August 24, 2010

You Know You're a Beauty Blogger If...

  • Your loved ones feel neglected by your daily blogging/vlogging habits.
  • Your family and friends don't understand how one can be truly smitten with a beauty product.
  • You have spent hours - or even days - working on a post.
  • You have spent countless hours watching YouTube tutorials, reviews, and hauls.
    [Photo Credit:]
    • Your make-up, bath, and body products require special storage containers. 
    • Your make-up, bath, and body products require a separate room and furniture. 
    • You don't own large quantities of beauty products, and fear people will think you are a beauty blog fraud because of it.
    • Your bank statements are full of charges from [insert every company ever mentioned on YT, MUAlley, Specktra, and Blogger].
    • You have spent two hours painting your face, polishing your nails, and giving yourself a sleek blowout -- all in preparation for a beauty blog "photo shoot"...
    • ...but no one is available to take pictures...
    • you end up with a million and one up-close self portraits...
    •  ... and an arm that appears to be ten miles long.
    [Cropped to twenty miles, down from 1,000.]
    • Tired of seeing your Stretch Armstrong limb and/or taking pictures of yourself in the mirror, you invested in a tripod.  (This comes in especially handy when your boyfriend/husband/partner/friend/kid isn't available.  Hopefully those aren't all one in the same, redneck!)
    • After snapping two hundred pictures, you find that only two of them turned out to be decent.
    • You have had to crop the bottom half of your photos because, in them, you are wearing pajama bottoms.
    • You could teach classes.  (Their cropping feature is excellent for trimming the aforementioned pajama bottoms.)
    • You want to invest in a fancy camera.
    • You have invested in a fancy camera.
      [Photo Credit:]
    • You think swatches are a bit of a pain to photograph, and truly appreciate the work of Temptalia, Karen, Elessa, and Karla.
    •  You know who Temptalia, Karen, Elessa, and Karla are.
    • You know that writing a post isn't as simple as typing a few words.  One word: EDITING.
    • You occasionally cheat and use Google Images to find pictures of the products you are reviewing.  (Kind of like what I did for this post.)
    • You know why this stamp was created:
    • You use the words "orgasm" and "deep throat" with reckless abandon.
    • You wonder how you will ever find 100 people to follow your blog.
    • You wonder how bloggers with a GFC count of 1,000+ got people to follow their blog.
    • You realized that posting regularly and interacting with the beauty community is the best way to churn interest in your blog.  For those of you who didn't know this, now you know.  :)  Over time, the followers will come, I promise.  It's not about what you look like, whether or not your grammar is perfect, or how great your make-up skills are.  Send out friendly vibes and I am confident your friend count will increase.  And if it doesn't?  Oh, well.  Write for you.  Write for those handful of people who do appreciate what you have to say.
    • You realized that commanding and demanding is not the way to call attention to you and your blog.  "I FOLLOWED YOU.  NOW YOU FOLLOW ME!!!!  PLS!!!!  LULZ!!!!1".
    • You get excited when you see your follower count has increased.
    • You feel a little sad when your follower count decreases.
    • You are a little envious of those who get sent free products.
    • You wonder how and why people get sent free products.
    • You become the object of envy when you get sent free products.
    • You worry about writer's block.
    • You suffer from writer's block.
    • You have almost gone "Office Space" on your laptop, fancy camera, and Blogger.  (Upside down photos and weird gaps between your paragraphs, anyone?)
    • You have gone "Office Space" on your laptop, fancy camera, and Blogger.

    • You need an anxiety pill when your Internet connection is on the fritz.
    • You feel bad if you allow a week to pass by without posting, fail to respond to comments, or fall behind on your daily blogger reads.  (These "sins" usually occur simultaneously.)
    • You understand why bloggers/vloggers apologize for going M.I.A., even if it's only for a few days.
    • Having felt this guilt before, you know their apologies are sincere.
    • If your favorite bloggers/vloggers don't post for a week, you grow a bit concerned.  
    • If your favorite bloggers/vloggers don't show any signs of Internet activity for over a month, you leave a comment in their chat box.  (Appropriate messages include: "Where are you?  I miss your posts!" or "I hope you're okay!  Come back soon, girlie!".)  
    • If your favorite blogger(s)/vlogger(s) delete their blog(s)/channel(s) without notice, you request that said blogger/vlogger's picture and information be put on the back of milk cartons STAT.
    [Photo Credit:]
    • You wear the SFOTDED (Same Face of the Day, Every Day),  and are running out of FOTD ideas.
    • You wear a smokey eye, even to the gym.  (Okay, maybe that's just a Kate Gene thing.)
    • YouTube and Blogger "made you do it".
    • You never win beauty blog giveaways.
    • You wish there was an easier way to create buttons for giveaways.
    • You know basic HTML, thanks to months of posting giveaway photographs in your sidebar.
    • You suffer from the Blogger's Four Month Itch.  (Word on the streets is, that is the average life span of a blog.)  For those who have made it past that point, congratulations.
    • You don't understand trolls and the hateful comments they leave. 
    • You have bravely defended a fellow blogger/vlogger who is attacked by the previously mentioned trolls (a.k.a. some thirteen year old geeks who have no lives).
     [Photo Credit:]
    • You have posted Adsense ads, praying they will bring in some extra income.
    • You have realized the ads will not allow you to quit your day job, but leave them on your page -- just in case.
    • You feel honored when someone tags you, or awards you with an... award.  ("Durr...  Allow myself to introduce... myself.")
    • You feel special when you see you've made it onto someone's blogroll.
    • You are inspired by the girls (and guys!) who share their talent and passion with the world.
    • You understand that make-up artistry and fashion are true forms of art.
    [Photo Credit:]
    • Initially, you were scared to share yourself with the beauty community...
    • ...but you realize that if you hadn't, you would have missed out on meeting some really great people.
    • You have exchanged full names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and BB Pins with your blogging crew.
    • You consider your "blogger/vlogger friends" friends.
    • You understand this entire post.
     [Photo Credit:]

    We in the beauty community may not be as close as these two, but hey!  I am always down for a sweet photo shoot at Sears.  Holler if you're interested.  ;)

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        ectini said...

        Ahhh this post was totally awesome! XD Definitely agree with everything you said, especially the blog "photoshoot" part haha! Dang, I need to invest in a tripod XP

        Pinkhair said...

        LOve that poat...i am a new blogger and everything you said is so true lol lol !!!!!! xx

        nicoletta said...

        Brilliant post and so well written. I was smiling the whole way through reading it xx

        Unknown said...

        So true!!

        Rai said...

        SO TRUE! lmao

        Unknown said...

        HAHA..I do get more than half of the points since I'm pretty new myself~!
        But I think I WILL be a fully-fledged beauty addict + junkie + blogger after I finished college~!
        Credit card~Here I come! LOL

        Ebru said...

        Oh my goddd! Yesss, this is me! hahah I love this post girlie, it definitely put a smile on my face! :) Hope you have an awesome day, blogging, taking pix of yourself, cropping and whatnot! :p

        seth said...

        this post is really, really nice :-)

        Anonymous said...

        What a cute post, lol, love it!

        SimplyFabulous said...

        hahaha i freaking love this post! sooooo true!

        i am a true victim.. also.. self timer sometimes doesnt work either hahahhaha the angles not right... the camera falls lol idk.. tried that!

        i'm down for the sears shoot lol or theres always the Kids studio in Babies r us!!!! lol

        where are you located?

        -xox :)

        Julisa said...

        lol yesss it's all very true!
        i loved this post!! =D

        BeautyLoves said...

        Love this post! It's all so true, I read it with a smile :)

        e manticoff said...

        A standing ovation is deserved! You hit it on the nail girly girl. I felt like you were describing me! I am a beauty blogger and an aspiring Beauty Editor. I am completly and utterly obsessed with beauty. My family and friends don't get it. It's great to see other girls with the same intense obsession for beauty as mine. I am no longer alone. You are beautiful by the way. We should keep in touch. I get excited to find people whom I have so much in common with. You go girl!

        Nora said...

        This is so true!
        Such a fantastic post, I really enjoyed reading it :)


        ~Lisa said...

        True, true, true and true!

        And oh yeah! When I have a big test coming, I always read blog posts before studying.

        And when I finished reading al the blog posts, I refresh and refresh until something comes up =)

        Miss Cupcake said...

        Omg I laughed SOOO hard when I read through this, it's awesome!!! It's all soo true!! Mwahxoxo

        Anonymous said...

        Loved this!! x

        kristinleigh said...

        Hahah...I enjoyed this!

        love your blog btw...

        <3 kristin

        Lulu said...

        hahaha omg i love this! so true so true!!!

        Unknown said...

        There are several sears around here! Hop on a train and come on over, i bet you'd love the new forever 21, 2nd largest ever supposedly! i miss you and i miss blogging, i'm sick for the 3rd time this month, i need a freakin break KG, i will respond to your email ;-) i promise, love!

        Nicole said...

        Kate, love this post! I'm right there with you on everything you've said! =)

        Meya Cruz said...

        i <3 this post so true =)

        i'm glad we get to meet awesome girls by blogging

        Lorraine (luhreyn) said...

        lol! i love this! and it's so true!! :)

        Liana said...

        omg this post described me word for word! scary! haha, this really brightened my day and made me think twice about certain things, but mostly just reaffirmed why i love and hate blogging, but mostly that i love it and love everyone who i have met along the way, especially you!!!! :)

        April said...

        What an excellent post Kate! That's why I love you so much! You take so much time on your post unlike me. I am more of a YT person than blog. I hope one day to see you on YT, you'd be a natural!

        Stephie said...

        LOL AMEN SISTAHHHH!!! So true, everything... well not the smokey eye to the gym thing, in my case anyways :) You summed up beauty bloggers so well! I read some out loud to my other half because they are just so true!!! :)

        Libbeh said...

        LOL!! I'm guilty of a handful of these signs! Too funny, especially the ones about the how to get more followers part & the excitement when you get more followers ;)

        Tiffany said...

        This post made me giggle with embarrassment because I literally understood everything you were talking about! Awesome post!

        Beautygirl24 said...

        very true! I can relate! I'm obsessed =)

        Stephanie said...

        When are you moving? Any buildings in mind? :D Come to Met Tower! Or at least give it a chance and tour!

        I V Y said...

        ahaha i love this! stunning makeup :D

        Anonymous said...

        What an awesome post!! It funny because as I kept reading I was like. . . this is totally bang on!! And I agree with IVY your makeup is stunning in that picture! xx

        Nikosmommy said...

        You nailed it!! Great post missy!!!

        Gaby Fauchon said...

        Aww kate this is a truly awesome post! It made me laugh a lot... and it's so, so true!

        Jewelrybead said...

        Witty and well-written! Loved it and can relate even though I am a brand spanking new blogger! XO

        Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

        hahah ridiculously wonderful! I read this entire thing and related to most of it. You are so on point. Though my favorite part was the "redneck" comment :) To boot, your hair and makeup look amazin' in that photo!

        adrinolink said...

        Kate! Let me know if you wanting to have your name and bits of your work used as a part of artistic expression of my rave channel ?! Quote of the day-'Think of your Life as a mirage, always lift your spirit
        and give yourself your own high's and your low's if only
        everyone would take me on this, just once no one would ever
        stay home to watch Hate reality show!'
        P.S. it also means for you to alter your own message as well!

        Aimee | Irresistible Icing said...

        That's hilarious!!!!!

        Anonymous said...

        You just made my Day, Week, Month and Year!!! Thanks for being a great blogger and friend!
        xoxo, Mary

        Tiffany Monet said...

        hahaha! I love you for this post!

        Thanks xo T

        Donna said...

        i read EVERY word and i completley agree 100 percent especially one of the first points.. my boyfriend is always like 'what are you doing' and then i say shyly '.. blogin..' and then he says 'oh. GEEZ. come talk to me.' hahahaha. :) and the rest of the points are dead on. so true its hilarious!

        Elise said...

        This was too hilarious for words! I found myself agreeing with pretty much every single point. The part about the arm was so funny
        This literally made me start following you haha great blog!

        Isabel said...

        LOL I was laughing the entire way as I'm reading this. Some of the points are just SO TRUE.

        MaviDeniz said...

        i loved this!! it's all so true lol.

        Unknown said...

        Haha, I know I'm pretty late on this post, but I just found it through Miss Natty's Beauty Diary, and I must say, I agree with EVERYTHING you mentioned!
        So funny that people always fall into the same patterns. I definitely laughed and breathed a sigh of relief to know I'm definitely not the only one struggling through beauty blogging woes lololol!

        Meesh said...

        love it :) totally relatable and inspired me :D

        MARIA said...

        This is soo true! OMG I nearly feel out my chair! New follower here xo!

        Anonymous said...

        OMG I love this !!! It is so true !! One day my sis in law asks me who are you txting and I was like my friend Becky and she was like huh? You have a friend named Becky !? And I was like yeah from my blog !!! She gave me this look -_________- haha !! I want to link this on my blog will that be okay with you ?!

        Xoxo Jess

        Anonymous said...

        OMG how awesome was this post. Amazing. Thanks for sharing :)

        Sierra Lynn said...

        you are freaking hysterical.
        because what is 'funnierrr' than the truth. heyyyy :)
        and i think i love you

        Ghadeer said...

        i laughed about this alot
        seems that we have looooooooooots in common dear bloggers
        lol i thought am the only one who feels this way
        thank you so much for sharing

        Eden-Avalon said...

        Great post! Haha. Aaah...the things you pick up. (Yay I made it past the four month mark!)

        BeautyAndTheBrute said...

        LOL you totally hit the nail on that one! this was a great compilation of a beauty blogger in short!

        :) great post! i'm definitely retweetin this link (that's how i found you)

        Jennifer Williams said...

        OMG I relate to this post so much. I got a good chuckle out of this. Thanks for posting!

        Unknown said...

        This is so true we eat and breathe beauty! hahaha love this post!

        Pauly said...

        This was hilarious and so true! I'm just starting out with my blog but even I can relate to most of the points you mentioned :)

        Diane Cristi said...

        Totally agree!

        Unknown said...

        This just made me smile <3 :)


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