December 1, 2010

Small Businesses Worth Checking Out This Holiday Season!

As a small business owner, I recognize and appreciate the hard work that goes into running your own operation.  

Below are some companies definitely worth checking out!



A Life Deliberate Soap Co. on Etsy


Ariel's Secret Garden on Etsy


Creamery Creek




EightSeventeen Jewelry

Yes, this is a shameless self plug.  ;)

DSK Jewelry

Exit Art/The Current Custom


Herro Hachi


Imperial Motion


Photoshop Glamourizer


Leroy Menswear

Yes, this is a real store.  What's not to love about men who drink mimosas and dress like Nate Dogg?  LOL!

Happy Shopping, everyone!


My Jewelry Store: 
EightSeventeen Jewelry
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Kym said...

you rock girl! thnx so much for including me on your list :)

p.s - you ARE crazy for planning the wedding in 3 months.. crazy good, that is. haha! many of my classmates have planned theirs in 3-4 months as well. I'm already almost at month 3 and i've only accomplished 2 things so far. hahaha!

Kate Gene said...

Kym - Of course! Your clothes and accessories are freaking awesome!

I can't imagine running a business AND planning a wedding at the same time! You're a gangster! LOL! You'll figure it all out soon enough. I know it! :)

Hollywood said...

Thank you so much my Love you are so sweet !!!!


Jennifer said...

hi kate, thanks for your comment on my blog and thanks for entering my giveaway, i think i've been following you for more than half a year LOL! looking forward to more makeup reviews/posts from you :D!

DSK Steph! said...

Thank you for the shout out Katie! Are you back to blogging now?

I drool over Sydney Evans jewels! I'm a big Lorraine fan, and every time I watch her videos it makes me want a disc necklace even more!

UrbanMermaid said...

I love candles by Victoria! I've been obsessed with candles lately and they seem to have lots of different scents. xxx

CMae said...

I need me a shirt that says that bout the status updates via facebook and such LOL said...

Thos candles look amazing!

having a giveaway on my blog


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