they ran out of sizes really quickly online! Let me know if you find it in the store!

Dinorah - ME, TOO! All this talk of cupcakes is making me hungry. Whenever I have a bad day, my hubby will bring me one -- or six. (I will literally eat them all. It's outrageous. LOL!) You can't go wrong with a batch of surprise cupcakes. I love the Snuggie spoof, too! "Embarrass your kids!"

SeeSa - Thank you for following my blog! I LOL'd when I read your cupcake write off comment. Bahahaha! BOGO deals always get me, even if it's something I'm not 100% sure I need. XD Have a cupcake or two on my behalf!

Jewelrybead - I watched this video ages ago, and it's still hilarious to me! LOL! I think the trendy Snuggies are fun. Don't they offer a zebra print one? Our cat loves our clothes and blankets more than us, too! XD

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Ok I totally bought a snuggie, but then returned it! haha!

Bombchell said...

It's really cute. If i ever get a regular silk robe, Id probably be like hugh hefner and never wear real clothes at home

diana kang said...

that looks so cozy! im wearing a leopard one right now! hehe

Rinz said...

i wanted to buy snuggies but i thought it was weird lol

Miss Caitlin S. said...

that robe is awesome! soo cute, I love a good robe and especially one adorned with cupcakes!

Marie said...

My sister would love this cupcake robe!:D

Funny video, glad I never wanted one.;D

***** Marie *****

Irene said...

I am wearing a robe now - LOVES robes! Except it's a bath robe that I use as a normal robe since my Mom bought it as a Christmas gift thinking it was a house robe hehe...

YASMINE said...

This robe is indeed super cute, but seeing all these cupcakes on me all time will make me think of food all the time too! and u know what will follow, weight gain. lol

I just discovered your blog today and I ...



I'm now a follower


she walks iin beauty said...

I'm not really into robes either, but you're right, this one is really cute!
(And it does count that you added my giveaway to your giveaway tab. (: Thanks for entering! Good luck!)


Lauren said...

Haha, snuggies do look like backwards robes!

I love bathrobes on a Saturday morning after you step out of the shower and you can just relax for a bit and sip some coffee.

This one is super cute :)

Lauren from ChickAdvisor

Barbie said...

Awww, I wear robes! And I have a zebra print snuggie! :P



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