August 6, 2010

My Jewelry Line & OPI Nail Polish Ramblings

Oh.  Em.  Gee.

Opening an online retail store is much more complicated than I had anticipated it to be.  For weeks, I have almost completely shut the world out.  Not only have I neglected my loved ones, I have failed to take proper care of myself.  A few nights ago, after slathering night cream on my mug, I leaned a bit closer to our bathroom mirror and reluctantly peered at my reflection.  Holy dull skin and barbaric eyebrows!  I looked rough.  The (stained with black hair dye) white t-shirt, pajama shorts, and Britney Spears bun I was rockin' really brought the whole look together.

[The site isn't open to the public yet, but will be very soon!]

[Gemstone Beads & New and Improved Charms]

But, I digress...  I am a perfectionist, and refuse to rest until my shop is ready for the world to see.  My hope is that the public will be able to look past my homeless/cave woman appearance and appreciate my jewelry.  No breaks for me! 

Any time I feel like relaxing, I take one good look at this guy and change my mind:

[Photo Credit:]

Ha ha ha!

Back to work I go!

Okay, I lied...  I had to take a quick peek at OPI's website.  Have you seen their latest collection?  As much as I love summer, I always look forward to the fall.  I love the rich, deep colors the season brings.

[Photo Credit:]

My Must Haves:

Diva of Geneva
Ski Teal We Drop
Cuckoo for this Color
William Tell Me About OPI

These polishes make me want to bundle up, sip on something hot and delicious, and walk outside in the crisp autumn air.

For better photographs of the polishes, check out

All, right...  Back to the grind!  I mean it this time!  ;)


Ask Me Questions Anonymously:

P. S.  To all of you who responded to my post regarding my accidents, please know each of your comments meant a lot to me.  I am so grateful to have met all of you!

P. P. S.  NYX's Round Lipsticks are currently only $2.25 at Cherry Culture!


Kathryn said...

How exciting, hun! Can't wait til ur website launches! Xoxo

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

I love that you're a perfectionist! You're almost there it seems, so happy for you!!!! LOVELY bracelets, can't wait to see more!

btw - I want the same shades! they're soooo pretty!!!

don't forget to get some rest!!!!


bowsnhearts said...

Do update when you have finished perfecting your pieces! I would gladly help you spread the word around!

Setting up an online business is not easy but it can be very rewarding!

All the best!!!

Hollywood said...

You site is looking pretty food from the Screen Shot =) I can not wait to see all your little jewels Made with love for us...Hurry UP with the WEBSITE I ain't patient !!!!
Muah <3

Arezu said...

Good luck with your shop!

I'm not a big fan of summer (even though I'm a summer baby!) but I LOVE FALL. It's beautiful, not too hot, not too cold, lovely fashions. ahh *sigh* can't wait for it to come (:

Miss*Kimmy said...

WoW Kate, your jewellery is so unique and nice! I really like it. Can't wait til you open your store.
Thanks for your comment on my blog, and your understanding about the whole car thing lol.
Hey, I was wondering, can you recomend any good places to check out/eat/shop in Seattle? We've never been there....

Kate Gene said...

Kathryn - Thank you so much! I am so excited. I have been running around like a madwoman, trying to get this stuff all figured out. I don't know how you work at two different places. You must also feel a bit crazed at times, too!

J - Thanks, Miss Thang! OMG... I'm awful... One post can take me days and days to write. I think I'm a little too anal sometimes. LOL!

Groucho has been trying to get into my jewelry stuff, so I have to hide it when I'm not working on it. LOL! He came and sat on my arm while I was on the laptop last night, but quickly ran away. He must have realized I wasn't talking to you. Ha ha ha!

Bows - Thank you so much for your kind words. Comments like yours make me push forward! I will definitely make an announcement once my shop is ready. I'm doing an AMAZING giveaway to celebrate! I can't wait to share it with y'all!

Chloe - I freakin' lurv you. You are too much! LOL! Thanks for being so supportive. You know what it's like running your own business! Any tips or advice? I've been reading through forums, legal stuff, and more. I'd much rather get the details from you!

Arezu - I'm right there with you!!!! I have always loved the fall. I am a sweater and jacket kind of girl, so fall is a great season for me. I love summer just as much, though. I love being tan, going to BBQs, and relaxing at the beach!

Kimmy - Hey! I just left you another long comment on your post. Shoot me an e-mail!

~Lisa said...

Don't stress! Take your time, I will patiently wait because I know it will be good!

& You are so not hopeless! This site is just going to make you even better than perfect! ^^

From what I can see, the bracelets are gorgeous! & the blog layout is very appropriate. The jewelry pieces take away all our attention! ^^

Take care!

sophia said...

Can't wait for it to open! The site looks so well designed and professional and I just can't wait to browse it! Even the name and font look so cool and trendy :)

Nicole said...

Looking forward to your store opening! Is this related to DSK?

Kate Gene said...

Lisa, Sophia, and Nicole - You ladies are sweethearts. Reading your comments made my day! I am still a ball of stress, but have relaxed a little now that my site has been launched. My jewelry and store are not related to DSK. (Steph is the Queen of Swarovski Bling. I'm not even going to try to compete with her! LOL!)

Andee Layne said...

congrats and how exciting on your new store!!! also loving the gold OPI color!!! xo

3ate4 said...

I wouldn't want anything up until it was all exactly how I want it either! :)


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