August 2, 2010

Makeup by Lacy's Be Fit Challenge

If you haven't already checked out Makeup by Lacy's blog, you should.  She is a fantastic freelance makeup artist and esthetician.  Her site is full of great beauty tips, DIY tricks, and tutorials.

Lacy is currently hosting a fitness challenge, in which I am a participant.  Each contender was sent a questionnaire to fill out.  I was very candid and elaborate, revealing more about my personal life than what you typically see here on my blog.

[My first - and hopefully not last - 5K.]

Sadly, I have already slipped up.  I gorged on candy, chocolate, and doughnuts to the point where I actually feel nauseated.  

Please head over to Lacy's blog, and support my weight loss journey!

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DSK Steph said...

Go Katie!

Sarah said...

Woo-hoo!! Go you good thing : )
I need to seriously get into the fitness thing- you have inspired me to pack a bag for the gym tomorrow!!!
Don't worry hun- everyone slips up, just jump back on the wagon the next day!!! x

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

Run, Katie, Run!!!! I have never done a 5K or any kind of "running marathon"...I'm a lazy butt. you look great from the back, the back, the back (listen to the song below to understand, lol) I hope you don't look at me differently now, ROFL

Lacy said...

Thank you for posting this! :)

GlamourandLove said...

Oh man, I really wanna do a 5k.. I used to be a runner in high school and now I am sooo far from those days!! :( Need to get my butt in gear!

chola said...

awe irongirl 5K :) <3 Sarah

Glamorous Glory said...

love ur blog ;) thanx for stopping by mine...xoxo follow me ;)

Bombchell said...

aww im really excited for u. is it going to be solely on your website or also on


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