November 29, 2010

EightSeventeen Cyber Week & Other Random Things

Happy Belated Thanksgiving, everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday.  Sadly, I had/have the flu and missed out on all the food, fun, and festivities.  Ugh...  I think it's time to invest in some masks.

Louis Vuitton, anyone?


For those of us on a budget, have no fear!  There is an incredibly safe, inexpensive, D.I.Y. option available:


Ha ha ha!

I am currently offering free shipping on my jewelry website.  Check it out!

Did anyone else fall in love with this gorgeous look from MissChevious?  It's perfect for any holiday party!

One last thing...

Expensive Pink is currently hosting an amazing giveaway.  Head over to her site and enter before time runs out!

That's it for now!  More posts, reviews, and giveaways are on the way!


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~Lisa said...

Wow, I didn't know LV made those masks. LOL, Must be very pricey...

And ROFL on the bag!! I was walking around Chinatown in my area one day and it suddenly started to rain! Then I see people with those bags on their heads! ROFL, free bags FTW! XD.

And feel better sweetie!! Stay warm and drink lots of water!

Kate Gene said...

Lisa - Can you imagine wearing a LV mask? LOL! I used to wear those at work when working with my patients. I would have looked so much cooler with a designer one? Ha ha!

OMG... That plastic baggy over the head thing is real?! Ha ha ha!!!! I had no idea! I just thought the picture was funny.

Thank you for the well wishes. I really appreciate it! I'm drugged up and relaxing on the couch. Thank goodness for cold/flu meds!


Elise said...

hahahah hilarious! that bag is too stylish for words. Who needs a mask or a helmet when you've got a plastic bag? Problem solved woohoooo

Kate Gene said...

Elise - LOL! That's exactly what I thought! Move over, Rachel Zoe. I know style! Ha!

Goodness... My posts are getting more and more random every week. LOL!

Cheryl♥ said...


Kate Gene said...

Cheryl - Isn't that picture hilarious? My husband introduced me to the Fail Blog earlier this week. Everything I see on there is funny. It's a great site to check out if you get bored! (That, and Oh. Em. Gee.)

Miss ♥ Nikka said...

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you too! :)

LOL~ I need to check out that FAIL blog!

Kate Gene said...

Miss Nikka - Thank you! Yes, you must check out that site! I know you'd find it hilarious. You find a lot of the same things funny that I do!

Jewelrybead said...

I simply love how I laugh out loud when I saw this post- made my day!!!


Kym said...

HAHHAHA! mask fail... but i suppose ya gotta do what ya gotta do! :P

hope you're better by now!

and re: the horrendous geisha make-up... i'm glad it made your day! it'll be something for me to look back on and laugh at..but for now, the photographers gonna have to work hard to photoshop the blotches off my face!;P

Miss*Kimmy said...

WOW that LV mask is crazy!
I just recently subscribed to Mizchevious (sp), and love her! Sorry to hear you were sick for the holiday, hope you're all better now!

Somara said...

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