December 29, 2010

Eye Candy

I had no idea Ivanka Trump had her own jewelry line!  


Where have I been?!


Ha ha!

Her collections are beautiful.  I loved all of her pieces, especially her rings!

I like how bold - yet delicate - these cocktail rings are!


This dainty band is elegant and timeless.
In addition to the pretty baubles shown above, I found myself drawn to her red carpet-ready earrings.

Sadly, these beautiful Trump-designed pieces are accompanied by Trump price tags.  There's no harm in looking, though, right?  ;)

I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season!


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siwing said...

happy holidays kate!

Donna ♥ Baby said...

ivanka is beautiful.

April said...

Kate when I saw the picture in my dashboard and you titled it eye candy I thought it was going to be a list of gorgeous girls. Hehe! I immediately clicked...heheh! I loove Ivanka Trump! She is so beautiful! The eternity band looks identical to the wedding band I picked out. :) I hope you had a happy holiday and I wish you an amazing NEW YEAR! :) <3

bananas. said...

of course she has a jewelry store...she's a trump. they're born to make money! ;)

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

the 2nd and 3rd ring, love!!!

bananas makes a point, born to make money!


Kate Gene said...

siwing - Happy Holidays to you, too! :) How have you been?

Donna Baby - Isn't she? It's ridiculous how good looking she is. Rich AND gorgeous? Life's not fair! LOL!

April - Ha ha ha!!!! It's funny... I actually thought about moving the picture of Ivanka to the end of the post because I had a feeling it might throw people looking in their dashboard. XD Ivanka is insanely gorgeous, huh? I really like her jewelry. It's so classic! I can't wait to see your wedding set and pictures. You're going to be a beautiful bride! (Ivanka has nothing on AprilAthena7!) Happy New Year!

bananas. (a.k.a. My Football Homey G) - Bahahaha! Good point. She probably started the line using some change she found between the couch cushions. ;) J/K. I know that girl works hard. She seems pretty no-nonsense!

J - Hey, girlie! Aren't those rings amazing?! I have been wanting a big, oval ring to wear on my right middle finger. However, since I am a crapple, I'll probably need to hold off on buying anything as lavish as one of Ivanka's ring. F21, here I come! LOL! How are you? I feel like I haven't talked to you in ages!

Rinz said...

i saw her line somewhere....not sure where but they are pretty!

Kate Gene said...

Rinz - Oh, really?! I'd love to see her stuff in person. Err, maybe not. I might want to bust out a credit card and make a purchase I know I'll regret. XD

The Haute Hoosier said...

I love her stuff, she has a wide range of jewelry in her line! Love your blog. Following back! :)


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