January 9, 2011

Creamery Creek Goat Milk Soap Review

Goat Milk Soap = ♥

Creamery Creek Goat Milk Soap has received rave reviews from multiple YouTubers, including the lovely "ginabinawina99".  Check out her honest, incredibly thorough review here.

[Everything smelled divine!]

After perusing Creamery Creek's website, I whipped out my debit card and placed an order.  I could not wait for my goodies to arrive!

My Thoughts...

Creamery Creek definitely lives up to the hype.  Why?

"First of all, and second of all..."

(Sorry.  Drunken Deena's first night in the 'Jersey Shore' house is still fresh in my mind.  LOL!)

Below I've listed my pros and cons.  Keep reading to learn why this soap makes my skin rejoice!

[How cute is this little guy?]

  •  This soap lathers into a luxuriously rich, heavily whipped cream.  I have never seen anything like it!
  • Doesn't dry out your skin.
  • Comes in realistic scents.  No artificial, plastic fragrances!
  • Lightning fast shipping.  (No, seriously.  My order arrived in two days.)
  • Extra goodies were generously included, as well as a handwritten thank you note.
  • $5.00 a bar.  Not bad, considering the bars are hefty.
  •  The scents are light and do not linger.  That said, to some, this may actually be considered a pro.  This soap is great for those with sensitive skin -- and noses.
[All of these ingredients are fantastic for parched skin.]

I highly recommend you check out Creamery Creek's soaps.  I will definitely be re-purchasing from them again!

On a Fun Note...

I am happy to announce that my adorable hubby and I recently celebrated ELEVEN years of happiness together!

We went on our first date in 1999, became an official couple in 2000, and wed in 2003.  Not only is the guy my husband...  He is my best friend.  

I love him more than anything in this world!

[Insert 1980s - 1990s "Whoooo!" sound here.  You know, the idiotic noise they played on sitcoms whenever people kissed.  Ha ha!]

Have a great week, everyone!


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Allison said...

Ooh I've heard only good things too :)

What scents did you get?

And congrats on 11 years!

Kate Gene said...

Allison - I got Pink Sugar, Raspberry Zinger, and Grapefruit. The Pink Sugar was definitely my favorite, which is funny because I don't care for the perfume (on my skin). I kicked myself for not picking up Blueberry and Strawberry; those are my go-to scents! (Raspberry Zinger and Grapefruit are definitely not ones that should be passed up, though. They're delicious!)

April said...

Your reviews are always AMAZING! Aww I'm so nosy I want to see your hubby!

Kate Gene said...

P. S. Thanks for the congrats. It's amazing how quickly time has flown by!

Tiffany said...

These sound awesome! My pet peeve with bar soaps is when they don't have enough lather or they dry out my skin but these sound like the complete opposite. Checking out their website now...

Congrats on 11 years with your hubs! <3

Kate Gene said...

April - You always leave the kindest comments! Thank you! My hubby is still being Blogger-shy, but maybe he'll let me share one with you via e-mail. LOL!

Tiffany - These are awesome! You should really watch Gina's review. She breaks down the scientific side of things. I'd also recommend checking out Ariel's Secret Garden!

Thanks for the congrats! It's been an amazing eleven years!!!! <3

Dominique said...

Beautiful Bars ! And Congrats on 11 years ;) !

Bises !

Donna said...

ooooh! i remember gina's recommendation about that soap! the packaging alone is so cute, like it was taken from an old children's book or something lol! i kinda want to buy it now because i'm such a sucker for natural/organic stuff <3

congratulations on your 11th year of happiness yay!

i just followed your blog :)

Kate Gene said...

Dominique - Aw, thank you! I am one happy girl, I tell ya. :) Creamery Creek has definitely impressed me. Their bars are huge! I really hope you are doing well. Bises! ;)

Donna - Thank you for following my blog! :) Gina's review is the reason I bought the soap. You're absolutely right; the packaging looks like it is straight out of a book I would have read as a kid. It is incredibly cute!

Jewelrybead said...

Congrats on the anniversary- my hubby and I celebrate 11 yrs married in April. (Also met in 1999- married in 2000). Whoop Whoop!

Okay, so now I am dying to try this soap- thanks for the review!


Kate Gene said...

Jolene - Thank you! Congratulations are definitely in order for you, as well. It's very rare for us to meet other couples that have been together for as long as we have. Good for you guys! :)

The soap is definitely worth checking out! I can't wait to try out some of their other scents!

Miss*Kimmy said...

Oooh, I love LOVE goatsmilk soap too! I make my own soap as a hobby, and I recently made some Goatsmilk soap, I love it!
LOL at Deanna on Jersey Shore. "She can rot in hell!" haha wow that first episode was intense!!!

Miss*Kimmy said...

p.s. Conrats on 11 years. I can't believe 2000 was 11 years ago!

With Love, Elle said...

i love natural soaps, am using a charcoal soap atm for me oily face ^^

wow 11 yrs, happy anniversary!

xoxo elle
ps: me n hubby 8yrs :)

resham said...

Congratulations Kate for 11 bLissful Years! Its great when your Hubby is your Best Friend...That is a totally different Equation!! Makes married life easy n fun...:)

Kate Gene said...

Kimmy - Thank you for the congrats! :) I am so blessed. I graduated in 2000; I am starting to feel a little old. LOL!

I didn't know you made your own soap! My best friend (the girl version, not the hubby) and I have been talking about trying M&P, just for fun. Any tips? Ha ha ha @ your Deena quote! At first, I thought Deena was crazy, but after seeing how Sammy was treating her, eh...

With Love, Elle - What a cute user name you have! Ugh... I hear you on the oily face thing. I have yet to try charcoal soap yet. Where do you get it? Congrats to you and your hubby, too! Eight years is a long time!

resham - Thank you! Yes, being best friends is the only way I'd have it. ;) My husband and I have so much in common. However, we're not always on the same page... It's a great thing because we both balance one another out! :)

Natalie said...

I've been going a little natural lately. I'm not even sure what possessed me to.. *thinks* Okay, I take that back. I totally just remembered. It's when I was placing an order with Coastal Scents and was looking for things to buy.. and I bought Black African Soap and Unrefined Shea Butter. After loving both.. I went to whole Foods and purchased Organic Shampoo, Shave Cream, Unrefined Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, A couple different Vitamin E Oils, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil (Well, I actually already had this).. Shall I go on? That actually might be it. Lol..

I've been using everything and I'm so happy with it all. I'm looking forward into learning more about natural skincare products and trying other oils, soaps, etc.

I was actually thinking about going to Michaels and purchasing some little containers and making my own scrubs (brown sugar, different oils, etc) and possibly even soaps.

I'm going to look into the Goat Milk Soap! It looks like something I'd really like. The Black African Soap is nice and all.. but I like soaps that lather a lot.

Thanks for sharing my dear..

And Happy Anniversary!! Wow, we're getting old. I think you look like you're 18 years old..(A good thing of course!!) and it's funny to hear you (or read you) say 11 years..

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

I'm having a giveaway over on my blog for a foxtail if you'd like to check it out. :)

Kate Gene said...

Natty - I have been wanting to try Black African Soap and Unrefined Shea Butter forever! A girl I follow on YouTube bought cocoa butter chips from http://www.butters-n-bars.com/ and made her own body butter. I want to try to make some, too!

I think it'd be cool to hear how all that stuff from Whole Foods is working out for you! I've been more into natural and organic products, too. (I am out of my Korres skin care products. Boo!) Does the organic shampoo lather at all?

Ooh! You should check out Bramble Berry for soap making supplies. A lot of big soapers use their products.

I think you'll really like Creamery Creek. Ariel's Secret Garden is another goat milk soap company I love!

Thanks for the anniversary wishes! Yes, we are getting old. Ha ha ha!!!! I have a grey hair and my face has fine lines now. Hearing that I look 18 is a-okay with me! LOL!

devorelebeaumonstre - Thank you for the heads up! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your anniversary!! Very sweet. That soap sounds worth trying... haven't seen it my way. Thanks for visiting Inspired Design... I am now following you. xo

Kym said...

oooo i will definitely be checking out those soaps! i love that they included a small note - small detail but it makes a difference! :P HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AND HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your hubby!

Cindy Yang Lee said...

Awe congrats! Addison and I have only been together for 3 yrs :)

... and i don't play fantasy football, but he does and he won the two leagues that he was in! $$$$$ LOL and we were just talking about Lynch's crazy run! Especially since we were at the store looking at new tv's and they had the ESPN on which showcased the replay.

Natalie said...

The BA soap is really nice.. I started off using it on my face.. But it ended up being too harsh for dsily use on my face (in conjuction with a facial scrub brush. It may of been the brush too.. Im not positive.. But the skin around my mouth dried out completely) I love it for removing makeup.. It removes it soo quick without a trace and leaves the skin feeling amazing. Its probably best suited if you have oily skin.

I have found recipes to make whipped butter with the shea... I think I will make some. Having a big brick of shea isnt very convenient for daily use lol. Amazing stuff though.. Highly reccommend!

As for the shampoo.. No... It barely lathers so I end up using SOO much each shower. Sucks but it cleans my hair veryy good and gives me more volume.. Not weighed down one bit!

Ill def. Look into the soaps!! And ill post more in detail my thoughts with what I tried.. :)

As for the grey hair.. When did you see your first one!!!!? Im sprouting them like CRAZY this past year. Long, wirey platinum white ones in and around my bangs. My fam & friends cant beleive it.. I think its cuz of my bad anxiety.. But i'm not sure if thats a myth and if its solely hereditary..

Anyway.. Ttyl my dear!!

Bombchell said...

awwww congrats to you and the hubby!!

the soap sounds nice.

Nicole said...

WOW! 11 years! Congratulations!!! I've been with my hubby for almost 6 years now and it's flown by! We've got two little ones already!

It would be cute to post a pic of you and the hubs! =)

Roxy Te said...

aww congrats on 11, Kate!!! I sure do love Goat cheese, but never tried the soap...thanks for the suggestion :)

Rinz said...

I call it the Cleopatra;s soap :) i love goat milk soap ha ha ha :) ill try this someday

love, Rinz

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

So glad you found my blog so that I could find yours! Those products sound great!

Xzy said...

The article gives so much information about the Goat Milk Soap [and the carvings in the soap is cute, haha!!] I gotta try this soap. Thanks for the information!


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